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Wednesday, May 20, 2009


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Lida Rose-------Music Man???

I was surrounded by Adam lovers but I predicted Kris for the same reasons Linda listed. I thought Danny voters (yes, I was one of them) would almost definitely vote for Kris over Adam. And despite Adam's undeniable talent, his screeching in 9 out of 10 songs was absolutely an acquired taste (that I never did acquire.) I agree with the person who said Adam on Broadway I would pay to see. His CD? Not so much. I would pay money for Kris' songs...When he sings, he makes me feel something. I never got that from Adam. He gave a good show but not so much with the emotion...

There is no doubt Adam is heading for super stardom - although I think Kara of the Sucky Song calling him a Rock God before he has had even ONE hit song was premature, to say the least. After watching him sing "We Are the Champions" with Queen in the background, how easy would it be for Adam to step out in front of Queen?

I know with all the work you put into the recraps, Linda, the finale one is still a long way away but I have to say this was the best finale show ever. HUGE stars, great performances - I almost forgot why we were watching in the first place! :) The stars just kept on coming...One of my favorite parts - Kara of the Sucky Song putting Bikini Bimbo in her place vocally. Go, Kara! :)

I have to say that Adam actually sang and performed last night like he did want to win even if that meant being tied to an AI deal and that abomination of a song. He probably knows he is on his way with or without winning but unlike some past contestants who actually admitted not WANTING to win it because they could be successful without AI (think Chris Sligh for one), he has made great choices week in and week out and not once has he "phoned" it in because he felt he was "safe".

I don't care who wins and actually would be very happy if Kris won because he is adorable and talented.

Last night was IMHO the best ever final (D.A. annoyed the heck out of me by the time the finals rolled around).

Another Lori:

Daughtry didn't do it (the "guyliner") near as heavy and hot as Adam - not to mention the rest of his (Adam's) heavy makeup and the padded shoulder /(near-Goth) outfits.

Yes, Adam could be the new Freddie - and he is really good in the lower voice registers - he should go there more often...

Joe L:

Agree w/ you that Allison got a bad deal - in the beginning I thought she was really good - and would go to near the finals - but she did/does have a tendency to garble her words a LOT. She lost me on that - I guess for others, too...

How coincidental that Paul Rogers just left Queen without a lead singer...

P.S. to Gary, guyliner did not begin with Adam. Chris Daughtry was doing it a couple of years ago, and they did call it that then too.

Also, regarding Adam only being Broadway - ever heard of Freddie Mercury from Queen? Adam could be the new generation Freddie Mercury! He's got it all - the theatrical performances with "costumey" clothes, makeup, strutting around etc. I don't find that a bad thing.

I agree with everyone that Kara's song was horrible! I actually think Adam did more with it than Kris did even if he was "pitchy". Kris looked like he was in pain singing it!

I've loved Adam from the beginning, and Kris grew on me, but I'll be happy with either of them winning. Adam may prefer to not win so that he can make an album of his own choice sooner. Either way, they both have careers ahead of them.

I TRIED to vote for Adam, only got through 3 times out of about 50 tries. I think it will be very close.

Thanks for another great season of recraps, Linda!

Linda, I have truly enjoyed your recaps as chef I loved your comparisons and would like to read what you would write about such shows as Hells Kitchen or Top Chef, Top Chef being may favorite reality show. I actually liked Adam as much as Kris last night but still feel Allison got a raw deal. I will have to cash in a golf credit with my wife this evening so that I can take over the other tv (i am a fan of crimanal minds and law and order) I am pulling for Kris.

Most definitely NOT a Miley Cyrus fan, so cannot comment - but do they now sue Kara for Plagiarism?

(Correction to previous post): better description / spelling for Adam's excesses: "Screemches"...

Love them both but really hope Kris wins. I believe Adam will be hurt by being tied to an AI contract for his first CD. I think it will definitely hurt him creatively.

I think Kris stands to make a better future showing for himself with the help of AI.

Either way, I agree with most. The two before us now are the two best of the season.

Does anyone else think that NO BOUNDARIES sounds like the Miley Cyrus song THE CLIMB?

"Upset" - How do we define that?

--- Not if you believe that Kris will get most of Danny's vote(s)/(ers) - and for rather obvious reasons.

Yes, Adam CAN sing - and often beautifully - but he still can't help but scream/screech (s-c-r-e-a-m-c-h - OK, Linda?) - and he is just WAY too theatrical - and WAY too made-up (is "guyliner" now part of our vocabulary?). Broadway, Yes - American (that's the WHOLE country) Idol, No.

Kris can interpret almost ANY song very nicely - but he needs to stop that crooked "twist" of his mouth on the "expression" phrases...

The judges keep saying that this season's contestants "are the best we've had" - that's just TOTAL BS.

Last night - as I saw / reviewed the previous (outed) 11 contestants (of 13) - there were only 1 or 2 that I even remembered - and I could definitely not recall WHAT songs they sang in the weekly competitions...

Kris wins - with the assist of Danny's following.

I am thinking there's an upset in the making. Linda, thanks again for taking the bullet for us. It's almost over for now. It's not like your going into hibernation tonight at 10 P.M. This crazy world will keep you busy, and us talking back.

Thanks Linda for all your work. I missed last nights show as Bruce Springsteen decided to play here ....I love the guy.but it was not his usual concert.found myself wanting to be home-watching Idol..and then I had to wait for your recap to see how it really turned out.
I hope you decide to tackle another show.whatever it is, be sure I will watch. You are "simply the best"..."better than all the rest"...

Lise - Nude Erections!?!?! LMAO

Linda darlin, thanks for the recraps this season...altho I stopped watching last week, and don't really give a rats ass who wins anymore, I would never miss one of YOUR episodes! You are wonderful!

When I look at the two finalists, I can't (personally) understand how it's even a question... I live near Seattle, and hear singers similar to Kris sing near Pike Place Market everytime I walk by there. Not that there's anything wrong with that, but there's nothing terribly special or exciting about his voice that makes me think he is the best under-30 singer in America this year.
Adam, on the other hand, has an instrument, and control over it that is unparallelled this year, and almost in Idol history... I guess I think Melinda D. was close.
At the same time, I hope that Kris wins tonight so that he has to release that craptacular first single that will weigh him down. That will allow Adam to have a little more freedom to record what he wants (I hope) as his instincts on song-choices have been terrific this year.
I really believe Adam is the first contestant to come in to an Idol year with a strategy for winning (other than I'm gonna do my best!) and I think we will see more of that in future seasons.
Thanks for the yeoman work all year, Linda! We (your Constant Readers) appreciate it!

Anne - I think you're right!!!

Thank you, Linda, for a wonderful year of recaps! It doesn't really matter to me who wins - I believe they both have great careers ahead of them - but having said that, I believe Kris can use the Idol push a bit more than Adam.

One last thought - those final songs,force fed to the competitors and written for the winner to release, must go. The one Kelly Clarkson did, "A Moment Like This", was great. Since then, they have been a mess. And some years, like Blake and Jordin each singing, "This is My Now" was so obviously written to benefit one of them, it really makes things look fixed! Last night's song was brutal. Ugh.

For the first time in 8 seasons--I can honestly say that I don't care who wins tonight. I think that was the best finale EVER (except for Kara's crapfest which was obviously written for Danny Gokey to knock out of the park--that song was right down his alley). I bet the results are closer than the Clay/Ruben finale and we all know how that worked out. My prediction is that Kris will upset (I think more of Danny's votes will go his way). I will probably buy the cds from both, but I CAN'T WAIT to see Adam in concert!

@ Lise:


I read at EW.com that a full soundtrack would be released in late fall. I'm not sure if it'll include the a cappella background music, but it totally fit with the show. I'm not sure about Moonlight Sonata, but there was definitely a Beethoven piece in there.

The Rehab track off iTunes is an extended version from what was in the show, and it's brilliant! There was so many tongue-in-cheek references in the show, and the previews for the fall look INCREDIBLE!!!

Thanks for the great recaps Linda. Your descriptions help me enjoy all the tedious aspects of the show, and your music criticism has been always entertaining and insightful. I guess now it is time to recover.

I thought Kris looked uncomfortable singing Kara's song (with good reason)...it looked like he was fidgeting with Matilda with his hand....like he didn't know what to do (he has not sung w/o his guitar or piano many times - the rat pack night being one)

I actually downloaded "Dream Big" which was the song that David Cook chose to sing from the songwriting competition.

Kara's song sucked and I don't blame either one for not doing well with it - they need to get rid of the "forced" song crap....there has never been a good song written for the AI winner.....
I really don't care who wins....I love them both and they will be equally successful in their careers (similar to David/David last year)- loved them both! :)

I am now officially HUNGRY!

LOL at 'Paula read something from the back of a Herbal Essence bottle: "You awaken the spirit in all of us with your unique way of Allenizing your trademark all over. Lather, rinse, repeat."'
Great recrap!
I think Adam deserves to win, but sadly, whoever wins will be forced to record that craptastic Kara ditty.
Agree with Rick--I love seeing Adam perform, but I'd probably buy Kris' CD.
@ Marc--LOVED Glee!!! Fun fact: my high school show choir was named, yes, "New Directions." (to all those whose brains automatically go "there" when prompted, say it fast.)
I downloaded "Don't Stop Believin'". Couldn't bring myself to download "Rehab," but got a big kick out of the performance on the show--how hysterically inappropriate is that song for a high school choir?!? But man, I want to get a copy of some of the a cappella transitional music they used in Glee. Was that "Moonlight Sonata"? Oh, and btw, I heard that this episode of Glee is on hulu.com if you missed it.

Why doesnt Idol do what they used to do on Nashville Star, and this is have the contestants write and sing their own songs? That would save us unsuspecting public having to listen to the crap that Idol writes! Man, that song was CRAPOLISTIC! With a pile of crap on top!

I voted for Kris, although Adam has it won from day one. Idol pimped him out perfectly, and the public bought it. When Adam walked out for his first song in that long black coat, all I thought was "It's Pinhead from Hellraiser!! Someone opened the box!!"

Great recrap Linda! Im going to miss you until next year!

LOVED Kris' first song, Adam's second song, and the rest were good to just ok.

WHAT was that awful song that Kara wrote? Bleeech! I'm sure Adam and Kris were both cursing Kara over that hot mess!

Unlike that which sprung from my womb (Michelle from Virginia is my daughter), I did not vote for Adam. Love Adam, think he's got an amazing and powerful voice, but can't see myself buying his music. BUT I could listen to Kris all day and night long - I love his smooth, laid back sound.

And I thought it was rather stupid of the judges to comment negatively on Kris' singing "What's Goin' On", since he is not the one who picked the song in the first place - he was just singing what was given to him, and he did a great job. No, it wasn't all big and flashy for finale night, but that young man can SANG, and he is cute as a button to boot!

Thanks Linda for your recraps this year, and for all the years past that we belly up to feed from your trough of humor on Wednesdays and Thursdays. Your talent for humor, empathy, and political wrangling is unmatched in the world of blogdom!

I am an Adam fan all the way but it doesn't matter to me if he wins tonight or not. Adam is bigger than Idol now with or without the title.

I TRIED to get through for Kris....I seriously thought Adam didnt perform the secong song all that well...that would have suited Danny perfectly...Adam not so much. But Kara's song - seriously...WTF??? Hurricanes & mountains should not be in a shiny happy proud moment song...it sucked canal water! It also put my daughter - the Adam fanatic....to sleep. If it took all season to create this - man - I seriously hope she starts on next seasons NOW!

And Linda - for taking two days a week for the last FIVE months to entertain us sad AI losers...THANK YOU! I am sure you will be glad to reclaim a portion of your life back!

7 more months till Idol...... LOL!

"Ryan O'Hara"! LOL!

Man, that song that Kara wrote was horrible! I was thinking to myself, "I'll definitely have to skip that track on Adam's CD."

That said, I guess you all know who got my votes. :-)

Thanks Linda for all the time and effort you put into the recaps. Absolutely hilarious - Randy Tarlik - lol!!! Please consider doing Runway again, you made the show so much more fun.

I'd like to see Kris win, simply because I don't think Adam needs any help. I like them both, but LOVE Adam He's going to be instantly famous and I can't wait for his cd's.

Now I want to see Glee, I didn't watch it.

The entire time I spent listening to both Adam and Kris singing the Boundaries song I was thinking "this song was written for Church Lady Gokey". It was so obvious.

I noticed Ryan didn't ask Simon to call a winner in round 3 last night. He called Round 1 for Kris, round 2 "a million percent" for Adam, then what? No tie breaker? Maybe he's still stinging from last year's call of the final performance show being "the equivalent of a knockout" in favor of David Archuleta.
Watching the show I agree with Linda that it doesn't really matter what happens tonight. They both deserve to win. I've been critical of Adam all year, comparing him to Conrad Birdie, all that, but I think I was wrong. He's super talented and really seems to be a nice guy. The comparison to Sam Harris is a good one. I remember when he won Star Search (mid-80s), singing "Over the Rainbow." When he sang "why oh why can't I" he started "can't" on one note, then held it while he raised it, slowly, a full octave before belting out the "I." Still gives me chills, and I think Adam could do the same. That kind of vocal ability is rare indeed. But, Sam ended up on Broadway where that talent is embraced. I bought his albums too (NOT CDs, thankyouverymuch) - the first one was good, the second one tanked, then Broadway followed. Truth be told, though, I'd go see Adam in a Broadway show and I'd buy a Kris Allen CD, but probably not vice-versa.

One more comment. I HATED the song Kara wrote was terrible. Both Adam and Kris had a hard time with it. There has only been one or two years that the song was any good. Does anybody really even remember them a couple of months after they are released? It certainly won't have big record sales for the single. I will have to wait for Adam and Kris' albums. Won't be buying the single. YUCK!

@ Marc - I LOVED Glee also!!! What a teaser though, making us wait until fall for it to show again!

I'm happy with the final 2. As long as Danny isn't a finalist, all is well. I'll be happy whichever way it may go.

The song Kara co-wrote is terrible. I hope they ditch that idea after last nights performances of it. Yikes.

Great Recrap as usual Linda. I will miss waiting for you to post it each Wednesday and Thursday. I found your website last year and really love your sense of humor and your take on different issues. You really make people think.

I LOVED Sam Harris on Star Search and Adam does remind me of Sam alot!

I also wondered what was up with Randy's outfit. It seriously looked like he got dressed in the dark. LOL!

Watched "Glee" last night. Loved it! I will be watching it.

Marc - I DVR'd Glee. I got little sleep Monday night so only made it until about 9:20 before I had to go to bed.

I will watch it later. I love the actress who is the cheer coach! She is in a lot of stuff (40 yr old virgin, party down (Starz)


That was a crime at the end to force them both to sing that hideous song. I thought Kris did great last night on his first two and so did Adam. It will come down to a very close vote IMO like Ruben and Clay because they BOTH deserve to win.


Oh, Linda, I <3 YOU!!!

If you cut the god awful coronation song out, last night's finale was probably one of the strongest and closest since Clay/Ruben back in season 2 (Thanks, Lindsay, for pointing that out to me!!)

I few votes went to Kris, entirely based on personal preference. Given the choice before us tonight, I much prefer Kris' vocal purity and musical ingenuity to Adam's vocal precision the musical theatricality. Truth be told, I don't care who wins because I'm a fan of both.

In a season where the producers did everything they could to destroy their show, last night was a triumph (again, with the exception of the toilet paper that is NO BOUNDARIES)!!!!

Finally, did anyone stick around afterwards to watch GLEE?!?!? OMG, BRILLIANT!!!! NEW FAVORITE SHOW!!! Seriously, check it out this summer at Fox.com and download Don't Stop Believin' and Rehab from iTunes. You will not regret it!!!

Great recap. Dialidol has it too close to call which isn't surprising considering how diverse Adam and Kris are as artists. Yes, I would call both of them artists. I've enjoyed both of them mightily this yr and while Adam is the flashier of the two, Kris brought something there that works for me. I said it to someone else last night that I honestly do not care who wins tonight because they both deserve it, but part of me is leaning towards Kris, when he hit, he hit. Adam? I called him for the finale when he did Cher in Hollywood week. That was fantastic. He had all the judges on his side all season long. Kris? Not so much with the judges, but he kept at it and he most definitely earned his place there. This yr America got it right. Can't wait for the bloated end tonight. Did ya see 'Glee' last night? Overhyped but not bad, looks like another show for my DVR.

"...and poor Scott, well, nobody told him which direction to face."


The recap was tremendous. Actually better than the show, as usual.

I voted for Adam basically because he is different and has more range and I think is going to have the bigger career. I like Kris well enough but he is not especially original. Dialidol had him ahead though...

Either or would be fine since both will be recording up a storm. They are both worthy.

But, as you point out, who'll care in 2 months time?

I do hope this is the last we see of Kara and her armpits! That was a bad song she wrote. Bad. WHY must they be one of those treacly "Climb Every Mountain" songs? As Simon noted he wasn't going to comment on a song about "hurricanes" and "mountains." It is so clear he cannot stand her. Delicious. A Simon souffle to top the fine menu the chefs gave us!

Now I want to watch Top Chef! Thanks Linda! Ginny, I absolutely LOVE Sam Harris! Have all his CDs and have seen him in The Life and Joseph. I even got him to sign the album cover of his first record at the stage door. He drew a mustache on himself.

Linda, you are just an amazing writer. If I were Paula I would probably say "you bring the magic that is you, to all of our souls and we are forever changed." :)
Seriously, I appreciate your talent and your faithfulness in entertaining the rest of us.
Fantastic recap, as usual. Thanks!
Kim W. from TN

I got the reference also--Herb and his plaid suits!

Perfect analogy of the two. Broadway vs. John Denver.

Herb Tarlek, WKRP!! yeah, same wardrobe!

Herb on WKRP!

linda you put your all into the reccaps this season and im thankful for that...this show finally felt like a singing contest this year...lots of good and lots of bad...but none the less...last night was great...im not a big kris fan....but hes good...adam is seasoned...creative...mature...and so damned fantastic...im going to do something for the first time...im going to buy his cd when it comes out...to me hes the new sam harris...remember him???...the origonal star search winner...what pipes...best wishes adam lambert...you deserve it all...gin.

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