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Thursday, May 14, 2009


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Anyone else think that Noah was the cutest kid on the planet? How do we donate $ to the charity Alicia Keyes mentioned, for us dinosaurs who haven't got a cell phone?

Great recap as usual.
WOW - Katy Perry can't sing! She wouldn't have made it out of Hollywood week if she were competing.
Never was thrilled with Danny as an entertainer - although he seems like a really nice guy. I'm really looking forward to the Kris/Adam finale. Although I'd like to see Kris pick it up in the wardrobe department. The plaid shirts and sneakers look is getting tired IMO. :)

Wow - did Katy Perry ever suck the air out of a good lung with that performance. She should be thankful she didn't have to be judged. But then, looking back, who else has had godawful performances on the live shows this year? Jamie Foxx. Kanye West. Randy Travis. Lady GaGa. Who's been great? Carrie Underwood. David Cook. Taylor Hicks. And this week, Jordin. Maybe we're just emotionally invested in these people we feel like we know because we voted for them, but when they take the Idol stage, they usually outshine the "seasoned pros."

First of all, thank you for all the hilarious recaps. I think this season has been pretty bland and boring - I've been looking forward to your recaps more than to the shows.
I haven't really been rooting for one contestant this season and I didn't really care who'd win the whole thing. Until this week. Now I really think Kris should be crowned the next American Idol.
He may not have been as consitently good as Adam, but I feel he's much more contemporary than Adam. I could see (or hear) Kris making an album that is very 2009 and very succesful. Adam, on the other hand, surely is an amazing vocalist, but he's way too classic rock & cabaret for my taste. I don't see how he could make an album that is contemporary and interesting. And I just wish he'd sing an entire song without using his falsetto.
This week, Kris was the only one who sang songs from this decade. I know American Idol is all about singing the classics, not the contemporary songs (and boy, I wish they'd change that), but I really applaud Kris for doing is own thing. Another example is movie week, when everyone was belting out those classic movie tunes, Kris decided to take on Falling Slowly and delivered one of this year's best performances!

Linda, I loved both recaps this week! Thanks for all the laughs over this crazy AI season. I'm so excited about this final 2. I've liked Kris since he appeared out of nowhere in the semi-finals, and Adam's "Mad World" won me over. To Candie: you summed up my feelings about this season exactly!

ChrisK wrote: "Does anyone think that Kris is better or as good as the #2 guy last year David Archuleta? I think D.A. is a better singer than Kris, but it's just my opinion."

Personally, I never liked David A and still don't. Cute kid, but that's about it for me. Kris Allen - I can listen to his music and if he stay true to his style, I will buy his music.

Hilarious as always, Mrs. Sharp.

It ust occurred to me that after next week you'll have no AI recrapping to do! However will you carry on?!?!?

Lord knows you can probably use the rest.

I don't know who will win. I like Adam because he is certainly different. I am okay with Kris -- he just doesn't really do anything special for me. Nice singer, nice guy but nothing really special.

Linda- I LOVE you! You must know that I can sleep soundly tonight knowing that I wasn't hallucinating- I did see make-up all over Simon's man boobs :) As you can tell my OCD behavior would not allow me to rest until I had support and closure to the situation. Ok, now back to writing that stinking dissertation =P

Great job, Linda! I will miss your recaps, although I think I've had enough of Ryan and the group to last several years!

Watched Celebrity Apprentice this season and wished you were recapping it! Such a variety of people, mostly true scum who would be perfect subjects for your prose!

I have a big black cat named Mr. Boo Kitty. His full name is Mr. Boo Kitty Pee Paw Little Man. LOL Hey, if they can give the pure bred animals names like that then so can I. As for the milk and Pepsi, hell no.

KRIS YES!!!! ADAM YES!!! Katy Perry.......hell to the NO! That was just tacky and rude if you ask me. Don't really care who wins, they are all winners now.

My 19 year old daughter has a stuffed kitty that was named Boo Boo Kitty when she got it at 2 yrs old. And I love milk and Pepsi.

Linda, sometimes you not only force phlegm out our noses (my first experience reading your recaps a couple of years ago, when I had a cold) with your humor, you have also brought tears to our eyes, and I really appreciate both sides of your writings. Brava!

As for any possibility of Kris's wife being pregnant, and if she indeed is, they sure were able to keep it under wraps, as they did with Bo Bice's fiancee at the time he was competing. I really don't like that the producers feel that they have to hide it...a baby is wonderful news! It's also an integral part of who the parents will be from then on. If they're so worried about how the little tweenies will vote, then why show any back story on any of the contestants, ever?

BACK to the show, though, I don't care who wins...I'd love 'em both to!

Linda, thanks for 2 great recaps - I love when you do the pictures i.e. Tale of Two Ditties! You're so frickin' creative!

I'm happy with the outcome. I've been an Adam fan since the beginning, liked Danny early on but he stayed the same to me, Kris grew better every couple of shows. I think it will be a close one next week with 2 completely different types.

I wish Danny good luck in his future. It's so bright he'll have to wear shades (at least 50 different pairs - lol)!

Where were all the black people in Conway Arkansas?? I've been there, I know they're there. My husband noticed it first. Just thought that was kind of odd.
I was very excited for Kris. He definitely deserves to be in the finals. It will be interesting to see how it plays out.


This is a good one by Linda about organized religion and Pat Robertson.

I've never read A Tale of Two Cities, so thanks for that little intro. I just learned something. (My grandpa used to say that you should learn something everyday.)

So that's why my mom always calls any and all cats "boo kitty." Hmm. I just learned something else from reading the comments. :-) Thanks Gayle in Iowa.

Oh, and I also wish Randy would not boo Simon every show. It is definitely getting old.

Adam's giving back to the kids was wonderful. Aww...

Great recap Linda!!!!!!!!!
A BIG THANK YOU for making me laugh during a stressful day! I'm smiling now :)


YAY, KRIS ALLEN!!!! I've been a fan from "Man in the Mirror," and it's great to hear so many people of late discovering what I've seen from the beginning!!! Yes, I have a wicked crush on the guy, but it's totally harmless!

BTW - Kris won the coin toss yesterday and will be singing second!!!!

I am going to be in heaven next week!!!! Tuesday is the AI Finale and the premiere of GLEE!!! And the final results on Wednesday!!! Despite everything the producers have done to kill the show this season, it ends on a major high note!!!

Does anyone think that Kris is better or as good as the #2 guy last year David Archuleta? I think D.A. is a better singer than Kris, but it's just my opinion.

Last night America told the judges to eff off. Their manipulation failed in a big way for the finale they wanted. We're going to get some great TV next week with two very different and very good artists on AI. For the first time I don't care who wins it, because both of them are that darned good. I DO think the judges needed a kick in their collective tushes for all the pimpage and favoritism they've shown all yr. I wish Danny well, he isn't my cuppa, and the producer's whoring out his deceased wife has offended me like nothing else could this season(he cooperated, but not as much as people might think). Danny always hit me as a bit like Taylor. Taylor was fun on Idol and I voted for him, but I never bought his CDs. Both Adam and Kris will sell well, and Kris I will actually buy. America did it right with the final two and Danny can go on and do Christian music, he'd sell well with it.

I thought Paula was totally Miss Kitty too, she looked ridiculous. I do love her though. I'm still missing Allison, her and Adam in the final would be perfect, but Kris will keep it interesting, and I do really like him.

Someone said they'd miss this in the summer - I will too! Linda you are so entertaining. Project Runway's back on this summer, any thoughts on recapping that?? I hope so!

I didn't care for some of Adam's AI performances - he should reserve his screeching for Led Zeppelin covers - and his theatrics are a bit much - but the that's "An Artist, no?

BUT - he sure can sing - his Irish-tenor Brigadoon song - and (in a very nice and somewhat lower register) - National Anthem and Tracks of My Tears are GREAT!

Kris will have do sing SOME REALLY BIG STUFF next week to come out #1.

Anyone know if they will sing 3 songs each in the final? They do have an hour - and could do it - if AI doesn't throw so much BS in.

I am pleased with the results. Either way the winner will deserve it.

Smooth Criminal

I've written several times on the subject - let me dig through the Archives and see what I can find for you...

What I find interesting - and pleasing - is that it's gone from a foregone conclusion (Adam = Winner) to a race that could go either way. I have a sneaky suspicion that perhaps Adam has NOT been the top vote getter as much as has been assumed.

Adam has a career either way, so I guess "for me for Kris" I'd like to see Kris win it.

Thanks for another wonderful recap, Linda. Always a pleasure to see your spin on the evening's spectacle.

I can't believe Ryan didn't have a shit hemorrhage when Adam mentioned not really being outside of CBS Studios!

Can anyone help me out with trying to locate the blog Linda wrote about her feelings on organized religion and why she isn't a part of it? I really need to read it to someone. Thanks!

Did anyone else see Kara mouth "Oh, my God" when Kris was announced as a finalist instead of Danny (since they all knew, and we all knew, that Adam would be one of the finalists)? Guess that proves that no matter how much you "pimp" a contestant, the public decides the finalists. And thank heaven for that! I really liked Danny too, but am happy with the result.

every time I hear Danny's name, it turns into a song in my head....

"Danny, are you go-key, are you go-key?
Danny, are you go-key?...."

know the song???

Love the Ryan photo. I have to turn down the sound on him these days. So stired of his grand entrances and snarky comments.

The best two made it to the finale, and I'm pleased about that. As far as who is going to win? At this point I think it's either of them.

I liked Danny from the beginning - seems like a really nice guy who can sing well. I know he will go on to have a successful career, and I wish him the best.

Yes, the Jordin Sparks last shot was pretty scary! And what about the look on Chris' face when Simon made the comment at the very end about the "big ding dong" or whatever he said - priceless!

Thanks for the recap Linda! Looking forward to next week's show!

Yesterday, Linda recrapped: "Think Fantasia's Summertime (the FIRST time, not the third), Kat's Somewhere Over The Rainbow (the FIRST time, not the second), and Bo Bice's barefoot, acapella version of In A Dream. It was a moment in which all that mattered was the vocal and the ability of the contestant to hold the audience. Kris's version was amazing - in that moment, I finally decided, I want HIM in the final. He has earned it - in some ways even more than Adam - because Adam has been pimped since the first round of auditions. Kris had to literally sing his way from obscurity to this position."

Linda, I have to agree completely! Since I had to explain why I wanted Kris in the final with Adam to my husband, I'll share here!

For sure, I've ALWAYS LOVED DANNY. But I've had every single opportunity week after week since the getgo to love Danny because we've been seeing Danny since Day One. He's darned loveable, too! Just a great nice guy, with a great voice, and a heart-moving story, too. However, early on (once the Top 12 got going), I told my husband that Danny, while he has a great voice, doesn't have a lot of genres he can easily sing. So I called him the One-Genre Wonder (in a nice way--keeping in mind that I like HIM and I like his voice).

Adam? What can I say? I've loved HIM from the beginning because, in the way of Cookie last year (and in the "moments" that you mentioned in yesterday's recrap--see above), he really can take all kinds of different songs and blow the doors off of them. No argument from me that he deserves to be in the finals. I agree with Right Guard Kara that he is "an artist."

Kris was the dark horse from the beginning. I don't remember ever seeing his face, even on a snippet of commercials advertising IDOL or on any backstage footage or anything until Hollywood Week, and even then, not so much. Once he surprised everyone by making it to the Top 12, I watched with interest to see how it would go--and several times over the course of the last couple of months, Kris SURPRISED me with how he sang a song. His vocals are great, and I think he's more genre-flexible than Danny, which he TOTALLY PROVED by singing the Kanye song as his personal pick.

We've been seeing Danny and Adam since Day One, and they've been touted as the "Final Two" since, oh, Day Two, maybe. And yes, Adam earned it by being consistent, by singing across the genres, by exciting the audience, and by showing his artistry and vocal chops. He's a great singer and a nice guy, and I know he'll go far!

Danny is also a nice guy and a good singer, but I don't think he has the chops or the charisma or the flexibility to have a career that will rocket him out of the stratosphere (think formal IDOL contestants Kelly, Carrie, Jennifer, Daughtry and Cookie). Adam has that same "STAR" quality. Danny does not. For me, Danny's kind of like Taylor Hicks--I LOVED what he brought to the show and enjoyed him every week, but I haven't bought his CD . . .

Adam will go far either way--whether he's number one or number two next week. But as you pointed out, Kris totally EARNED his way into this final with no pimping help from the producers or judges! Even on Tuesday night, he was beaten (figuratively speaking) about the head and shoulders by the judges after his first song. I worried that he'd even be able to get back up there and sing. But sing he did! His version of "Heartless" made me sit up straighter, in much the same way as Bo Bice when he sang "The Whipping Post" or when Cookie sang, oh, just about anything last year!

So, sorry for the longwindedness, but I think next week will be a far more entertaining show with Kris and Adam--very different artists, with different styles, bringing different things to the table. And whichever way it goes, I think, they're both winners!

"suddenly in her seat dressed like Miss Kitty's whorish cousin from the next county over, Miss Titty."

Some days, I just can't stop laughing...thanks to Linda!

As always - great recap. Thanks Linda!

I watched Danny on American Idol Extra last night and he summed everything up pretty nicely. He said that 10 months ago as he stood over his wife's casket (they had been married 4 years and dated for 7 before that), he wondered how he could ever go on. He felt like his life was over too. He then chose to honor her memory and chase their dream. He can't believe how far he has come since those dismal days. That is the purpose of their charity, "Sophia's Heart"--to show people that there is always hope, always a tomorrow and anything is possible. He really came off as a sweet, humbled guy. One of the hosts summed it up quite nicely last night. They stated that the upside is that his album can come out sooner now.

Great recap! I'm not invested anymore since this is the first time ever that the person I was rooting for didn't at least make the final 2 (other than Chris D. and I really liked Taylor that year too). I still think it should be Adam and Allison in the final 2 but oh well. Kris is ok but his range is minimal at best. Adam needs to stop screaming so much. I know he's hitting notes but he really doesn't have to show the entire range of his vocals every week.

I appreciate the nice words about Danny b/c I know that if my husband died, I don't know how I would move on. AI gave Danny a way to do that and he didn't 'pimp' his wife, they did. I wish him luck.

I think Kris is the dark horse who just might sneak up and win. The judges looked absolutely stunned that Kris made the final 2. Guess we'll see who gets the confetti shower next week.

This is easily The Best of All Possible Worlds as far as A. I. goes. The dark horse vs. the diva (and I only mean that in the terms of his outsize performances, although the boy can do subtle).

Truly an exciting finale. 2 totally different performers who became friends during the course of the show. Either one could win and I would be completely happy. Definitely a win-win situation as far as I can tell.

Life is happiness indeed.

I agree Gayle...how old is Randy anyways...7?? I also thought Katy Perry's pimping of Adam was in poor taste and her song was horrible. I am glad that Kris made it into the finals....what a cutie. I thought all of the home town visits were wonderful, but Kris & his Dad really made me choke up. Looking forward to next week....remember everyone to set your DVR's to record for an extra 15 or twenty minutes. You know how the finals always run way over!!!

Has anyone ever tried Milk and Pepsi together?? I grew up watching Laverne and Shirley (and to this day whenever I see a black cat, I always call it "BOO-BOO Kitty!"), and yep, I mixed milk and Pepsi once, and never did it again! YUCK!

Great recrap Linda, Im going to miss them this summer. Am glad to see Kris in the finale. Wouldnt it have just killed the producers if Danny was in there too???

If I was Simon, Id punch Randy in the face the next time he booed when Simon was introduced. Enough already!!


Thanks for the nice comments about Danny. He deserves it. A wonderful singer who loved his wife and like to sing ballads(because he is great at it). What the heck is wrong with that? I don't think everyone thought Barry Manilow's ballads were all about his deceased dog, Mandy.
By the way, I completey believe that Paula threw Danny under the bus with that song choice. That was terrible. I can't imagine anyone wanting their destiny decided by Paula. So for those of you who think the judges were pimping Danny, think again.
I like Kris, I just find him a tad boring. I know I am in the minority out here.

Remember this: If in Heaven we don't meet, hand in hand we'll face the heat. And if it ever gets too hot, Milk and Pepsi hits the spot! Gosh, I loved that show....

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