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Saturday, December 27, 2008


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Lori is absolutely right on this one.....and Hamas started sending rockets into Israel again as soon as the bombing stopped. They have pledged that they will continue to attack Israel until the last of them (Hamas)is dead, which to me tells the Israels what they have to do.

What Hamas does by hiding amoung civilians to launch their rockets is to insure that there will be innocents killed which puts the Arab world on their side. Similar to the way the militant Iraqis attacked US troops from inside mosques knowing that we wouldn't destroy them. Killing innocent civilians is part of the extremist's way of life.......and it doesn't matter to them which side kills them. If they aren't blowing themselves up in a crowded restaurant, they are goading Israel into doing it.

And, of course, the media gives Hamas exactly what they want....headlines condeming Israel. But what else would you expect from the media who thinks that all of the world's problems can be solved with a smile and a lollypop. Nobody is really evil.......are they??

Lori in Texas is right. Your initial comments were how horrible it was when "bombs rained down in Gaza". You neglect to mention how horrid it is when bombs rain down in Israel. Or how the muslim community insists on a cease fire when its rahamadan but give no respect to Hanukkkah or Christmas. It goes both ways. Israel HAS shown remarkable restraint in not just bombing the Gaza strip into dust.

The madness between Israel and Palestine will probably never end -- no matter how many outside countries intervene and try to nudge them towards peace they will never ever come to any agreements that will settle things.

This will keep happening til the end of time because neither side is willing to give in on very much at all. The Israelis are currently showing restraint but my guess is that they will eventually reach the end of the their tether and then this event will seem minor in comparison to what is going to happen.

Every nation in the world can send peacemakers and diplomats and urge peaceful resolutions til their heads fall off and the carnage will never ever end til one side is completely wiped out, period. I tend to think the Israelis do try harder but I just don't see an end to any of this.

I don't think your point was about sides, but both sides of the story weren't told. Only this: "But this morning, as we wake to the news that bombs being rained down in Gaza have taken the lives of nearly 200 PEOPLE - yes, people." And I felt that wasn't entirely fair. The whole stupid thing is wrong and wrong-headed.

My point was that Israel has shown extreme restraint over the years in dealing with terrorism on their own soil... and the United States has not done nearly as well. As long as the terrorists continue, there will always be collateral civilian damage; many of them innocent children. And the terrorists simply don't give a damn. If anything, it makes them happier because innocent dead kids get press coverage.

This is a perfect example - where has the news coverage been all week while Palestinian rockets were slamming into Israeli buildings? I don't remember seeing any.

My point has nothing to do with SIDES and I am well aware of the whole story in what is taking place.

Hang on a second... the WHOLE story needs to told on this.

The attacks on Gaza came only after day after day of repeated, constant, unrelenting rocket attacks into Israel from Palestinian militants. Israel warned them many times to stop firing rockets into the towns and they refused. The rockets were fired into populated Israeli areas - factories, schools, residential areas, shopping areas... hundreds and hundreds of rockets. After repeated warnings, Israel was forced to retaliate.

It's sad and tragic that children are being affected by the stupidity and selfishness of adults - but these militants DON'T CARE about civilian collateral damage. THEY DON'T GIVE A DAMN. They are no different from the terrorists who blow up women and children in Baghdad markets.

Global outrage needs to be directed at the people responsible for this tragedy - the heartless, brainless and soulless terrorists who will stop at nothing to "prove" their point.

I'm on Israel's side on this one.

Side Note.... Take a minute and turn the tables here. Suppose that Mexican terrorists were lobbing rockets over the border in El Paso into Texas towns.... or firing missiles over the border at Tijuana into southern California towns? What if the U.S. warned Mexico, repeatedly, to stop. What if they didn't? What if the rockets kept coming, day and night. Would we put up with it for even ONE day? Would we play nicey-nice and negotiate? Would our country just sit here and do nothing? Seriously?

Go back to 9/11... a handful of terrorists killed a few thousand people and knocked down some buildings here on our soil. What did we do? We lost our collective minds, that's what we did. We, as a nation, went insane on a patriotic level. We invaded an entire country, dropped billions of dollars in ordnance, blew the holy piss out of their cities, towns, villages and countryside, then started a brand-new new war in a different country. Hundreds of thousands of people killed (including women and children), even more maimed and wounded (including women and children), millions of refugees - mostly women and children.

Personally, I think Israel is being pretty damned restrained, in comparison. Think about it.

This child's eyes are so incredibly sad. Why can't these terrorists go to a big arena and have it out once and for all - let the children be children. No child should have this look in their eyes.

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