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Wednesday, January 27, 2010


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Captain Phil Harris passed away Tuesday from complications of the stroke. I thought this week couldn't possibly get any worse.... boy was I wrong.

Wow, Howard Stern as the replacement for Simon?FABULOUS I know a lot of people can't stand him but he's just snarky enough to make this work.

This has got to be the longest cruise, EVER!

I seriously hate when I check back to see if there is anything new and the only thing new is a comment regarding the Duggars... ARGH!!!! I need a fix something bad....

Irish, I tried to watch the puppies, but everytime I look they are asleep! They are cute puppies, but not so fun to watch sleep.

Hurry home, Linda. The natives are getting restless!

I am so proud of Linda for not checking in!!!! Good girl :) I hope Mickey was good to you, Rudy and the girls!

I've been hooked by those darn puppies on the link that Linda posted. If you get a chance, too cute!

Same here. I check my normal 5-10 times a day to see if there is anything new.

Linda could at least log on and send us pictures or something????

Seriously. I think we'll need group therapy if Linda is not back soon! I keep checking back to see if she's returned, or if anyone else has posted....so sad... :-(

I never noticed how addicted to this site I was until there where no posts this week. Linda I hope you had a fabulous trip. At least the last two AI's where boring as shit. LOL

to all: I saw an interview with Ellen where she said Simon was "meaner than she had originally thought." Her sense of humor is so dry anyway, so I didn't know if she was serious or just being funny. And she had dark black eyeliner on and looked terrible.

ChickyChick: on another subject, I have been doing what you talked about a month or so ago - not washing my hair with shampoo, but just using conditioner - and surprisingly, it looks so much healthier. Thanks for the tip!!

Linda sure picked a good week to go on a cruise! I missed most of Tuesday's show and barely paid attention to last nights. YAWN.

Can't wait for next week with Hollywood week and ELLEN!!!!

I have a feeling this is the end of the run for Idol. I don't care one iota for any of the contestants. Maybe there isn't anyone "worthy" of giving a push to this year hence the yawnfests we have witnessed.

I've got Denver taped and I missed it last night.

Can't wait for Hollywood Week though.

Bikini Guy was bad. Irish, I heard the same thing..that it was a publicity stunt. I guess he does the same thing at his radio station that Brother Van does here in Dallas for KSCS. BV does stunts like having himself covered in concrete, riding a camel and auditioning to sing the National Anthem at Lone Star Park. Although I don't think he's ever worn a bikini in public.

Just read on Reality Blurred that it was a publicity stunt that the producers of AI knew about and they would put him through in front of the judges if he kept his mouth shut about it before it aired. This guy works for a radio station.

Thinking I should have taped it after all.... Bikini Guy? Was it good or bad? Remember on Friends after Phoebe saw Monica and Chandler? "My eyes, my eyes!" I am taping tonight's show though (and Man versus Food)

...and then there was....wait for it....it will be awesome.....BIKINI GUY!!!!!! I laughed so hard I almost peed my pants when he started scratching his butt!! LOL!!!

I was glad that Kara asked that guy to unbutton his shirt. We've had to put up with the men drooling over the girls season after season. Plus, he was really cute when he took his hair out of the ponytail!

So The Denver Auditions...

Shall we re-CRAP them?? I erally thought the girl who flew from Italy wasnt that good - and was surprised she made it through! And WTF was up with Kara making that guy strip his shirt off - for Cripes sake! Talk about acting like a horny school girl! Maybe she is drinking from the Paula fountain these days!

Perky is always welcome on a Monday Monikka!

Sorry for my perky post yesterday; I didn't realize that I chimed in during the middle of the Deadliest Catch discussion.

I've never watched the show but I hope the Captain (Phil?) gets better soon.

Irish and Lori - The Deadliest Catch Facebook page is updating too...

Phil is a total character but, I'm an Edgar girl myself!

You're welcome, Irish. Since it's in the middle of the season, I'm assuming the boat's Discovery Channel camera crew was on-scene when all of this happened. Regardless of posted updates, we're sure to see the whole story once the show's new season starts - in April, I think. I'm just so relieved he's alive... he scared the hell out of me two years ago with that blood clot in his lung. This will probably mean the end of his career, though... and one of the boys might take over. The Cornelia Marie won't be the same without Phil. IMHO, it'd be worse than losing Sig (who's my husband's favorite captain). Our whole family are Deadliest Catch addicts to the core.

Thanks for the details Lori. Didn't think to go to their websites. Always liked Phil and Sig the best, with Jonathan third. Snow day from one job, gotta go to the other, boo. Lost is on tomorrow night, so no Idol for me!

Happy Monday everyone!

Irish M -

Deadliest Catch's Captain Phil Harris (of the F/V Cornelia Marie) was found Friday morning by the boat's engineer, Steve, unconscious on the floor of his stateroom. The boat was in port, offloading Opilio crab (they're right in the middle of the season). Capt. Phil was airlifted to Anchorage where he was diagnosed with a stroke, and had surgery Saturday night. Both of his boys, Jake and Josh, are with him at the hospital, along with Cornelia and her son. A relief skipper was flown in on Saturday to crew the Cornelia Marie and finish out the Opilio season.

The last update on Capt. Phil's condition was that he is in intensive care, and they don't have a prognosis yet on his ability to fully recover. They did say that recovery would take a long time - but nothing futher than that was said.

I've been so sad about this all weekend... the Cornelia Marie is my favorite boat on the show, and I absolutely ADORE Phil Harris. I'll try to remember to update here if I see more information. I've been checking the official websites all weekend.

My husband wondered if NPH could replace Simon. He did a great job, led the others very well, and was perfectly entertaining as a judge. I just might continue to watch AI if he replaced Simon.

I think that somepeoples on here watch Deadliest Catch.... Did you hear that Capt. Phil Harris had a stroke? I don't know anymore than that, saw it on EW. His health was not good to begin with.

Yes, I had to forgive him (Tim Curry) for that performance.

Did Tim Curry not nail that character. Scary.

Oh yes, Pennywise scared me too! Especially more after beginning to watch the movie.

I HATE CLOWNS. Steven King's "IT" is the scariest book. I was a fool to read it.

The Disney cruise is the absolute best. Bon Voyage to the Sharps!

Ditto Lori in Texas. Katy Perry was on my nerves the entire time she was on screen. Joe Jonas only spoke one line other that "yeah" the entire time he was on-screen...I thought he should lend some eyebrows to the Barney girl; he has plenty to spare! As it is, I am having trouble making the time to watch the show. I am completely bored of it. If Simon leaves, I don't know if I would even continue to watch.

Safe Journey Sharp Family! Please enjoy the break from work and your last vacation while all the girls are still at home. Take lots of pics to share! :o) {{Cyber-Hugs}}

That's why every night, I go through the house and close every single closet door.

When we first got married, DH thought I was nuts when I told him I can't sleep with the closet door open because I was afraid of clowns coming out.

I successfully instilled a fear of clowns in our oldest DD but once JoJo's Circus came out, the youngest two had to have clown costumes. I hate that costume and DH would leave it laying in weird places (under the covers on the bed, in the middle of the hallway, draped over the food in the pantry) just to freak me out.

Can't sleep, clowns will eat me.

If Katy Perry becomes a full-time judge on Idol, I will not watch the show again. That'd be a deal-breaker for me. She was a horrible bitch the other night - NOT entertaining, NOT helpful, NOT charismatic, NOT interesting. I don't like her music and I don't like her.

So glad you "get" it! It is amazing to me how many people look at me funny when I say Disney Cruise and how much we are looking forward to another one!

The kids are 17, 16, and 13 - and ALL can't wait to get back on the boat! So much for everyone to do and by far the safest vacation we have ever taken - the girls are free to come and go as they please!

I just read something that may turn me off AI next year - Katy Perry has said that she enjoyed her time on AI so much that she would give up her singing career to be a permanent judge! (Well it would improve the singing ranks if she did leave but...)

Oh, it was dull as dirt last night although NHP was good.

This has been the most boring audition season ever. I hope it is not a harbinger of things to come.

Have a lovely time, Sharp family!

I didn't know clown phobia had a name - my daughter HATES clowns. That US Mail commercial with the clown freaks her out - frankly, it is a bit weird.

Love me some Anderson Cooper, and yes, I know he's gay. My daughter absolutely drools over him (she's actually the one who told me he's gay a while back). She's also a huge Adam Lambert fan. Nothing wrong with a little eye candy - I'm like Lori - I don't want to have sex with them, just admire the goods for a bit! Think about it - who didn't think Rock Hudson was gorgeously handsome??? (for those of us who are old enough to remember)

I'm good with that! And can I just tell you, Linda, I am soooooo jealous you are going on a Disney cruise! By far my favorite cruise line (my hubby sent Mom and me on a Disney cruise this past October!). Have fun and enjoy the time with your girls!

We should talk about our mutual coulrophobia (I didn't know it had a name)! I just thought that it was weird that clowns FREAK me out!

Love both the clown commercials, although the WalMart one makes me cringe. Monikka - " mom doesn't seem all that together" is quite the understatement. Sounds like she doesn't need to be anywhere near those kids.
She said the baby eats more than her - duh.., at 5'5'' weighing 90#'s I'll bet my six pound poodle eats more than she does!
Wow, some people....


I have coulrophobia so I cringe everytime I see that commercial with the creepy clown getting closer and closer.

I have a new topic we can discuss: how about this lady here in Washington State who was arrested for feeding her baby laxatives in a bottle because she thought the baby was getting fat.


I am not thrilled about childhood obesity either but give the baby a little slack. Plus mom doesn't seem all that together either...

Ok, I am part depressed and jealous. Linda,
I think it is amazing that you are your husband are obviously still so in love after 20 years. Now I have to go yell at my husband of 20 years for not being that sweet.

Did anybody else notice that Victoria Beckham is going to be a judge again? I didn't think that Jonas brother guy added much to the show, but they could've cut out a lot of what he said.
As far as replacing Simon, what about the British guy on America's Got Talent?

Completely off topic, but I love the US Mail commercial with the family wanting to mail back the creepy puppet clown that moves, ala the Poltergeist puppet. Makes me laugh every time.

Linda, glad to hear Carson's ok! Now go have a great time with your family!

The highlight of yesterday's AI was actually one of the commercials. It was the Walmart commercial with the clown that stepped on the unicorn. Did anyone else see it? Funny in a creepy-nightmare kinda way.

I thought Erica did better singing the Barney song than she did on her audition song!!! Altho it was creepy watching her sing it while holding a whip!!! I loved the blonde who was there w/her little brother....too cute!!!

Last night's show wasn't even worthy of a recrap! NPH was a great guest host and he IS adorable. Loved the tension between he and Simon. I vote for him (or Shania) as Simon's replacement. Hopefully, they don't try to find someone "snarky" or mean (as in brutally honest) like Simon as NOBODY can fill those shoes!

Oh, I thought repeat auditioner (blue eye shadow and sequins) sounded like Snow White. It was driving me CRAZY!

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