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Monday, November 23, 2009


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Kelly, a few years ago I would have thought the same thing about a bunch of teenagers drowning in pubescent hormones having coed "sleepovers," but it really is as Linda describes it for the most part -- guys and girls running in packs, morphous blobs of kids being friends and sharing in their mutual experiences of growing up. Some romance (and I do mean "romance" -- I was amazed that young men today actually have a courtship routine or ritual, and aren't just diving for the prize, if you know what I mean), and sometimes hurt feelings that feel like broken hearts, but mostly friends of both genders being friends and supporting each other, and sharing in their experiences. Naturally there are exceptions, but from what I've seen teenagers today are more civilized and much much more perceptive and discriminating than I was at that age. Discovering this has given me much hope for the future of our species, provided my generation doesn't do us all in before the next generation can save us...

So glad to hear she touched down and can now enjoy her time with her guy...and your sister. What a wonderful little get-away for her. Have a terrific Thanksgiving!

So nice to read this story... I lived the opposite end of it, sadly. My first girlfriend and I were separated by her parents and not allowed to see each other. (In case you're wondering, I wasn't a "bad" kid... no drugs, no alcohol, didn't even smoke!) Thirty years after we were parted by force, we found each other again and are engaged to be married (finally) next October. I'm writing a book about the experience and hope to have it done early next year so I can begin the ardous process of trying to find a publisher. It was a nice "pick-me-up" to read this story of love and support today... Thanks!

Thank you all for the nice comments about this piece. She arrived safely and is having a great time!

Beautifully written. You can tell that you are just as special to your daughter as she is to you. You are a great mom.

Aaaww, what a great story. Kudos to you and Rudy for raising such a great kid despite all the minefields of the teenage years. Good parenting really is all about respect and love and I can tell your kids have gotten that all their lives.

Thanks Linda...I guess teaching HS for the last 13 years has given me a view of teens that does not hold true for all. I know that SOME are sex maniacs (LOL) but certainly not ALL. So happy for Culley and I think you are wonderful for supporting her in this new phase of her life. I would like to think that, when my kids get a bit older, I will do the same things for them.

My daughter, now in college, went with the same boy in HS for 3 years. My husband and I thought he was great, and we definitely went over and aboard to make him part of our family, and his family did the same for her. Now that they are separated by 5 states and many miles, they are still friends, but not gf/bf. I think my hubby and I miss him more than my daughter does, and his mom tells me how much they miss my daughter. We are all hopefull that they will someday get back together, but what ever happens, it's their choice. Jst got to step back and let them make their own decisions, but you are certainly on the same course as I was 5 years ago. Good luck and enjoy!

Culley stays with my sister when in Nashville. He stays with us when he comes here. Carson gives up her bedroom. :O)

As for what's "normal" now? I can tell you that "normal" for my girls is that they run a in a pack, so to speak. They have a large group of friends and they all get together regularly. Not for sleepovers, but just as this big morphous blob of kids.

I don't think you're being prudish at all. Every child is different, every situation is different. But I promise you that not every teen is out to have sex at the drop of a hat. :O) There are many who truly are just friends.

By the way, I meant this made me cry, not cray...boy do I need Thanksgiving break to come in a hurry. My brain is turning to mush.

This absolutely made me cray. How wonderful for Culley that she's found someone special. Here's a question for you though, Linda. Not judgemental at all...a serious question. When she goes there or he comes here, do they stay in the same house? I am just wondering because my sister-in-law and I had a conversation this weekend about boys and girls having sleep-overs. Her daughter has two friends who are boys. She lets them stay at her house on the weekend occasionally. They are all 18 or older (HS and college kids). They all sleep in the living room, not in her daughter's room. I don't know, I am not a prude in any sense of the word, but this kinds floors me! Is this normal for teens now. I cannot imagine it happening when I was a kid. I am usually quite progressive so I guess I shocked myself at my reaction to this situation. Anyway...you are progressive thinking as well, and a terrific mother raising exceptional kids, so I guess I just wanted to get your bead on this. What do you think?

Linda--you are the best mom EVER!

you are a cool mom. my mom never would have done this -- whether she could have afforded it or not. Sigh.

Oh I love a good first love story. You are the grooviest mom since Carol Brady and Shirley Partridge. If I were still a teenager, I would be hanging out with you and your girls just to be with the cool kids and their cool mom.

My dad and my stepmom dated one summer when they were 16 and my dad was visiting his hometown for the summer. Didn't see each other until 27 years later when we moved back to Kinston. 3 more years after that, they were both divorced, and started seeing each other. Now they've been married 13 years or so...

I hope that Culley has a great time!
Linda, you and Rudy are wonderfully loving parents. I hope the girls know how lucky they are!

I met my husband in 10th grade. However, it took us almost 20 years to reconnect and get married... but, still. You just never know. When it's right, it's right.

Sending my love to Culley (and the rest of the Sharps)

There is something eternally sweet about young love. You are an amazing mom for letting her enjoy it...not all are that lucky (not speaking about myself, of course, my folks are total enablers.)

I met my husband my first year in college and we will be celebrating our 14th wedding anniversary in March 2010.

Never say never - it could be forever!

But yes Linda, you're awesome for letting her be her and be with the person SHE found and not like some moms that want to pick and chose for their children. I know that some lucky (smart) girl is going to see the beauty within my son one day and away his heart will go. And I'll be happy for him too!

I met my husband when I was 14 and he was 15 in high school. We have been together 38 years now, and it gets better every year! So Linda, you just never know!!!!

Wow, Linda -- what a great Mom you are. It's easy to see how you ended up with such great kids!

Totally agree with you. My own (brilliant and beautiful, if I can brag a bit) 16 year old has recently begun her first dating relationship as well. The boy is smart, nice, and (so far) knows how to treat a young lady. Luckily, he only lives 15 miles away but we twist ourselves into pretzels a fair amount to allow them the opportunity to get together. I'd much rather her learn how to handle all this now than having it smack her in the face when she goes away to college. Who knows how long it lasts but they might as well enjoy the ride!

I am totally with you on this one! If my (equally brilliant, if I may say so) daughter should "stumble" upon someone she felt was that special, I would pull out all the stops. You just never know, it may be "for now" or it may be "for keeps" at any rate, she has the opportunity to at least find out! Yay you!

Will you be my mom? Oops, W-a-a-ay too late...

Today is killing me, but in a good way. I have received messages (from God?) over and over again today about the goodness of the human spirit, and the joy of love and life, and so I tune in to DGMS and what do I find? Another example of hope, joy, and love. Thank you Linda, for perpetuating the belief that life is good and worthwhile. I love you for it (and for DGMS).

That is very sweet, Linda.

I have goosebumps - and tears! That was beautiful and thank you for sharing it.

You're awesome.

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