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Monday, November 30, 2009


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Just got up and turned on the computer--police shot and killed this worthless user of oxygen up in Seattle. Thank you Seattle police and to all law enforcement officers who work every day to ensure that we are safe from creatures such as this. And thanks to the prayers and good energy from this blogmunity. The families are devastated and will be hurting forever and need any kind of support we can give.

Monikka, Lori...AMEN Sisters!

Lori - THANK YOU!!!!!

My feelings exactly.

This chaps my ass in a BIG way. Look, if you're sentenced to 95 years in prison, you should SPEND 95 YEARS IN PRISON!!!! I'm so sick of the fudging of the justice system in the U.S. Reality Check Time!!! A twenty year sentence is actually 3-5 years. A 50 year sentence is actually 15 years... and a NINETY-FIVE FRIGGING YEAR sentence gets you a "Get Out Of Jail Free" card from some backwoods, ignorant-ass, Bible-thumping, holier-than-thou, redneck Governor with a political agenda as big as Alaska. What the HELL ever. Oh, I just want to VOMIT.

Why isn't Huckabee getting the Dukakis treatment on this??? Does anyone remember WILLIE HORTON??? Hello????? IMHO, this is MUCH worse than Horton.

I am very sorry for their famililes.

It is way too easy for criminals (ane everyone else) to get guns.

When someone is sentenced to 95 years in prison it makes me think that this is someone who will not be a whole lot of positive use to society. Huckabee made a mistake. I get the reasoning of the guy's "youth" but it should never happen.

My heart goes out to those families devastated by this horrendous act. I have family involved in Law Enforcement in Washington state and I pray that they stay safe.

My personal feelings about gun ownership (opener meet can of worms) is that it is too easy to get guns in this country and that criminals have it too easy with their sentencing. You need to serve at least 25% of your time in jail before you get out unless there is some DNA or completely foolproof evidence that exonerates you.

Anyone even suspected of child rape should stay in jail and not even be offered bail. No questioned asked, I don't care if it was my dad, my husband, my son -- anything!

Not defending him, but I believe when Hucklebee gave this guy a reduced sentence, it was in 2000 and it was because of his age. Guess maybe he thought if given a second chance, he'd make better of his life. More of a "liberal" way of thinking for a Republican. He reduced his sentence from something like 108 years to 48 years, which made him immediately elligible for parole. The POS violated parole a few years later and was back in prison. It's not Hucklebee's fault this guy was out, at least not totally. Too many other things also contributed. He was able to make bail on the child rape charge??? There shouldn't BE any bail allowed for this type of crime.

Anyway, I have several friends married to police officers, and they live with this constant fear as well - praying nightly that their husbands will make it home. My thoughts and prayers are with the families of these downed officers, who did a job that not many people would want to do.

Having been married at one time to a police officer, I can say this is one of the biggest fears an officer's family has. I was always afraid I would have a knock on the door telling me that something had happened to my husband. I still worry about him even though we are divorced, mostly because he is the father of my girls and it would break their heart if anything happened to him.
My thoughts and prayers are with the families of these officers. I hope this asshat tries to shoot it out with police when they finally do catch up with him so they can take care of him once and for all.

Wow. A Republican, First Amendment lovin' Gun Rights advocate Govenor let this guy out of Prison early. Wonder how the NRA is going to spin this.

I am so sick of the violence and people who feel justified in using a bullet to solve their problems.

This happened in Parkland, which is a suburb of Tacoma, WA. Just east of the Air Force and Army bases here. I actually live down the road from here as well and have been to this coffee shop in particular many times.

This attack hit home to me. The police officers and their families shouldn't have to go thru something like this. This man went into this coffee shop JUST to kill them. It's sickening.

My heart goes out to the officers and their families. I wish them the best and I hope they can get thru this time in their lives. Good luck to them.

This is Missy.

I live literally 15 minutes away from the area this happened. It makes me sick that we have people with this kind of criminal record just roaming around, ARMED and ready to kill - then doing just that. What if I was in that shop with my daughter?

I'm horrified. And I'm heartbroken for our law enforcement and their families who feels like they are under attack.

What is this world coming to. :(

My prayers go out to your entire community to heal after this trauma. I know events are still un-folding, I pray the conclusion of this situation will be swift and without further incident.

The families of these officers are in my prayers. I hope they not only catch the scum, but throw the book at him. Sigh. I will never, EVER, understand what drives someone to kill. I just don't get it.

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