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Sunday, August 30, 2009


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I didn't mean for it to be critical of you or anything. The video I watched was of them getting on the bus for their first day of school and both Jon and Kate were was filmed in a parking lot, I assume to keep things civil.

I'm just going by what I read on the news. I judge him based off of what I am informed of. If you read in People he was there and if I read through other sources that he was not there, I'm believing that he was not there.

According to People Jon WAS on hand for the kids first day; it was the next day that he hosted the pool party. (There is video on I'm not defending him but just making sure he gets fairly represented.

I wrote a paper on that during my Sophomore year in college. That there should be selective reproduction in that people would have to be qualified before they are allowed to have children. I based my opinion on my own background (my parents are now grandparents and still in and out of trouble with drugs and the law).

The reaction I got from my class (Science, Technology and Society) was unbelievable. I was called a Nazi, a Socialist and a fool. Someone even told me that I was stupid for advocating a policy that could have lead to me not being here on the planet!

People think that reproduction is a god-given right and don't understand what a huge responsibility it is. There is a guy in Seattle who is under arrest for killing his 2 month old son -- the mom didn't do it becuase she had to report to jail for a robbery conviction. And the list goes on and on...

Jon Gosselin is a pig. I can't stand him and I can't believe that this dirtbag is the parent of 8 wonderful children. I have never watched Jon & Kate Plus 8 but I have seen excerpts and if he acted like this at home, I can clearly see why Kate had to be the one that wore the pants.

Monikka, at this point I think there should be required tests if you choice to have that many children in one outing. Whoever fails is sterilized. I realize that's harsh but from what I've seen lately it's a viable option. I hate to think it's "single" and having fun all about. No more children needed.

I too got married fairly young and spent my 20s being responsible. But that was a choice that I made. Imagine how his poor kids are going to feel when he says that he lost his 20s -- he gained a family but Dear old Dad chalks that up as a loss.

How could two people agree to bring 8 children into this world when there obviously were some psychological issues at play. I think they need to change the IVF rules to include some kind of mandatory counseling!

I don't exactly understand what he "lost" of his twenties. He gained 8 beautiful children in those years - if that makes him sad for something he missed... he's not right in the head.

"ugh, I don't get the fact that anything "young" wants to be with this fat, self-centered, piece of crap that abandoned his family."

I'm 23, the same age as the girls he's been "seen with" and "dating." I would NEVER touch that disgusting ass, give him my number, anything. I'd slap him and tell him to get his ass back to his children. He made the decision to have children young. He made a decision to use that special stuff that makes a lot of babies at once. He has no one to blame but himself and shouldn't take it out by ignoring his children.

ugh, I don't get the fact that anything "young" wants to be with this fat, self-centered, piece of crap that abandoned his family. He is so gross. Have to say, Kate looks like a class act next to this creep. And he took his MOTHER to vegas to party? You'd think him and the grandmother of his EIGHT children would want to be there for their first day of school, particularly since time and money don't seem to be an issue...

He is ridiculous. Ugh. Stupid famewhore.

So while he was out partying in Vegas and meeting with the Ed Hardy designer, Kate took the kids to school...including the first day of preschool for the six youngest! Oh, but she threw a pool party of her own...for her children, bodyguard, and the bodyguard's family.

Who looks better? Hmm, the mother. I can't believe that he would miss out on their first day of pre-school just to party it up. What an ass.

Unfortunately that was the real scene Saturday. He held court in his cabana all afternoon, taking phone numbers and feeling fabulous. It's just sad that the people who paid him consider him to be a celebrity of any sort - it's obvious the folks in the pool don't.

I say he was standing in front of a "blue screen", and those pictures were added later. Not one person seems to notice him at all.

there was supposed to an "and" between hairy chest and lower extremities.....

No amount of money would make me want to be with this jerk. He's so CHEESY - Just oozes of slim. And that outfit? The open buttons to expose his hairy chest lower extremities. I think I just puked in my mouth a bit. And anyone who does hook up with him, will ONLY be doing it for the media attention. Other than the fact that he's a, ack, "celebrity," I doubt that any woman (especially a YOUNG one) would be giving him the time of day. SKEEEZE ME OUT!!!

Interesting that there's a photo shoot going on on the pool deck, with a "major" star, and not one person is even looking his way!

Is his fly open?

Kate was always portrayed as bossing him around and being the bitchy one. I am starting to think that maybe she had to keep on him to get him to do anything. It wasn't that he was making bad decisions at the time, but looking more and more like he was making NO decisions! He seemed resentful and even overwhelmed by the situation he was in, and as a result, was just sitting there like a bump on a log while she tried to keep up.

His twenties aren't the only thing he's lost... try adding his damn MIND. What an asshat.

Is he really the host? Are these his new best friends? BFF?? It looks like he has totally left his children behind,and for that, there is no excuse. He has risen to a new level of jerkness.

this is so pathetic. Is this real?

He is a douchenozzle of the first order.

I mean, really.

Did Kate hold a gun to his head to get married?

He's pretty cheesy -- which goes well with the whine!

Let the turds unite!

THANK YOU! I have constantly said to friends that Kate may be a b!tch but she is the one getting things done. I used to watch the show and she was the one who made sure the kids got healthy meals and clean clothes, Jon would order pizza and be a great playmate but never really stepped up to the plate and "manned up" like you need to do when you have 8 kids.

I am so tired of him b!tching about how he missed out on so much. That was his choice and now he needs to deal with it...oh wait, he doesn't have to because of that lovely thing called money...disgusting.

Is their network sponsoring all these "sightings" and events to keep them relevant and improve ratings?

Honestly, in retrospect, I think Kate has always been the lesser of two evils, as it were. Jon has always been passive aggressive and frankly, a complete immature, nonhelpful mess.

Yes, she is controlling and dominant, but someone in that relationship had to be - with 8 kids?

The thing that gets me is that Kate, for all her faults, is with the kids all the time...if she is not working she is home with her kids. Jon's behavior is making her look like the lesser of two evils.

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