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Wednesday, May 13, 2009


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My daughter is making me a cd of all of Adams songs for mother's day...she is waiting to get the finale songs before she burns it..and I can't wait. I love his voice.

Last year David Cook sang everything from Broadway to rock. It was obvious he could "sing the phone book." I don't get that feeling with Adam. Yeah, he's a great rocker, but I think he should have done something completely different for his choice. We know he can rock out. Kill us like DC did with "Music of the Night."

And is Kris not just cute as a button??? Yeah, yeah, I know - I may be old, but I'm not blind!

And to Anne in Oregon - I knew I could feel some vibes coming from somewhere today! :)

I voted for Adam several times last night. This was the first time I voted this season. For those of you that are anti-Adam, I would point out that maybe you didn't enjoy him as much last night because he has been consistently good all season. The amount of talent he has is absolutely amazing, and his performances are effortless. With the exception of Ring of Fire (which, some of my friends actually liked), I felt like he has hit a homerun with every performance.

Danny is boring and reminds my of Taylor Hicks. I think he may be more successful just because he has a better voice.

Kris is great, and I have enjoyed him throughout the season. I also root for underdogs. His first song was just "eh" while the Kayne West song was great.

However, if you look at the three of them, Adam clearly outshines the other two in talent and he will sell lots of records. I'm for an Adam-Kris finale, and I think that it will be an injustice if Adam doesn't win.

Ditto to what Shawn from CA said. I've never voted before; actually this is the first season of the show I've ever watched. I thought Kris had the best song of the night and I voted until my fingers bled for him. I hope he goes all the way. I feel like he undeservedly has the underdog status and that he's been overlooked by the judges. I haven't figured out why he doesn't get more of their praise than he does. They just seem to pat him on the head and want to send him on his way. All three guys are super talented; but Danny bores me, Adam kind of scares me (but I kind of like it that he scares me!) and Kris just completely entertains me. Kris seems to be the middle ground between two extremes which I guess is where my personal musical taste lies. Go Kris!!!

I voted a lot for Kris last night & got thru most of the time. I also voted for Adam & got thru every single time. If Adam doesn't make it to the finals it will be soooo boring!!! I have to rewind the DVR to hear Danny sing You Are So Beautiful...my son hated it so i had to FF thru it last night. I have seen Joe Cocker sing it live in concert....it was magical.

I want the finale to be Kris/Adam here and it looks like it may be so. Dialidol is showing Kris ahead of Danny on the margin of error, and I had a handful of busy signals last night when I voted for Kris. I've pretty much been watching Idol this yr for Kris and Adam the rest not so much.

The judges were all sillier than usual last night, and as much as they wanted to they really could NOT toss Kris under the bus here. I really do think Ryan was serious when he said this one wasn't going to be an easy choice for the finale. All three of them are talented and while I dislike Danny he did his thing as well as he ever does it.

I agree with Leigh, Kris's version of Heartless is about the only song I've heard all year that I would download, other than Allison's Cry Baby.
Adam - two thumbs up.
Kris - one up, one down.
Danny - two thumbs down. I hated both songs he did. I'm as tired of him and I am the judges, who acted like a bunch of three year olds last night. God, that was embarrassing.

I believe Theresa from Virginia is somehow in my head. My personal feeling is in her words on her post.

Leigh wrote: "don't remember her name, but I still wish the little blonde with the pink in her hair had not wiped out so soon."

***That was Alexis Grace and I agree with you. She was a little wisp of a thing with a huge voice. I thought her last song ('Jolene') was pretty good too!

Adam is no Bono.

The only performance from last night that I would care to hear again was Kris singing "Heartless". Every other song/performance was forgettable and/or laughable. (much like the judges' so-called "critiques") Last night was the first time I've understood what has kept Kris in the competition.

I don't remember her name, but I still wish the little blonde with the pink in her hair had not wiped out so soon. It might have made for a more interesting season.

I voted for the first time this season - for Kris! A) I thought he did an amazing job on his version of Heartless, and B) I didn't appreciate the way the judges were clearly trying to get rid of him (and have been for the last few episodes). The judges' blatant pimping of Adam and Danny just wears my last nerve. I so hope Kris makes it to the finals - of all 3 left, he is the one who I would most listen to recorded music of, based on the style I think he has.

I like Adam and Danny both, but just like Kris more!

For me...Danny did the "safe" song with You Are So Beautiful. Love The Fray's version of Heartless and as soon as Kris said he was singing Heartless...I knew that it would be similar to The Fray. I already downloaded The Fray's version so won't be getting Kris'.

I think it will be Kris and Adam in the final. The two who can "do their own thing" with a song, take a risk etc. Danny is just not "star" material IMHO. I believe he will do well on the christian music ciruit.

For the first time, I'd like to download a song I've heard on Idol. Kris' version of Heartless was just brilliant and took a lot of balls considering Kanye was just on singing (?) it a month or so ago. I'd love to see an Adam/Kris finale. Danny's performances just didn't do it for me.

I wonder if Adam chose the song to be able to bow out of the competion and the contract. That is the way I felt watching it.

And the way the judges worship Adam is just so irritating. Just critique the songs and the way they sing them!!! Don't go on and on about who's the next American Idol, pushing their favorite. His screeching on EVERY song is like fingernails on a blackboard....AUUUGGGHHHH!!!

Best of the night for me was Kris singing "Heartless". Amazing performance. For the first time, I wasn't too impressed with Adam. I love his voice but he's starting to sound the same with every song. Not every song needs those high screeches. I loved Danny's version of "You are so Beautiful". I was expecting something maudlin and corny, but it was actually pretty good. Should be an interesting results show tonight, except for all the filler garbage that they throw in.

Adams version of One was great - BUT - Crying was a train wreck! He doesnt need to screamch every damn song! I HATED IT!!

Danny really stepped it up! GO Go Gokey!!
His dance lil sisster was energetic & up-beat - BUT You are so beautiful...WOW - I got CHILLS! It was amazing!

Kris did well, I dont know that Kanye song - so I cant compare - but overall I think, based on the performances last night alone - that Danny & Kris go to the finale.

I voted all night for Adam, as did both of my daughters. I hope he is safe.

I voted for Kris and Danny. I also love Adam, but it was just the same old thing from him. Kris was amazing and Danny was really good too. They both stepped up their game.

Well I voted like crazy for him and Kris, hope it helped! I can't wait for a cd from Adam, I think he's amazing. Still wish Allison was in the finale though, sigh.

before recap: i think adam is history. Not that i want that, but I think he's in trouble, and simon knows it, and that's why he pleaded for votes!

cant wait to read linda's version :)

Any chance you can get a link to Kris' version of Heartless? It was the best song of the night.

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