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Tuesday, November 24, 2009


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Katy, This area does have the same set up to pay in advance for school lunches. I am not sure if he has an account like that, I suspect he gets the free or reduced lunch at school. I appreciate the thought though!

Just another thought - we are doing this for the boy I spoke of - - in Duval County they have what is called "MyLunchMoney" and you can put $$ in the account so that your child can just "debit" their breakfast and/or lunch and it's taken from the account. I have it for my son. You can have it set up to automatically debit your checking account for a set amount should the balance get to a low that you can designate. You can also have it set up to send an e-mail to you so that you can control what goes in the account and when. At any rate, my co-worker and I are setting up an account for this boy so that he's guaranteed at least breakfast and lunch during the school year. He's a straight A student in spite of how his life has been.
Anyway, Veronica - do the schools in your area have a program set up like this? Maybe we could do the same for your friend's son.


Can you email me an address to a PO box or somewhre so I can send a money order to donate for Veronica's friend. I just found out that I won't be working between Christmas and New year but I am help to help out some.

That story, like Veronica's, made me cry. It is heartbreaking to know how many people are in need, humbling to hear of that young's man bravery, and gives me such hope to know how people banded tog ether to help them.

I agree - political disputes, quarrels, etc. aside - this blog has touched many, many lives, and that is where we find how much we have in common with one another. A giving heart does not have a political affiliation, pain and poverty don't care where you go to church.

Thank you ALL for being part of something so amazing. I love you all.

Another thought too - where does this family live? Maybe we have a member, or someone has a friend or relative in that city where we may be able to help arrange something as well?

Veronica's friend's story is happening to so many more, it's unreal. I am working with a friend and a group of teachers at a local school that are helping a 14 year old boy and his mom in almost the exact same situation. The boy's mom has been sick (and in the hospital) and he's been left to take care of himself. His teacher gave him a ride home one night after school, only to find NO furniture except a mattress on the floor, and NO food in the house. He bought the boy dinner that night and the next day rallied together with the other teachers at the school and among the group, they were able to provide beds, mattresses, furniture, food, etc. When the teacher brought him home after dinner that first night, the boy said "it's not a bad as it seems. My mom's still alive." She came home this past weekend to find her house full of people bringing in all the items they had collected and broke down crying in gratitude. She hadn't asked, but they provided. That is what this season is all about.

Anyway, YES, I'm just waiting to get my bonus check and I'll be sending some money to the Virginia fund to help out Veronica's friend and all others in need. Linda, I think this is about the greatest thing this blog has created - a way for people to help other people. It's beautiful.

Being the recipient of the Yes, Virginia fund last year when my friend & her two children were living with my family & things were unbelievably tight I am glad to be able to make a donation this year - not as much as I would like - but I still am glad that I CAN send something. Linda - please use it towards this special cause. Nothing would make me smile more than to know we made this happen! HUGS & Blessings to all! HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!

This DGMS family is wonderful. I really appreciate anything that can be done to help this family. Showing love and kindness to this family will make a huge difference in their spirit this season. I know how sad/frustrating and depressing it can be to not be able to provide for your family. I am honestly touched at everyone's willingness to help, with ideas, prayer and cash. You truely are all awesome people!!!

Hey Linda,

could you please e-mail me privately with an address to send a check (and how to make it out)? I've never used paypal and would prefer to do it that way...

Thanks for all you do to make the holiday a little brighter for so many! :-)


I love the article.

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Oh man this story really made me cry. Veronica, you are such a good person for trying to help this family (I already knew you were a good person, but this just cements it)...if you still have my home number, give me a call tomorrow, I have an idea that might just work for the washer/dryer part of it. I wish with all my heart that I had some money to donate, but I just don't this year. Love what you are doing Linda - you are truly one of a kind!

Thank you - please don't stretch yourself past what you can do, and PLEASE if we can help make Christmas a little brighter on your end, email me directly! I know we can help!

Linda, this touched my heart. We've already told our kids that we were only buying for the 7 and 11 year old this year because we are just done in financially. However, there is a HUGE difference between broke, and poor. My kids all have their own bedrooms with really good beds, etc, and it tears me up to read something like this. Tomorrow, when our paycheck hits, I will send through paypal whatever I can squeeze out. Use it for wherever you think best--I love what you're doing!

Linda, what with the impromptu move and everything, we're strapped awfully tight, but sometime in the next week or so I hope to see an extra check hit the account, and the Yes, Virginia fund is at the top of my list - especially for this!

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