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Wednesday, May 13, 2009


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Linda, If you have time, while doing all the dusting and vacuuming, can you tell me where I can find your column about organized religion and homophobiia? I really need to print it and send it to someone. Thanks ever so much!

apologies - saw your post AFTER I sent mine. Get that house clean!

recrap soon? I can't wait to see what you have to say about some of the performances!

Was Paula late coming in last night? Did anyone else think Katy Perry's performance was atrocious! Talk about a performer not being able to sing live...she sounded off key and out of breath from the get go! I wish the "famous" singers would get a little critique too! Yuck!

I was never much of a Danny fan and did get tired of the back story, BUT my first thought while watching the homecoming segment was, too bad his wife didn't live to share this moment with him and how empty it must be without her. It's only been 8 months. I would still be a total basket case, barely able to function and here he is making their dream come true. Congratulations.

Linda, you called it. Kris in the finale. Props to him for singing his way to the end. And congratulations to Adam for fulfilling the high expectations that almost everyone has placed on him.
Rudy, I'm with you, although I can sing a little bit, I would have no voice if I lost my Betty. The songs would not be there. So again, way to go Danny for making it this far, and for living your dream. Too bad your wife couldn't be with you (in real life, I know she's in your heart) to share the joy...


It was totally there too. I saw it an figured it was just foundation from Paula's spackling job that evening.

THe funny thing is, you couldn't even tell she was missing some makeup she had so much on.

Mea culpa - I will begin working on the recap shortly - last night was absorbed by the girls, and this morning my parents are coming in, so I have been maniacally vacuuming, dusting, etc. So hang in there. I'll get it up as fast as I can.

Ewwwww Jill - I didn't notice it, and I have already deleted the show from my DVR - wouldn't doubt it at all! Probably the fake tan Paula wears in abundance rubbing off!

I know Linda hasn't posted the recap of last night's results show yet, but the look on Kris' face when Simon made the comment at the end about the "big ding dong" - that was priceless!

OMG- I am SOOOO disappointed that no one else picked up on the after math of the man boob punch (or maybe I missed someone else's comments)...

Did no one else see the caked on make-up residual that was left behind from Ms. Paula on the ever so plain white shirt of Simon?!?!

It was all I could focus on everytime the camera went to Simon to speak- gross!! I was happy to see he went with a nice gray selection so that they wouldn't have another shrapnel incident from Paula contact. Please let me know if my mind was playing tricks on me... I could have SWORN I saw schmutz!

Two amazing talents in the finale!! Either can win and I'll be happy....

I'm also waiting for the announcement that Kris's wife is expecting....she's def. a lot "fuller" since earlier in the season...

Fantastic! Kris/Adam for the finale! I cannot wait!

I'm now firmly in Camp Kris!

Honestly, all I can say is THANK GOD people are finally starting to see Adam as I have seen him all along... A one trick pony! GO KRIS!!!!!

Love Adam. 'nuff said.

OMG, if Adam had done something like that Brigadoon song on AI, I would have been voting my fingers off for him. That was amazing.

YESSSSSSS! The Adam/Kris final two (throwdown) that I hoped for. I think this is going to be the best finale EVER! I will still vote for Adam but I seriously don't care who wins! On a side note, my "Lost" two-cents: I always record it ("Lost") and watch AI live because there is so much going on that I have to constantly rewind to verify that I saw or heard what I think I saw or heard.

Said Kathy in Virginia:
"Oh, and Linda, your PA is showing: "It is precious, it is a gift, it needs protected." To be, Linda, to be! :)

Her grammar is accepted as regional usage (PA and eastern OH, as well as the British Isles) by the American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language. So put in context, it's not only correct, it's funny! :-)

All the singing aside, I can't wait until they announce that Kris Allen's wife is pregnant, at least I think she is, as she didn't look that way when they introduced her in video earlier in the season.

First off let me proclaim for any and all...I cannot sing. Well actually I am famous for singing my University of Washington fight song "Bow Down to Washington" to the girls when they were infants while rocking them to sleep.

Secondly I am not, have never been a Danny fan, just not my cup of tea.

That said I could not sing, or speak or probably even live if Linda died. For that I give Danny credit. I think he honors his wife with his preformances. Not an Idol champion singer in my opinion, but a damn good man.

Kris deserves to win. I really like Adam also but last night I could not take the same sounds again. Danny was not good either...Love the recap Linda

I voted for Adam and Kris.

I think Kris' performance of "Heartless" was awesome. I would buy it.

I don't think this is necessarily a singing competition anymore. After David's win last year, I think this competition is more about who the best artist is, who can "make the song their own." For that reason, I have been and am pulling for Adam and Kris.

Wish Adam had taken the same gentle approach to singing "One" that he did with the song from Brigadoon. That was beautiful and he showed such restraint and control. One is a fabulous song but I really didn't enjoy his overblown take on it. Kris however was awesome as usual. Thanks for the great recrap!

Reason I found this great site of yours Linda was due to your Idol recaps so please do accept my post today.

Adams version of Tracks of my Tears, was just incredible..since then he had gone down in my opinion book and just become consistent.

Gokey has been the same all along.

Kris on the other hand is a multi talent. He is so super talented that he does not even belong on this show. If he gets booted tonight so be it..the guy is a musician, a songwriter and he can sing and make your heart melt with it.

I do not expect Kris to win this all but damn, he is so good he makes Adam and Danny look bad for winning.

Just my IMHO.

Thanks again for your 300th recap...politics aside. You do rule on the Idol recaps.


I will just check in for the last 5 minutes, and then read the recrap tomorrow as i am also a huge LOST fan.

What a recap! Thanks Linda! Hoping for a Kris finale. Have to watch AI after Lost gets off at 11.

Linda, you need to post that link to Adam singing Come to Me Bend to Me from Brigadoon (www.youtube.com/watch?v=DJYyqzUr6jU).It is absolutely amazing.

I think the real race is between Kris, who deserves the win for fighting back from "Kris, who?" and Adam "Has it all" Lambert. Gokey should go tonight.

Forgot to add I'm hoping for an Adam/Kris finale!

While I totally agree that Adam does not NEED to win this show, can you imagine the finale without him? BORING!

I am all for a Kris/Adam finale here. I don't like Gokey. Part of it is producer manipulation from the beginning of the season and all through it. Dude has talent, but I am not all that impressed with him. They've pimped him out like he's the second coming and well, he just isn't THAT good. Adam I got into very early and Kris has impressed me alot with his ability. He's earned his place in the finale and never got the free pass that Gokey has had all season long.

Not real impressed with the pimpage of Adam either. He DOESN'T need it, he's quite good without it. Holy Hell that Brigadoon song! Damn the man can SING.

Can't wait for the last 5 minutes of tonight's show!

I'm with you Addie. Randy booing Simon at the beginning of each show is so juvenile & stupid; you'd think he'd have grown up and gotten alittle more professional at this point of the show's run.That's a ploy that seems so Junior Highish. It was cute the first time - not so much the other 299 times.

I kinda hope Adam gets the boot tonight. Then he won't have to deal with the contract. He's got a career without AI now. Of course, I won't cry if Danny gets shown the door.

Again, Theresa in Virginia who seems to have taken up residence in my head put in words what I can't seem to type fast enough.

Dial Idol has all three at too close to call. However, Danny has the smallest percentage (just barely).

Don't know about anybody else, but Im getting really sick and tired of Randy booing Simon at the beginning of every show when Simon is being introduced! And what happened to the judges alternating giving their opinions after each person sang? Why did they go back to Randy being first? Cause by the time they get to Simon, they're always out of time and the music starts when he's halfway thru his comments!

Im rooting for Kris. Cause Linda, youre right. He had to SING his way into this. There was no back story. He wasnt shown at all during audtions or Hollywood week. Im not sure if they even showed him getting accepted in the mansion, did they? So for those reasons alone, plus he can SING, I think he deserves to win.

I still missed Allison though....(heavy sigh).

Great recap, Linda! Im going to miss them when this is all over with....


Thank you for directing me to Adam singing in Brigadoon. Love that song and LOVE Adam. He even had a perfect Scottish accent. Is there anything he can't do?

That song from Brigadoon was WOW!! Amazing control and tenderness in his voice.

To Tracy: Wow! Holy Mother of How Long Did he Hold That Note at 3.5 minutes in.... Terrific!

sorry about the typos and spelling issues in my earlier post see what happens when you type on 4 hours sleep...Thanks for the amazing as usual, recap Linda

I think based on Simon's description of the winner being someone who can be a star, the only choice is Adam. He has an incredible voice and range and great stage presence. He's got the potential to be a franchise, from singing, acting, stage, screen, hair gel commercials, etc. The other two can sing, but beyond that, they're kind of bland and one-dimensional (Visonworks contract for Mr. Gokey not withstanding.)

My parents are visiting me, and I made them watch AI last night. After Kris' first song,with Paula predictably hopping around in something that is supposed to resemble dancing, my 71-year old father said "I'd like to slap that bitch." Too funny.

I am a die hare Adam Lambert fan and thought that last night was not his best performance, but when listening to it a second time, it confirmed to me that there was something going on with the sound mixing. That off key back up singer was atrocious, talk about screeching. She should have never been allowed to sing over his so much. That being said, looking back over the season and all of the preformances Adam brought it every week. I too think that it would almost be better for Adam to NOT win this thing. God forbid he get stuck singing the songs they would saddle him with. It's funny, I started out as a Gokey fan, but Adam's sheer talent and stage presense won me over weeks ago. I also agree that Kris shoulb be in the final 2. He has definitely earned it. Oh, and for those of you who think that Adam can only "scream" check this out: www.youtube.com/watch?v=DJYyqzUr6jU Adam Lambert singing Come to Me Bend To Me from Brigadoon and see if you still feel the same way.

Like I said earlier today, I like Kris and his style the best, so I voted last night for the first time this season - and kept hitting redial.

I also voted for Kris because I am just SO OVER the judges' blatant pimping of Danny and Adam. I think Adam is da bomb, and hope he makes it into the final, and I like Danny also, but I like Kris more!

Kris can sing, and he is cute as a button to boot! He's got the whole package!

Thanks for the recrap - it was fantastic as usual.

I was ticked at the juvenile theatrics from the judges. These boys worked hard all season long and last night was their night. The judges(minus Simon) all looked like idiots.

All season I've been a Danny fan with Adam winning me over and the last few weeks, I've finally noticed Kris. I do hope he goes on to the finals but I couldn't vote last night because all three are deserving.

My 9 y.o. voted for Kris and he wants Adam to go home. He thinks Adam can't sing, that he only screams, LOL.

Tonight is going to be best AI night to date.

After all 3 finished last night, the only thing I could think was, for once, this is too close to call. I remember the Taylor-Kat-Elliott results show 3 seasons ago where each got 33% of the vote and it was decided on who got the biggest share of that remaining 1%. (Remember that? Seriously, did we really believe that?) Anyway, that's where this is. Any of them can win, any of them can go home.

Linda, I completely agree with what you said about Kris' performance of Heartless. Ballsy from the start. After all, isn't that what Kanye hisself sang a few weeks ago? I have no memory of that performance but I'll have Kris' on my ipod. And at that moment I too wanted him in the final.

I liked Adam's shout-out to Danny and Kris, saying he felt honored to share the stage with them, even though the judges have spent the season telling the other contestants they're just playing catch-up-with-the-true-artist-Adam. That was nice. I just wish he would have chosen another song besides Cryin'. After Danny's much-criticized performance last week, it was a little too much "THAT'S how you sing Aerosmith!" for me. Thank goodness he hasn't been popping the blue breath mints that colored Carly Smithson's tongue last year. Hi-def TV gives us all a way-too-clear shot of his tonsils (still intact) when he hits those high notes.

I completely disagree that Adam was great last, screaming is not singing and that is all he did on cryin! I still want him in the final but last night that song was AWFUL!

Does a good person deserve to win - or a GREAT singer who does not hit bum notes?
And Adam is a "Good Person" too.
Adam can do any style, and is exciting to watch, which equals a long career in my opinion.

Thank goodness viewers seem to be realizing Kris's talent over Adam's theatrics. I know Adam has a great voice but does he HAVE to throw his head back, tongue out, with that long screaming high note ON EVERY SONG?? It's become his formula now and I'm sick of it already.

Sorry all you Kris fans - Danny has never been bottom 3 EVER - has been consistent through out, and late wife or not - deserves to be in the finals. His wife died in September, tell me you wouldnt be emotional on stage singing if your loved one was gone so recently.
GO GO GOKEY!!!! A truly good person who DESERVES to make it!

I agree with Shawn- Linda that was one of your best recaps!!!!!!!!

OH HELLS YEAH!!!!! I've been a fan of Kris from the first moment he appeared on my TV screen, and I quickly fell head over heels in love with him... er, his voice. ;-)

Linda, I'm so happy that Kris has finally won you over. I've been waiting for that to happen all season! His version of Heartless was INCREDIBLE, and he has certainly earned his spot in next week's finale, as well as AI History!

Think about how exciting an Adam/Kris finale will be!!! Two completely different singers and styles. It'll truly be one for the ages. Please, dear gods, let the Gokey go home tonight!

Last night my daughter and I voted continually for Kris. I took a break to fill myself a glass of wine and my daughter screamed out "Keep voting!!!"

I think that Kris absolutely deserves to win. It would completely show up the producers and judges on AI as they have crammed down an Adam/Danny finale on our throats from the beginning with Adam taking the crown. Kris didn't get the airtime before the semifinals and literally had to SING (it is a singing competition)to get our attention. And he has remained polite and courteous despite the exceptionally stupid comments from the judges. BRAVO Kris. You are a class act.

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