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Wednesday, December 31, 2008


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YAY Carrie!!!! Way to go, girl!

Congratulations Carrie, wonderful news, hopefully just the beginning of great things for you this year!!

Fabulous news! New job, new friends! 2009 is off to a great start! Hugs to you!

Happy New year everyone!!!

I just got home a bit ago...

Found out yesterday afternoon while with friends on our way to drop off their son and meet up with others, that I got the job I interviewed for a couple days ago, and I start tomorrow morning!!!

Then..I didn't know the people we were meeting up with last night but when we got to their house they were so chill and laid back and made me so comfortable! We hung out a bit and then went to the club and had an awesome night! Crashed on their couch and then got up today and spent the whole day chilling and playing backyard football. I think I had even more fun today than last night, and made some fab new friends too!!!

2009 is off to an amazing start!!!!

I hope you all had amazing new years as well!!!!

Happy new year!


Happy New Year, DGMS Gang!!!!!

I wish a Happy, Health and Prosperous New Year to all of my DGMS friends!


Happy 2009 to all at DGMS

Happy New Year to Everyone! Peace & Blessings to All!

Happy New Year to all! May peace and prosperity embrace us in this year 2009.

Happy New Year to all! Wishing all the members of the DGMS blogmunity health, love and laughter in 2009. (A little prosperity wouldn't hurt either!) :)

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