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Saturday, February 28, 2009


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Yet another fabulous entry for the Darwin Awards!

I agree. Why don't men talk (seriously) with each other like women do? A lot of their problems could be solved if only they would. Why don't they understand that porn is for men, totally unrealistic and NOT AT ALL what normal women want. Linda, you are exactly right when you say we want to "make-out" like 15 year olds, you know, when he was "trying" to get to the "homerun" and we got so worked-up, we "let" him. Of course, in any relationship there is give and take, and my hubby and I, after ten years of working at it, seem to have figured it out. "Knock-wood"--no pun intended!

(This is all so irrelevant for me. And can I add, I'm totally a fan of all nighters? Guess it's a bit different with women though...lol)

IT's sex...it's NOT a marathon!!!

When will men learn? Oh, wait, my husband has and that's why he's still my husband after five years!!! LOL

I've always said that marathon sex is overrated. Good Lord, I'd be bored to tears. I am in total agreement with Linda on this one!

Nikki, like the energizer bunnie...just kept going and going...

What a dumb idea all together. I cannot imagine how he did not feel a need to stop long before then due to pain. Unless it just got plain numb. Which happens. And he kept going and going without feeling anything.

He won his bet all right.

All young men, upon becoming sexually active, should be given a framed, bordered copy of today's blog!!!

Stupid is as stupid does!!!

Very well said Ms. Sharp---especially in reference to what real women want. I ~HATE~ porn, well written erotica, now that via fantasy I'm able to slink into, but that’s a completely different ballgame in comparison to porn.

It really is too bad about the stud, sincerely, I can't say he deserved what he got because after all we have the will to do as we choose, however we don't possess the will to choose what we want, not at this juncture any way. And what he wanted was dumb, so I say all in all yes it is a tragedy....and pretty stupid to boot, foolish dead man.

Killer SEX!
I suppose he got what he was asking for right?

As one of my male co-workers said when I showed him this...
"At least he won the bet!!"

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