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Friday, May 08, 2009


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He's finally where he belongs! I just feel terribly for all the children involved. Whenever I heard that he named his youngest daughter Lacy, I knew he was a whack job! I do hope they someday find the 4th wife's body. We all know she didn't run off with another man. So sad.

I am go glad that piece of crap is in jail. And I wouldn't feel a moment of sorrow if he got shanked. What a waste of a life, a cancer to society.

I know a Chicago Police Officer that is part of the K-9 unit, and they are still out there searching for Stacy (rather, her body). I don't know that she'll ever be found.


I hope his cellmate, BUBBA, wipes that smug grin off his face! What an asshole.

Well finally, that certainly took long enough!!!!

"Fuller brushtache"....Good one Linda!
He's the biggest scumbag ever! If there is a God, these charges will stick!

here's what was at wikipedia:

Carol Brown Peterson was married to his first wife, Carol Brown, from 1974 to 1980. They divorced after she learned about his infidelity.

Vicki Connolly, Drew Peterson's second wife, Vicki Connolly, has alleged a history of abuse during her 10-year marriage to him, as has her daughter who lived in the household during this time, from the age of 8 to 17 years.

I'm so sick of his ugly mug. Like Kim, I just hope they can make the charges stick and put him away for good.

I'm with Katy also wondering about wives 1 and 2...don't remember ever hearing about them at all.

Also to Linda and all the mom's at DGMS just in case I don't get back before Sunday...Happy Mother's Day!!!

Are wives 1 and 2 still alive? I need to go back and research - can't remember.
Regarding Scott Peterson, at least he was good looking, so one could understand being attracted to him, but DREW? Gross out.

What is it about those Peterson's? First Scott, and now Drew?
Just kidding about that coincidence, but I am curious as to what a woman is thinking when she becomes involved with someone who has a history of disappearing wives. Do they think they are somehow different? "He wouldn't do that to me?" It's amazing how the human animal can delude itself. As Kim said earlier, his current girlfriend (if he even has one) should run, fast and far. And, good thing he's in for $20 million. At least that way we'll know where he is...

I wouldn't have been so nice.... I would have listened to EVERYTHING those two said.....and took notes!

My sister-in-law was waiting in line for the bathroom on a plane and Drew came out and held the door for her, oh what a gentleman!!!! She said she was in shock, didn't even say thank you! Turns out he was sitting behind her in first class with his attorney. She said she wanted to say something to him soooo bad, like "You piece of shit" but ended up not saying anything.

what is so terribly sad about all of this is, had the coroner done his job the first time around, Stacy, would not only NOT have been the 4th wife, but she would be alive.
I heard reports about people seeing him loading a barrel or something in his truck, did I read that his brother actually helped him? When they find that barrel, they'll find the "missing" fourth wife.

It's about time....the whole world has been waiting for this! As he was being led away in handcuffs, he was smiling....his attorney says that he "cracks jokes" when he is "under stress"......yeah....who's laughing now? You idiot -

I hope they have enough to make the charge stick! His new girlfriend needs to run - fast and far.

FINALLY!!! I hope his sphincter rips.

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