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Monday, November 23, 2009


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I have to say that I was very disappointed with his performance. It seemed rushed and sloppy and his vocals sounded awful. I'm a huge Adam fan, and for me, it wasn't so much about the kiss or the groping, as it was just that he sounded awful. He's a very sexual performer so I expected something, but at least he could have sounded good.

aud...love ya and miss ya kiddo...all is ok here...you know i only speak up when something gets to me...ill be back full force when idol comes back...thanks for the holiday wishes...gin.

Would have to agree with April's comment. Young kids watch these shows, and I had a problem with Madonna and a problem with this, for the same reason. Enough of the "see how far I can go" and just perform.

What I find funny is that one of the original "glam rockers", David Bowie, was doing this same sort of thing nearly 40 years ago when he went through his Ziggy Stardust phase. He dropped to his knees and licked the guitar being played by Mick Ronson. (Google David Bowie Mick Ronson Electric Blowjob if you're interested in seeing the photo, or watch the movie Velvet Goldmine to see a fictionalized version.)

Glam rock is all about being camp, dressing up, wearing makeup, "putting on a show", and pushing conventional society's buttons. I think it's safe to say he did that. If anything he just tried a bit too hard. It all looked a little too forced. The old glam rockers were a bit more tongue in cheek with it all.

All that being said, I'm not a big fan of simulated sexual acts be they gay, straight or otherwise, on network TV. I'm far from prudish, but I simply think that there is a time and a place for that sort of thing. I found myself much more put off by the nearly steady stream of bleeps during the Eminem number.

I didn't care who he was kissing, I just thought it looked uncomfortable. Like he was swallowing the dude's (or dudette's) face or something. It looked violent and strange. I don't know, I think his singing is outstanding but got lost in all the crazy theatrics, as it sometimes did on Idol. Stick with your killer voice Adam and stop trying to shock everyone so much. You're gay...we know...we don't care...gay or straight, you've got some serious pipes and I would love to just HEAR them.

GIN!!!Hey woman! Where have you been?! Hope all is well! Happy Thanksgiving! As always, love your "two cents"!

I could have sworn I weighed in on this topic, but I don't see it, so here goes again.
As a professional musician of some 40 years and thousands of shows performing, I can understand exactly where Adam is coming from. I am not gay (not that there's anything wrong with that lol) but there was a couple of occasions, on stage, after a transendental performance by the band, that I and one of my fellow musicians bussed on the mouth on stage. Was it a sexual act? Far more transendental than that! It was the expression of two human souls who helped each other achieve a higher consciousness through shared musical communication. I can't put it any better than that. The audience was not offended, my bandmate and I were not embarrassed, and in fact looked back on it (I still look back on it, while he, sadly, has gone the way of so many professional musicians to the Ultimate Band In The Sky) as a moment when our spirits were as close to unified as they could probably get. So I "get" Adam Lambert's spontaneous gesture. AND, if he is gay (not that there's anything wrong with that!) and he kissed a girl, where's the outrage in that? Isn't it a double standard to be upset if two men kiss, but not when two women do? And if a gay man kisses a straight girl, wouldn't the Puritans be upset about that? Oh, that's right, I forgot -- the Puritans are upset about ANYTHING having to do with open-mouth kisses or sex in the non-missionary position. Kind of embarrasses me to realize how many people get their weenies in a knot over diversity...
That's my two cents on this one. Didn't see the performance, so can't critique it from a musical standpoint, but the prudes would probably do well to remember that it is only entertainment, and if it's not their Jagerbomb then change the channel. End of problem.

Madonna's kiss was on cable, Adam's simulated blow job was on network TV. I think there's a difference. I personally thought that it didn't need to be that over the top, he could have been edgy and focused more on the vocals and it would probably have blown everyone away. A polarizing performance on the eve of a new artist's album drop was just odd to me. For the record, I could care less about the kiss (didn't find it sexy, though, it was more rough than sensual) but I thought the simulated blow job was too much for TV. And I wouldn't care if it was woman/woman, man/woman, man/man, whatever.

a kiss is just a kiss...

all those clenched butts with knickers stuffed up their cracks should relax.

What's good for Madonna is good for Adam -- goose and gander...

I thought the whole performance was bad. Not offensive per se, but just bad. His vocals were subpar, and I have heard there were sound issues last night and the reaction here is WTF??? A music show with a bad sound system? Isn't that what sound checks are for? That SHOULD have been fixed BEFORE the show. The antics on stage were just that: antics.

I heard there were complaints but well, it's Adam and he's always been over the top as it were.

I don't care what his sexuality is...simulating oral sex on tv is beyond uncalled for. And for the record so was Madonna's kiss.

I agree that sometimes the "extras" can get in the way of the vocals, but that is just the nature of most of the music award shows. In order to boost the ratings, they have all gone bigger and crazier to make it a "must see" event.

I am more offended by the profanity in songs than the fact that people show affection to one another in public. I am African-American and I know that Rap music is horribly guilty of having some of the most profane lyrics. If you ask me, that is what primarily needs to be cleaned up. Forget about the kiss.

OK SO I'M NOT LOSING MY MIND!!!! I swear, when I saw that clip I was like, "That's GOTTA be a chick." Thank you, Janna!!!!

His keyboardist actually is female.
Yes, I follow him on twitter.
Yes, I loved it.
Seems like I am in the minority of my FB people.
Ugh. I wish people would adhere to what we all learned in kindergarten: If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all.

i loved adam last night...nothing wrong with what he did...and if you think so...how about the lyrics they had to constantly bleep out...of most of the songs...the enema enema song...the words from under my balls"...i knew what it was right after it was bleeped...the entire show was like watching maury povich show...all bleeps...and no one comments or objected to this???...ok then...and lady gag me...oh momma i cant stand her...she cant sing...the words are so strange...and the nominations???...ok enema enema up for best of whatever...and jamie fox...singing about booze and hes up for one too...ok now what makes sense???...they pimped adams act like mad...saying we would see something we couldnt believe...how crude can it all get???...they built it up like mad...and now we bitch about it???...they even said on our 11 pm news that they censored his act for the west coast...when the net work knew all along what it was gonna be like...ok im angered at the fools who wrote into AOL bout the act last night...im so sick of being treated like a second class citizen because im gay...next thing someone will say is we are guilty of owning too many cats and that is a crime against hummanity...unnatural...the crime here is that its ok to let half the words get bleeped out of a lot of the songs last night...and they are songs we go out and buy for our kids and ourselves...doesnt make sense to me...go adam...loved you last night...oh yeah happy thanksgiving to all...and to all a good night...gin.

Who cares about the kiss? The whole thing was over the top. Why can't anyone just sing a song and tone down the theatrics? I don't even remember the song or the lyrics. Why do these "artists" have do out do each other with graphic and offensive "dancing" and performing? I enjoyed watching him on Idol but I'm now horrified by his "act". Gay or not, why be grotesque? Leave your sexuality at the door and just sing!

As a musician who has performed thousands of times, and who is, by the way, as hetero as they come, I have in fact kissed my bandmembers on the mouth, onstage, after a memorable performance, one that transends the merely mortal and reaches what all musicians aspire to with their music -- another level of perception and understanding of the universe in which we all live. Was it a "gay" thing, when I and my fellow musicians bussed on stage? No, it was a human thing, and everyone who was at the performance(s) understood that, no one said, "ooh, gross!" and no one objected. It was a spontaneous release of emotion after a shared musical high, and I can't put it any better than that. Any one who knows me (and there are a couple of you here) knows I am not gay, but I think nothing of the sharing of emotion with another human, male or female. If you think that's gross, you need to go find another blog to read. Expressions of love are always beautiful!

Well, I missed it all due to watching football, but just curious, how many "music award" programs are there? Seems like every other week I'm reading about Taylor Swift winning.

My thoughts exactly, Chrissy! I was left scratching my head and going "huh?" several times last night and it had nothing to do with anybody kissing anybody. My neighbor comes over right as Adam was performing and says "What the hell is going on? Am I having a seizure?" LOL.
I could care less if Adam made out with everyone on stage and in the audience, as long as he puts on a good performance and IMO, he didn't do that.

Personally, I thought Adam's performance was a hot mess and disappointing. Maybe it was just too much going on, all the dancers, weird sets, bad sound mix, whatever. I was hoping for more - he's got such a great voice and it seemed to get lost in the outrageousness. As a matter of fact, I felt the same way about Rhianna, Shakira and JLo. They all seemed to be trying to outdo Lady Gaga and in my opinion they all failed miserably. I have nothing against elaborate stage productions but could we remember to squeeze in a few good vocals too?

I knew you would have something to say about this, Linda! :-)

I thought Adam's performance was EXACTLY what I would expect from him. He has always pushed the envelope, even on AI - why would that be any different in this setting?
As far as kids watching this, he was the very last performer on the show. If parents were worried, maybe they should have had their kids in bed by then. Or just DON'T WATCH! Also, what about Lady GaGa with her glass breaking and piano fire? Does that make a good role model? (Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against Lady GaGa. I'm just saying . . .)
Rock on, Adam! I'll be buying your album later today.

Well, I missed the face-in-the-crotch part... and are you SURE that was a GUY he was kissing???? LMAO, sure looks like a chick to me but... what'evs. Adam is absolutely right - if women can do it, it's discrimination if you say men can't. And, if memory serves, Madonna & Brit's kiss was quite a bit more graphic than that, with tongues visibly entwined etc. No?

I didn't think anything about the kiss, but the 'face in the crotch' was a little over the top!

Good for him - I didn't watch the Awards, but Adam has NOTHING to apologize for and I'm glad he didn't. It's about time America got their puritanical heads out of their puritanical asses!

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