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Thursday, May 21, 2009


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I just up set about kAAAra!!! She's such a bitch add it's obvious she feels like she neds to proove herself (bikini girl)

I hope she doesn't come back next year!!!!!!!!

Linda: Thanks for another happy recap! I am sure you are glad to be able to get back to your regularly scheduled blog and I look forward to many entertaining days between now and next recap season. I do so enjoy all your writing.

I think Kris "needed" the win more than Adam. It was hard to get upset about this one.

David Cook looked and sounded great. The black armband had me bawling my eyes out.

When the Top 13 came out I had already forgotten who half of them were. This was a fairly balanced group of talents -- no one was putrid as in other seasons -- but very few were memorable across the long haul. Strange.

I hope your fingers get a good rest this weekend. Thanks for several months of high octane entertainment.

I always enjoy your blogs, and I wanted to share with you the reason I'm currently not on the Gokey fan wagon.


i made it up to about :58 seconds before I was so turned off that I.. well... turned it off.

Gokey and Sarver are no longer on my happy list. Sarver actually took the video down with a "Sorry you were offended."

Too late, Oil Rig.

Ive heard that Queen did offer Adam the opportunity to sing with them. But I havent heard if he accepted or not.

Wow, that recap was the best yet. I must admit I was not looking forward to sitting through this finale. Some of the past ones have been a beating. The chat room always made it fun and this was no different. I think we all fell off our keyboards when Adam started singing Beth, knowing what was about to follow. My daughter was laughing about Paul Stanley trying to out sing Adam. Yea, good luck on that dude. So Linda, you miss Gene's tongue? LOL
When Kara walked up behind Bikini Girl and let her have it vocally I was thrilled but when she flashed us with her flat stomach in a bikini I felt I had witnessed the best 'you've been served' moment ever. How funny that poor girl didn't even get it which proves boobs will get you in the door. Hey, what the hell.
I am also going to steal the term "high as a giraffe's twat" for my personal arsenal.
I had to LOL when you mentioned having Carlos Santana shoes. I have several pair, that boy makes a mean shoe!
I also have to say here and now that Rod Stewart is not that freak'n old. I am about to turn 54 so he's doing just fine thank you.
I hope that Adam's audition with Queen went well. If anyone could ever stand in Freddy's place it's him. Brian May looked rather pleased. I say Adam won just on the fact he doesn't have to deal with that contract and he preformed with Kiss and Queen on the same night. Damn, that's gonna look good on his resume. After Kris won, and he said Adam deserved it I was completely won over. Nice guy finishes first, I think I like that.
Thanks for making this season funny as shit!

Thanks for all the recaps. I can't believe you give so much time to this with your busy life. We appreciate it. I wish you would recap the "Real Housewives" series!! It's my worst guilty pleasure..

I'm always late to the party... lol...Great recap to a great finale. Without a doubt, this finale was the best. Aside from the commercials, it just flew by watching it.

Yeah, I concur: Can't imagine why Queen Latifah was wearing that outfit. Loved seeing all the stars though singing with the contestants. It must have been a surreal moment for these kids to come from oblivion, and find themselves doubling up with some of the industry's best. How exciting to see them!

My favorite LOL moment was Kara upstaging bikini girl. I'm not a huge fan of Kara, but she sure showed her moxie doing that.

The second I saw Adam appear in that outfit, I thought "No way! They're going to bring KISS out!" Very cool... as was Queen.

Even the group numbers were great.

I think it's great (however predictable) that Ford gives the 2 left standing a new car. But come on: Give the kids a choice of what car they want. I can't imagine guys their age not wanting a convertible Mustang over a Hybrid Fusion, no matter how un-PC it may be.

As annoying as Norman and Tatidrama were this season, couldn't help but think they were good sports for being the butt of a joke, and playing along.

I'm glad Kris won. I was pulling for him. Adam will be fine w/o the win.Sure, Adam is a rock star... but that doesn't appeal to everyone, no matter how incredible a performer he is. I think Kris makes everyone feel like he is singing directly to them. He's more intimate in his delivery. Love them both though. And actually kinda' wish it was a 3-way tie w/ Gokey as a part of it. The 3 of them seem like genuinely grounded, humbled, nice guys... all talented, and all worthy of the accolades and any successes they may have. I suspect Allison will do well too.

I don't know what I'll watch now on Tuesday and Wednesday nights. Not a huge fan of SYTYCD. It dulls in comparison to AI.

Linda, thanks for your dedication and time invested... and hysterical recaps... and the compromises you personally make to keep us all entertained. Bet you are ready for a well deserved break!

Looking forward to the next season of AI already! ~MPolo

Amazing show. Loved almost every minute of it.

Matt proved yet again he had no business being in the top 10, but other than that and those stupid Golden Idol awards, Pretty dang awesome.

Thanks, Linda. You're a trooper.

Now I'm off to bitchslap Nigel Lythgoe for skeeving out over 2 guys dancing together on SYTYCD.

It's funny that a season that seemed to suck so badly could end on such a high note. I really don't think there were any losers. Thank you Linda for all that you do. Now, rest your fingers and try to forget about Ryan for a few months. : )

I'm already suffering from Idol withdrawal! Thank you so much, Linda, for your fab recaps. I truly enjoy reading them (and voraciously check every five minutes to see if they're posted every Wednesday and Thursday). Thanks again and I'll check back soon!

Linda, YOU deserve an award for your insightful, HILARIOUS recaps. Makes me wish AI was on year round. I almost died when Queen Latifah took the stage crammed in the jazzed up cat suit. Her image consultant needs a spanking! I almost died again this morning reading YOUR description. But I still love and admire the Queen anyway. Maybe you could start blogging about Americas Next Top Model? Hmmmm, the possibilities are endless.

"Adam deserves this." And that's why people voted for him (besides the fact that he's a great artist). You're right, Linda, nice guys all around.

Can't wait for their CDs!

Linda, thank you for taking the time out of your ulta-busy life to recrap for us. I wish I had your talent for words... you are truely amazing.
I loved Adam with Kiss...as soon as I saw the outfit I said OMG he is going to sing with Kiss and my daughter said WHAT THE HELL does he have on. (Guess my age was showing a little)
Kris and Adam with Queen was amazing. I heard that Queen just lost their frontman, and I said that was a pretty good audition for Adam if he wants the job. He would fit in very well with them, however I agree with Linda that he probably wants his own solo career.
Kris will make better use of the title, while Adam won't need it (and won't have to sing about natural disasters and mountains).
I will definately be waiting in line to buy Adam's CD... until then, my daughter has downloaded every song he did this season (with the exception of mountains and disasters) and made me a cd of them so I can listen to them in my car. They will soon be on my ipod for my total listening pleasure as well.
Once again Linda, thank you. You made a sometimes unbearable AI season totally something to look forward to each week.

I will greatly miss your comments on "TIAI" until next season - you are one great recrapper - you make me laugh so hard with your comments - but I still look forward to reading you everyday - you are my morning cup of coffee and my night time cup of tea - keep on keepin' on!!!!!!!

Sorry, WORTHY!!

OK, just now catching up, working late every night this week.
(thank God for YouTube)

I admit to being old, but anyone who watched the Queen segment, how in the bloody he-double hockey sticks did you vote for anyone other than Adam??? And BTW I loved Chris's take on 'Heartbreaker'.

I know he got Danny's votes, but really.

MASSIVE SIDE NOTE....I know you appreciate her, but Linda is TOTALLY AMAZING. You think you know her but this is one of the rare times when you hold someone you think you know in high esteem, and the actual fact is she actually exceeds expectations.

WE ARE NOT WORTH, me at the head of the line!!!

Linda, that was a great finale recrap!! Of course, I had the foresight to add 30 minutes to the beginning and 30 mnutes at the end and here in Florida AI started at 7:30!!! My Tivo picked it up, but the sound was distorted and out of synch with the visual until 8:01 pm when it was supposed to start! That's when I added my surround sound to blast out the neighborhood!!!

KISS and Adam stole the show. Adam didn't win because he is a seasoned professional and I think AI used him to keep their audience. Worked for me. Just like Clay Aiken, Adam can (and will) write his own ticket rather than be owned by AI's recording contract (ewwwwwwwwwww).

Good luck to Kris, he also has a fine future, but will not like being owned by the AI staff, trust me.

Linda, what will you do with all the spare time now??? I have some knitting books I can lend ya! :)

it seems like he's gonna need some time to grow into his the Idol "crown." he shouldn't feel bad about winning; but he'll get used to the whole "Idol scene" i suspect

Linda! Wow, what a recrap! Are your poor fingers blistered and bleeding? How do you do it? Could have done w/o a lot of the filler of course, fast forward thru a lot. COOKIE! Still love me some David, I will be downloading the single, too bad they don't have the video. Finale only served to remind me how old my music is, KISS and Rod both looked old! Go have a great weekend and put your feet up!

Thank you for another awesome season of recaps, Linda!

Thanks for another wonderful season of AI recraps, camaraderie, and laughs! Looking forward to next season already! No presidential race this year, so we'll have to find other more benign things to talk about! Happy Summer!

Thanks again Linda for all the time and effort you put into the AI recaps. You are the reason I actually watch the show! I had a blast!!!
Haven't read through the posts so I don't know if anyone mentioned this but at the end of the show, Adam stepped back out of direct camera range to let Kris have his moment and stayed back even as the other contestants gathered 'round. He's a class act! And you're right Linda, a nice guy did finish first and second and third!

My due date is June 22, but she tried to come much sooner than that, at 32 weeks. They put me on a 2 day magnesium drip and stopped the contractions. Then, they put me on bed rest for a month (until I reach 36 weeks). Bed rest will be over on Monday, and I am so looking forward to that! I'll still have to take it easy, but nothing close to my restrictions now. Otherwise, everything is going fine and baby is healthy. We are really looking forward to meeting her. :-)

OK Linda, when you said "Oh, how I have missed Gene's tongue." I have to admit my mind went straight to the gutter. ;~)

Loved the recap, read it to my daughter who laughed her butt off.

Thanks so much Linda for a great season.

Another excellent recrap, Linda. You rock. My favorite lines: Adam wearing lacrosse baskets; the giraffe twat; ad that takes a lot of suck! I hope you get some well-earned rest. Happy Memorial Day!

Thanks, Linda! Great recaps all season - actually the real reason some of us watch American Idol!

Linda, thanks so much for all the hysterical recaps this season!! I'll be hanging around but will be eagerly awaiting January when we do it all over again (despite my previous rants that this was my last season watching AI, LOL!). I'm thrilled for Kris and also happy for Adam. I hope both have great careers. Anyone else seeing the tour this summer? I'll be checking it out in Ft. Lauderdale, can't wait!

Alexandra~ aka

When are you due?? Hope everything goes smoothly for you and baby!!

It's really nice that Kris won. I joked with my mom that people would vote for Kris so Adam wouldn't get saddled with that stupid No Boundaries song. I'm sure David Cook cringes every time he has to start singing about magic rainbows.
I thought that guy with the drapes and carpet comment looked like John Travolta and a leprechaun had a child.
I loved how Kara came out and totally outsung Katrina (not like it's hard).
Thanks Linda for all the great laughs!
Sorry I haven't been around much lately, but I have been reading still. It's just difficult to type while lying on my side. Bed rest is almost over!

I had the same reaction to those first notes of "Beth" - No Freakin Way 'cause I knew what was in store. Adam & KISS -Best.Collaboration.Ever.

Thank you for the hilarity, hard work, hang nails and (mental) hemorrhoids* that go into these recraps (*disregard poop reference for those offended).
This is my ONE year DGMS anniversary (are there chips or something?). I came here for Cookie and never left.....:)

Enjoy some well-earned down time - Idol auditions start in a couple of weeks!!

Justin RawWeenie...ha! Every time they showed him (all 400 times - surely there were more celebs there than just him) I kept thinking "talk about Mr. Irrelevant" which is the name given to the last player chosen in the NFL draft. He was the first person to end up second in AI. What an honor.

Rod Stewart looked so shakey, and then he tripped over the floor lighting, that for a minute my husband and I thought maybe he was drunk.

And when Adam opened his mouth and said "Beth" I immediately started squealing and saying "Oh my gosh, he's gonna sing with Kiss. How cool!" That was great. I like them better than Queen.

Thank you Linda (and Rudy and Carson and Kendall and Culley...Linda/Mom does give up her time which is also your time to give us these wonderful recaps!)! What a wonderful way to end this AI season. Not just the finale show last night, but your awesome recap of it! I will continue to lurk around here daily.

Great recrap and great season of recraps!! Thanks for all the time you put into it!! Just wondered why they didn't let Scott sing with anyone and highlight him? It seems like all of the others had their chance to do that and they matched them up with great stars, too! Any thoughts?

I don't think I can say anything that others haven't said already, so I'll just say THANKS Linda for all your creative words!
Have a great summer with the girls (and hang in there while they're gone)!

Another great season of recraps. Thankfully, I learned not to drink coffee and read them at the same time.

I trust the producers have learned something from this. Basically, you can go wrong underestimating the American public. It was so obvious that the final three were to be Lil, Danny, and Mike. All the hype, the endless backstories, and the judges being able to praise a poor performance with a straight face. Oh, and Randy, almost only counts in horse shoes and hand grenades. If effort counted, then Mine That Bird would have won the Preakness.

Now that everything is said and done, I just have to wait until Allison's album comes out.

"The guy is everywhere - on records, my shoes, champagne (cause it's so crisp - bonus points alert!)"


In mah swim trunks,
and my flippyfloppies,
I'm flipping burgers you at Kinko's straight flipping copies

You have no idea how many times I've listened to that by now... LOL

Great recap!! At any time was it mentioned how many votes separated the two?

You have done it again! I keep thinking that the next recrap could never top the one before, and you always prove me wrong! Loved the "My Way" take off---BRILIANT!!

"Justin RawWeinie" BWWAAAHAHAHA!

Hope you and your family enjoy a restful and relaxing summer! I will be checking in for my regular dose of DGMS!

This recap was worth the wait. I think this season really did have talent and we will see a few of them again in the future. I am glad for both Kris and Adam, I liked both of them all season. I really do think that they both won in big ways. They had this showcase last night to really launch themselves and I think we will be hearing both of them on the radio quite a bit in the next few yrs. Thanks so much for recapping the season here Linda, I cannot tell you how many times I laughed my tush off at your words. Brightened up many a day here.

Standing "O" for you Linda!! BRAVO!! GREAT recap! I got bored around mid-season but hung in to the finish and BOY, was it worth it. Best finale ever. Loved almost every minute of it. Kara finally redeemed herself with the bitch-slap. Kinda made putting up with her all season worth it. David Cook was amazing. They really out did themselves with the musical guests. By the end of the show, I wouldn't have been surprised (but thrilled) if they had managed to resurrect Freddie Mercury himself. Thanks again for all your hard work and dedication to our DGMS Blogmunity! Love Ya girl!

Linda, this was a verbal MASTERCLASS!!! I can't believe the season is over already.

Despite all of the producers' attempts to run this show into the ground this season, we ended up with a brilliant final performance show (minus the steaming hot turd that is No Boundaries), and a thoroughly enjoyable finale!!!

For anyone who's interested, and loyal group of chatters will be gathering for SYTYCD. See you there tonight!!!

"Heck, he even had Paula's biscuits dancing" This was my LOL moment. I kept thinking that they looked like they wanted to escape that dress and couldn't believe it when they stayed put - I'm thinking-double sided duct tape held em in.

Can't wait to get back to the biz of DGMS - it's been a long season. Thanks again for making me spew, laugh out loud, and relive every agonizing moment. You Rock Linda

I'm stealing the phrase "as high as giraffe's twat"...

But all kidding and theft aside - you are right Linda, the sweetest moment was when his wife hugged him. I got teary along with him. I think this is our first MARRIED Idol.

By far the best feel good finale yet. Very happy with how it all turned out and know that Adam has a nitch carved out with ready, willing, and able followers. Myself included. Couldn't be happier for Kris. Nice guys sometimes do finish first.

Linda, thanks so much for such a great and humorous recap every single week. I completely love your style of writing, you really do make words jump off a page. I'll be here to weigh in on whatever else the news du jour is. Thanks again!

Well worth the wait! The best was saved for last! Linda - you done outdid yourself!

Justin RawWeinie!

For what is a Matt, what has he got?

If not his mole, a hat on top.

He is an ignert sumbitch with a gimpy leg and a strange green pus that runs from his anus and I heard he has warts on his satchel ... bless his heart.
Oh, how I have missed Gene's tongue. (ME TOO!!!) =)
Man - I had tears in my eyes!

Thanks Linda! You are the best!

We now return YOU to your crazy hectic life!

Thanks for catching that - go figure - type a few thousands words and screw up one...

Linda: YOU made this season bearable for me with your hilarious recraps. Thank you and you know I'll be here, tuning in every day!

Yeah for Linda!! Ive been waiting all day for your final recrap, and it was well worth it!! 'Higher then a giraffe's twat'?!?! HYSTERICAL!!!!!!

Im like you, LOVED Adam and Kiss, LOVED Queen, LOVED Kris and Keith, LOVED Allison and Cyndi (and yes, I do remember her on Mad About You), LOVED David's song, and like you, got pretty misty eyed, and LOVED New Boobs Bikini Girl getting bitch slapped on national TV! Wasnt aware Kara had such a set of pipes on her!

Thought Randy had an audition after the show for a Barbershop Quartet in that suit and matching glasses. And the opening montage of the judges was awesome! Why didnt they do one of Ryan though?

Thanks again Linda for a wonderful season of recraps! I will miss them greatly. I'll pop in once in awhile this summer to see what's new. Everyone take care!

Gayle in Iowa-OUT!

Sorry, I meant DGMS (dunno how that happened)...

Love ya mean it!

"... and I--eye--eye-- will always love you -- oo -- oo-- oo...."

Thanks again for making AI more than just National Karaoke (although to be fair I honestly believe the contestants this year were the best crop AI has harvested in eight seasons.) I'll be around, checkin' out DGMI. Take a break, you've certainly earned it this season! Enjoy your family, and have a great Memorial Day!

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