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Tuesday, December 30, 2008


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Great video and soundtrack, and probably pretty accurate. This CGI appeared on one of the science channels (Discovery, The Science Channel, or some other such channel) with a show that also described, in detail, the collision and aftermath of such an event. The question is not if it will happen, but when, and how big will it be. Thanks, Linda. A timely reminder at the end of the year to cherish every moment, and everyone, in your life.

Sounds like Hennry is in need of a little intervention himself....
Did I miss something??

what the ???

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Katy, if it all right with you I'll stick with the old fashioned "fat burn", this is a little too extreme for me! LOL
Lori - I agree with both you and Tim - but I DO want to continue to live awhile longer so I can do without the extra helpings.

Dorothy - I subscribe to the "Tim McGraw Theory Of Life": live like you were dying. I have learned, firsthand, that life is too short to pass up cheesecake, and I can always buy a larger pair of pants!

Katy to Lori and Dorothy: Gives a whole new meaning to "fat burn" !!!

Kari, I did watch it again with sound - even more depressing. Yikes!!

I understand the logic Lori, but I'm afraid I will have to continue passing up those extra helpings. Too much bad family history of heart disease to risk carrying around those extra pounds. On the other hand, if I KNEW it was coming? Don't even think about getting between me and the cheesecake! LOL

Another very good reason NOT to pass up that second helping of mashed potatoes, or that extra slice of raspberry cheesecake. An asteroid could hit... or you could get run over by a commuter train. You just never know!

After the TV movie "The Day After" aired in 1983, I started having recurring nightmares about nuclear war and "the cloud"-- every dream would find me seeing the cloud in the distance and desperately racing to get to those I loved to be with them at the end.

This video was beautiful, but chilling in the same way -- and yes, Linda, a reminder to cherish every day and to never take those we love (and even those we may not even like so much) for granted.

I hope if it hits, it's a direct hit on Florida. I don't want to wait for the aftermath. AND, I pray I'm with my family at the time (and not in the office with co-workers - esh! What a way to go!!) :-)

Well...At least death would be quick. I think surviving the apocalypse would just be a pain in the ass. With that kind of destruction food would be scarce and from what I hear, humans are just too damn chewy...

The Great Gig in the Sky - Pink Floyd (Pulse CD disc 2)

The song was "The Great Gig in the Sky" off disc 2 of the Pulse CD - Pink Floyd

That music was Pink Floyd. I know it is on their Pulse CD which is a Live recording.

Wow, that was depressing. Sheesh, and the music? Who in the world was that? Dorothy you're lucky you couldn't hear it - lol! Well we'll count on Bruce and Ben to save us all.

Well, that just scared the holy crap out of me and I didn't even have the sound on!

well, we can only hope that should this come to pass, Bruce Willis, Morgan Freechild and Robert Duvall aren't too busy to take care of the situation before it gets too close to affect us. :)

Okay - that just ruined my day!! :o

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