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Tuesday, October 28, 2008


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Sorry Jamie, didn't catch your question until now.

I worked at the Ren faire that was near the border of Wisconsin and Illinois, which I believe IS the Bristol one that you were referring to in an earlier post. It was great street theatre and improvization work. But this was also TWENTY YEARS AGO when I would work in dirt, receive dirt wages, and even eat dirt (on a dare and a tip!) Ahhh youth.

Where in WI did you work?

I worked two summers at a Renaissance Fair in Wisconsin as a wench - years ago. There was another gal that I had a "rivalry" with and we would have these staged theatrical brawls. Terrific fun - very dirty, but the tips were great!

We have a Ren Faire here in Bristol Wisconsin every summer from July - September. So much fun! Enjoy!

Ah, the RenFair. That was Betty's and my first date, and the theme of our wedding. We didn't actually get married there, because they wanted extortionist prices for the most basic of services, but we have always had a warm spot in our hearts for the Renaissance Festival...

I've never done one of those, but I wish you a safe trip.

I love the Renaissance Festival they have here near Cincinnati. It is so much fun to watch all the people in costume. I enjoy watching the jousting most of all.

Have a blast! Ever since I was little my family has gone to the Texas Ren Fest every year. My dad has just informed us we will be celebrating his birthday there next month.

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