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Wednesday, November 25, 2009


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Yay Carson!!!! That is awesome!!! Congrats!

Thanks for the update, Lori!

They won the game!!! Carson's team goes to the Finals in the morning!! YAY, CARSON!!!

Update for y'all (since Linda doesn't have net-access) -

Carson's team is in the semi-finals tonight. They tied yesterday morning's game (and Carson came "thisclose" to scoring a goal - but it hit the crossbar), then they won last night's game. This morning they tied again and the next game is at 5pm. Her team is the top seed right now because they've had the least amount of goals scored against them in the tourney. If they win tonight, they move on to the finals tomorrow. Please send "BIG GOAL THOUGHTS" to Carson!!! It's so much fun to watch her play!

Hope everyone has a wonderful, blessed Thanksgiving - I know that my kids and I certainly did. I have been procrastinating about my donation to the "Yes, Virginia fund" this year, but I just went and made it a few minutes ago. Linda, thanks for all you do for this blogmunity!

Now that is awesome! I am sooo happy to have been a part of this extra effort - knowing that this family will be snug & cozy in their beds because YES VIRGINIA - WE ROCK OUT LOUD!!

Hope you all had a blessed Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to All! We are hosting dinner today for the family in our new apartment (we actually have a LOT of room in our front/dining/kitchen area). We are in this place due, in large part, to the DGMS community of wonderful people! The prayers and positive energy for approval AND the last minute contribution from the "Virginia" fund made it possible. For this, I am truly thankful. Thanks again to Everyone!

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! And Linda, we make the "maple" turkey every year now since you originally posted the recipe! YUM.

This Thanksgiving, as we all say thanks for what we've been blessed with, please add Michael Brewer to your list of people to pray for. If you recall, he's the boy whose "friends" threw rubbing alcohol on him then set him on fire over a $40 payment. He continues to be in extreme pain from his injuries and his parents, just like every day, will be next to his bed today.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. :-)

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Good morning Chicky - fear not, Texans celebrate Thanksgiving TODAY. C, K, and I had to celebrate it yesterday since we have to hit the road for soccer in a few hours. :O)

I don't get it...do you folks in Texas celebrate Thanksgiving on Wednesday? Its 8:22 in the morning here on Thanksgiving Day...we wont be eating til around 5:50 - arghhhhh - very late for me!

Linda, and all the peeps who contributed to the beds and comforters, WOW, you are amazing! Truly selfless and amazing. I too am humbled to be part of this group. Love to you all!

Please take a moment to reflect on all you are thankful for today and remember to say a prayer for all the brave soldiers fighting for our freedom!

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you.

Happy Thankgiving Everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Rudy, I'm sure that Linda will be happy to hand over the chef's apron to you when you get home!

Good thing I am moving back to Texas, sounds like I am about to become totally obsolete, Linda can even cook Thanksgiving dinner without me now....

A big thanks to all of you for making the DGMS family what it is. We may argue politics from time to time, but I am convinced on the ground level we all want the same thing for our families. Healthy, happy, safe and secure.

I always knew you could, God knows you can bake better than me! The turkey sounds great. I did not have to cook at all this year, mom did it all. I just showed up and ate.

Linda, are the commander of an amazing group of people. We should all be proud to know each other. Thanks givings to all of the DGMS family.

Gotta go - Glee comes on in 5 minutes!

Actually Linda you are the center of this. You got a great bunch of people together in cyberspace and host a great lounge(virtual) for all of us to meet and kibitz about the days events. Recipe please on the turkey, that sounds soo yummy, when you return. I'm grateful to come to your space and read everything pretty much daily here. I don't always comment but I darned sure DO read. To all a good Thanksgiving and may the Hols be good for everyone!

I am humbled by the generosity of spirit here and it gives me continuing faith in humanity on days when I hate the human race. You folks here are awesome and I thank you for being part of my day.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! Wow, what a group - I'm so grateful and proud to "know" you all!!

Happy Thanksgiving to all! I will most definitely sleep better tonight knowing that special Mom and her son will very soon be sleeping in their own, comfortable warm beds.
Yet again, this blogmunity has made my heart smile.
Linda - yes, you done good :)

Happy Thanksgiving!!

I am crying, that is beautiful! I have not even checked my e-mail for that update on the beds, so this took me by surprise. Thank you all for your help, you really do rock!!! Linda, Congrats on making your first turkey. Sounds like the maple bacon might be a good idea for us tomorrow. Have a great Thanksgiving everyone. I don't think I could ever be more thankful to have such a great bunch of friends. Bless you all!!!

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