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Monday, December 29, 2008


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This made my day. Seeing the pictures of all the kids and their gifts in the past few days warms my heart. Thank you so much Linda for the tremendous amount of time and energy you had to have put into this effort--nice job blogmunity!!

Ronnie, You have a beautiful family. Glad to see that Christmas was Merry for them!!

Thank you Linda for all your hard work.
Unfortunately, I don't think the need is going to end for some people just because Christmas did. I would be all for using the leftover $200 for anyone with a desperate need right now - like utilities being shut off, keeping a car from being repo'ed, etc.

Great idea! Whenever I find myself with extra cash lying around I'll know where to put it! LOL. How much did we raise all together? We (hubby & I) contribute to a number of causes throughout the year but this is the first time that we have actually been able to see where and to whom our donations went. Again, great job!

March 2005. :O)

Linda, it is so nice to see whom a contribution actually goes to, and those smiling faces reallly makes the saying so true......"it is better to give than to receive"!!!!!

As I have said, I am militant when it comes to shopping for the best bargains, using coupon codes, email coupons, etc! :O)

As it stands, we actually start our fund for next Christmas with just shy of $200! I am leaving the donation link in place so people can donate a little here and there throughout the year and we can watch it grow! Hopefully we can help even more people in 2009!

This is just so awesome! I don't know when you first started your blog Linda, but just in the few years I've been a part of it, I am amazed at what it's grown into and the number of people that you, as our fearless leader, have brought us all together to help. You are truly a WONDERFUL human being!! I'm looking forward to seeing what we all can do in 2009!

Great job Linda! I'm amazed at how far you were able to streach our limited funds, you must be a shopping machine!! I'm so happy that we could help to brighten the holidays for these children (and young ladies).

I'm still in Seattle so I don't have the receipts to look at, but I'm pretty sure that was from Alloy!

Linda, loving the t-shirt one of the girls is holding up. Where did you get it?

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