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Saturday, December 27, 2008


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With a two year old, we rarely get to go to the movies. This past Friday night was a rare exception. We went for a double feature (Seven Pounds and Four Christmases...loved them both and cried like a baby...in both!). During Seven Pounds there was a row of seven teenagers who came in all talking on their respective cellphones. I'm not one who puts up with talking during a movie or rudeness...I have red hair and it isn't in my personality to put up with a whole lot.

I was hoping they'd settle down after the previews, but much to our dismay out came the bags of Cheetos, Taco Bell and KFC (none of which the theatre sells) and a few beers with tabs were pulled. My husband and I just looked at each and were "CRAP!" One of them put her cellphone on video mode and began taping Seven Pounds. We and everyone around us was totally shocked, but me being me....I said something and was promptly told to F-off. Whatever. The man sitting behind me was an off duty police officer and promptly walked down the two rows and all of a sudden there was a ruckus, handcuffs and the movie stopped..the lights came on and seven very angry teenagers (boohoo!) left along with the police officer and like six people from the theatre staff who appeared from out of nowhere. Score one for the good guys, one of whom had a gun but didn't need to use it. : )

Hubby and I stopped going to the movie theatre YEARS ago. The food and tickets are ridiculously expensive; other people in theatres just generally SUCK; you have to miss parts of the movie if you need to pee; finding a parking spot anywhere near the theatre is a nightmare... AND SOME ASSHAT ALWAYS USES HIS PHONE DURING THE MOVIE.... the list goes on. It's just not worth the trouble, and I can kinda see Mr. Soprano-Plex's point in blowing rude folks away. There have been many times in the past that people were lucky I wasn't packing heat in the movie theatre!!!

I'd rather watch movies at the theater, but almost never go (last was Twilight with my niece and sister). For all of the above reasons, but also because it's more fun to sit with a fire in the fireplace and a rum and dcoke in hand :)

Although Mr. "Soprano" went a little overboard :-), I certainly can understand his sentiments, which is why I almost NEVER go to the theatre. The general public (with some exceptions) is/are just generally rude and inconsiderate. Their worlds begin and end with THEM. Bringing infants to the movies, leaving their cell phones on even after there have been 10 to 20 reminders on the wide screen to please shut them off, talking, coughing, etc. And like you said, you pay almost $50 for tickets, popcorn and drinks, only to have some 6 foot 10 person with a big head sit right in front of you. The other reason I don't go is for some reason, as soon as I get in my seat, all I can think about it having to go to the bathroom. I'm sure it's psychological - but it never fails, I have to leave the theatre once and sometimes TWICE to go to the bathroom. It's just better for me to wait and watch whatever it is at home.

I highly reccomend "Slumdog Millionaire". I saw it and it is an amazing story and the music and scenery are fantastic!! There are some pretty disturbing scsnes but it was worth it. I also saw "Milk" which is also very good.

I saw "Slumdog Millionaire" and " Milk" this week. They were both great but "Slumdog Millionaire" is amazing!!! The music and scenery is unbelievable. There are some very disturbing scenes but it was well worth it.

We actually made the dangerous movie theater trek twice in the past 2 days! Last night, the adults went to see "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" (Very good - highly recommend it!), and this afternoon, the kids and some of the adults went to see "Marley and Me" (cute and emotional). We all made it out alive and full of popcorn. Hallelujah!

I tell you, going to the movies is not for the faint of heart. It is often like an afternoon at the zoo but zoo animals tend to behave better than people.

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