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Wednesday, August 26, 2009


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Heartbreakingly sad to read some of the ignorant, hatefilled crap that is being spewed all over the internet about his passing. When did we lose all sense of compassion and decency? Sickning and shameful!

For the first time in my life, Ted Kennedy is not in the Senate.

The picture I remember most about him, which I think sums up the burdens of his life, was him standing alone on the bow of a boat that was searching for JFK Jr's plane 10 years ago. It revealed everything -- he was once again responsible for shoring up the family through another unspeakable tragedy. He always did it with astonishing grace.

For a person of privilege he really cared about those who had nothing. Those kinds of politicians are hard to come by.

I watched Ted Kennedy blossom into a senior statesman over the years. Today I watched Ted, at 77, walk to a podium and give such a moving speech. I caught myself, because even at 77, he was a dashingly handsome man.

Over the years, Ted has been there for the widows of his brothers, their children and their children's children. I am glad he found love later in life and that he was happy in the end.

God bless and keep him!

Just wanted to say that, I too, am deeply saddened by this news. I have long admired Sen Kennedy and all the Kennedy family and believe them to be true public servants. Not perfect, but dedicated to making a difference in all our lives.

Linda and Lori, you said it beautifully.

This family dedicated their lives to public service and we are a better nation because of the Kennedy's.

Woke up to this sad, sad (but not unexpectged) news this morning. A flawed man who lived a noble and inspired life, weathering so many adversities and oversoming so many obstacles. His legacy will be huge, and he will be missed. Rest in peace, Teddy.... and give your brothers our love.

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