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Thursday, January 08, 2009


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"Hey, this just isn't working for me anymore. You?" And the other, after a thoughtful interval, and the ruffling of the other's hair, "No, not so much for me either. Wanna split? I can download the divorce forms while you shave." "Sounds like a plan. Been great hanging out with you though."

That is almost verbatim how my divorce went.

One day we looked at each other and said...let's go get married. Then 8 years later we looked at each other and said...lets go get divorced! We walked hand in hand into the courthouse and asked for all the paperwork with smiles on our faces. We sat there and filled it all out all the while discussing who got what assets. The people at the courthouse said it was the most amicable parting they had ever seen. We were best friends when we got married (for insurance purposes) and we were still best friends when parted because there was just no longer any reason for us to be together. Time has passed and we are still friends, but not as close as we once were.

Hopefully his guy will get his dose of karma in the end.

My ex- brother-in-law was permanently injured in a work accident that gave him a settlement for pain and suffering, and in KY, that money is not considered a martial asset. So, even though my sister was working for several years supporting the family when he wasn't, when they got divorced, he asked for everything that was paid for out of this money...including my sister's boob job which he encouraged her to have. Although he did get a lot of things, including my sister's 6 year old mini-van and 1/2 of her pension savings (he drained his, so she didn't get any of his) the court said "no" to the boob job request. It was classified as a gift.

I'm really surprised that they didn't make her reimburse him, because the judge was the biggest asshat I've ever heard of. He decided to try something "different" he read about in a book (!) and instead of granting my sister the primary custody she had had for the 2 years during the seperation, he ordered them to "birdnest." That is when the kids technically get custody of the house, and the parents rotate moving in and out of the house on a weekly basis. Talk about messed up.

Of course, my "only concerned about the kids" BIL gave this up when my sister conceeded to give him a bigger share of the house profits. Basically she bought the kids back. I could go on.....

As far as legalities go, there is no court in the land who will give him the kidney back. Nor will they give him the esitimated value of the kidney -- mainly because sales of human organs is illegal and this would essentially be a sale. Sometimes divorcing people get a little nuts and lose all perspective and common sense. If he was still happily married to Dawnell and read this at the breakfast table about someone else he would have looked at his wife and said "Can you believe this asshat?"

"I'd have taken the kidney back all by myself with a dull butter knife and a pair of pliers"...Thanks for the water spewing out of my nose, Lori. Too Funny!

I don't know, guys... I gotta play Devil's Advocate here.

If I had donated a kidney to my first husband, I'd want the damned thing back now. God's honest truth. The guy caused me nothing but misery - and if he'd thrown infidelity in on top of the rest of the crap he shoveled on me, I'd have been taking the kidney back all by myself with a dull butter knife and a pair of pliers.

Having been in a hellish marriage, I can kinda see where this guy is coming from. In a way.

I can't believe this guy. I mean yeah I know he is upset and hurts and I am sure if it were me I would have SAID the same thing but NEVER actually acted on it.

We know where the missing kidney is. Any ideas where he might have left his SOUL? His sense of DECENCY? His PRIDE? What a jerk! There are no "take backs" on doing the right thing.

Put this guy right in the bowels of asshats right along with the guy who is STILL trying to get $50 million (or whatever the amount was) for his pants being ruined by the dry cleaners...... GEESUS. (shaking head in disbelief)

If his personality is on life-support, his character is DOA. Most of us have done or thought of doing some pretty low things when we perceive a hurt or slight against us, but most of us also just leave it as that: thoughts. To actually hold a press conference... I wonder if he expected support from other cuckolded men out there? I've had two former wives cheat on me, and I'd STILL give either one of them a kidney if they needed it, but hey, that's just me...

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