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Sunday, November 29, 2009


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Love that photo - they all look like little girls, but I know they are all powerhouses. Congratulations to Carson and her entire team!

Great job, Carson and team! You definitely proved that you deserved to be there!

Good for Carson and her teammates! They did super well.

Linda - very much enjoyed reading this. When my family lived in Mississippi for a year when I was 10, I played soccer for the only time in my life. Our team won our league in Vicksburg. Not sure how but somehow our team ended up representing the state of Mississippi at the Southern Regional Finals in Memphis that year. Our first game was against the team from Texas. They completely destroyed us (15-0). We were having fun tho.

That tournament was one of my best memories from growing up. My mom went along as a chaperone and at the time I was not happy to have my mom along, I was looking forward to some "freedom" on the trip. We scored 1 goal the whole weekend but we were having a blast swimming in the hotel pool. It was many of my teammates first time getting to swim in a pool. This was also in 1976 so not far removed from all the civil rights issues of the 60's and this was the deep south.


Congrats to the girls for their hard work and a big round of applause to the parents who traveled on their Thanksgiving weekend to make sure they had this awesome opportunity!

Lizzie - I'll tell her when she gets home, however, I think she will laugh. :O)

Her hair IS gorgeous when clean, but this pic was at the end of the game in very humid, icky weather. She was a sweatball!

How cute are they? Congratulations. Excellent work.
P.S. Tell Carson, her hair is gorgeous!

Congrats to Carson and the entire team for a season full of hard work and benefits! We are all proud that you went out and "did what you came to do!" You should all hold your heads high for such an accomplishment!

Amen! The lessons to be learned from losing are just as important (maybe even more so) than the ones they learn from victories.

LOVE IT! Way to go Carson! I promise you, with 4 of my kids playing sports, I am lucky to still HAVE a tongue, as I have practically bitten it off trying NOT to say something to other parents! It astounds me that parents are so opinionated and vocal and try to tell the coach how to do his/her job! Tell that coach that I said YAY!!!! Kids DO have to learn to lose with dignity--life is not always a "win". I am thankful that my kids have been on both losing teams and teams that have been undefeated. They haven't missed the lesson in learning to be a gracious winner as well as a gracious loser.

Way to go Carson! You should be very proud of yourself and your teammates. Linda, I'm going to share your post with my daughter, who's playing basketball. Their team is not the best [first year kids, first year coach], but several parents have openly grumbled about some of the games the kids are scheduled to play. I'm just proud my legally-blind-in-one-eye kid is out there on the court playing. I want her to read your post and understand that there are victories in eveyr game, win or lose. Thanks for sharing this!

It was so hard for me not to jump ahead and read the end of this post first! Congratulations to Carson & her teammates! You all are champions on and off the field!
(...love the orange cleats......like feet of flames!!)

I know NOTHING about soccer, but Linda, with your play by play, I felt like I was right there cheering Carson and her team on. Way to go Carson, you ladies made your family, your community and all of us proud!

I posted this on Carson's FB page earlier today, and I mean it with all my heart: I was so honored to be allowed to share in this weekend's tournament. It was such a joy to watch Carson play, and she truly plays like a pro. Yes, she belongs out on that field. I know very little about soccer, even though it's the most-watched sport in our home (due to my being married to a Brit who's a die-hard, life-long Arsenal fan), but I know what a GOOD soccer game looks like and I know drive and determination when I see it. There were three or four girls on the team that consistently drew my focus at every single game because of their abilities and their drive - Carson was one of them.

Thanks again, Linda, for inviting me to be a part of this weekend's adventures. I can't wait for the next tourney up here in Dallas, cause you KNOW I'll be there, screaming and yelling on the sidelines along with you!!!

By the way - note to Carson.... Arsenal played Chelsea today (English Premiere League). Chelsea won the game 3 nil... and one of those goals was an own-goal by Arsenal. These guys are ridiculously-overpaid professionals with years of experience and training and, yes, it happens. It's nothing to be ashamed of and nothing to stew over. Yeah, it sucks, but it's not the end of the world. I'm just pissed cause I didn't get any kisses (I get a kiss from my hubby every time Arsenal gets a goal... but it doesn't count for own-goals, dammit).

I must say, I played on some truly horrendous teams in my life...I remember like it was yesterday our whole team kicking the ball as far out of bounds as we could when playing a team far better than us that we were inexplicably tied with 1-1 with about 10 minutes to go.

I am very proud of Carson and LS Gold! Great job girls.

Congratulations to the entire team! Some of them certainly showed their parents that just because they are a "put together" team, they can still hang (and play) with the best. How many teams went to that tournament? And where did most of them rank? GREAT job!! Next year, they just might be one of those monsters that crush all opponents.

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