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Wednesday, August 20, 2008


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I had not noticed the placement of his hand -- too funny! Eternal bliss!

very strange

My boyfriend has specifically written into his will that when he dies his ashes are to be mixed with those of his cat (who died a few years ago but was his pet for 20 years) I am to then take the ashes and fly to Georgia with his best friend (who has a pilot's license) and sprinkle his ashes over Agusta National. NOT the sand traps, because they get changed every 4 years. Over the grass somewhere. How's that for a plan?

I showed this to my 15 year old daughter. She liked the idea that you can now be the life of the party by standing in the corner - something my mom made us do when we were little, practicing for the future??? Hmmmm, maybe she knew something we didn't! - but she was a little freaked out also.

She also pointed out that Angel has his hand on his crotch. Or very close to it. Has no one else noticed that?

I don't want to be disrespectful to the dead, but it does remind me of something I'm always saying. "A Man's favorite toy can be found in his hand."

Well if they can embalm a guy to stand up then I guess they can lay me in my casket on my stomach. I sleep on my stomach. I don't want to go through eternity uncomforably on my back. Unless my BF dies with me and we can be buried together like we were doing the yakahoola. That would be different.

I am also hoping for a marble mausoleum with an eternal flame. I like to make a statement.

I told my parents that I was going to turn them into LifeGems, one pink (Mom) & one blue (Dad), for each of us kids. Creeps them out and they have threatened to make specific requests in their will saying I can't go through with it...lol...

I MUST be cremated (fear of being burried alive.) I, too, want a PARTY. Celebrate my life and my accomplishments. Not sure what I want done with my ashes...LifeGem, maybe... Though the jewelry Shawn mentioned sounds cool, as do the windchimes...perhaps all of the above?

Ok, that picture totally freaks me out.

A couple years ago I attended a burial at sea. It was one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen. After a short service, the basket of ashes covered over the top with rose petals was lowered into the water. The bright red petals on the surface of the ocean was lovely. Then the boat went round in circles to make a whirlpool to suck the ashes down. The daughter was given the GPS coordinates for the burial site. It certainly made me re-think cremation.

Linda, I saw this and just KNEW that you would say something about it!

Shawn, thanks for the ideas for cremation remains. My parents, my husband and I all want to be cremated; so that gives me some ideas of what to do with the remains. I wish that I had heard of the jewelry when my father-in-law died.

And Jamie, I want a party too!

Wow - the Travel Gnome in the hereafter - now thats cool! LMAO!

I promise you we'll show up and stuff a Travel Gnome in your coffin right before they close the lid. :O)

Loved the "a real stand-up guy" comment Linda - LMAO!!!

My biggest gripe about a funeral - folks walking by and saying "doesn't she look NATURAL?"..... as I lay there stuffed with formaldehyde. Um..no.

BUT - for others that is closure, so whatever works for them. I live behind a cemetery and see funerals every week while I'm out watering the flowers - and it's interesting to see how many people show up for some, and how few for others. I often wonder how many people would stop by to say goodbye to me? Probably quite a few who I had not seen for years - which is sad, when you think about it. But I'd hate for them to remember me like that.

When I die - I want a "reception" type gathering - including all my favorite music, a buffet for food & drinks - I want a party! Celebrate my life!

Sue, LOVE the idea of windchimes! I'll have to look into those. I've been wondering what to tell my sons to do with the remains and this is something that would really be a reflection of me. I have several that they have given me over the years and they know how much I love them. (They have always known that their Dad and I want to be cremated and I've made it clear to my daughter-in-laws too, just in case the boys decide to do something funny - like prop me up in a corner!)

I am glad that the family honored Angels wishes, but it would probably creep me out to go to a wake and see the deceased propped up in the corner. I almost think there is a sleepful illusion to someone lain in a coffin. Something to mentally prepared you for not seeing them again. I will opt for creamation myself. If the kids want to turn me into a pendant or tiara, more power to them. I will let them know it is an option.

Thanks, Shawn - appreciate the info :)


This is just one of the places (don't know if it is where we purchases all of ours) but they seem to have a wide variety to suit everyone.

Thanks. It is called keepsake jewelry (my uncle found the place online and they had several options for the part that holds the ashes...I chose a teardrop...my younger brothers got cylinders and my sister got a square) and we bought so many of them that the company shipped the last few Fed Ex for free. LOL.

My Uncle and I spent an afternoon filling them. It was sort of comical us sitting at the kitchen table with both urns and the jewelry...some people got some of both ashes (family) and some only got my brother (his friends).

My husband jokingly said that when we die we should be cremated and have our ashes added to paint and our portrait painted with it and give it to our girls, starting with the oldest and then handed down. This way we would always be watching over them. Needless to say, all of the girls said they would never allow the painting in their house as that would be too creepy.

Shawn - I don't think it's weird at all - in fact, I'd be interested to know where to get something like that done. The Lifegem way is too expensive, but a silver pendant like what you described sounds good. That's what I would like when my Mom passes someday, way off in the future.

I would love for my ashes to be put in an urn from this place. They are gorgeous.

This is the urn we got my brother who LOVED cobalt blue crystal.

We got mom an Amethyst (purple) one from the same company.

Both off Ebay for WAY less than urns at the funeral home cost and WAY more beautiful.

I used to work at a mortuary part-time & they had wind chimes that you could use to store ashes. I told my mom that's what we were going to do for her & that we would Fed-Ex her around the country so all of her kids could hear her "tinkle" outside for a few months out of the year!!! I've told my sons that I want to be cremated & to spread some of my ashes at AT&T Park in San Francisco & the rest they needed to find a special place at the ocean where they could visit every once in a while.

Not weird at all, Shawn. I think it's a reflection of how much they meant, and still mean, to you.

That is different to say the least. Who am I to judge...the family seemed to get something out of "following his wishes".

I have repeatedly told my husband I want to be cremated and a small portion of my ashes sprinkled at the new Dallas Cowboys stadium...Outside on the walkway would be alright as I doubt they would let him do it at the 50 yard line. Not sure what else to do with my remains...

I wear a necklace with a silver teardrop containing a tiny portion of my mom's and brother's ashes. It makes me feel good having a bit of them that close to my heart on a daily basis. Others might find that weird.

If that was Angel's wish, then I'm glad the family honored it. I would be creeped out, though, walking into a house for a wake with the deceased propped up in the corner.

I'm all for cremation or "green" burials, personally. But over the years I've learned that (when possible) a viewing or visitation for family and friends is a huge part of closure after a death. When the person who has passed has some input into what THEY would like for viewing arrangements, I think it goes even further toward the healing process for those left behind.

Bravo to Angel's family for honoring him in a way he wanted.

My husband and I were talking about that the other day too and I told him I would make a diamond out of his ashes and he thought that was gross! I think its kinda cool! Very expensive but its worth it!

As with this guy- I think that's just icky!!!

Linda, I have always said I wanted to be creamated and have some of the ashes put in little vials for my children to wear around their necks, but your option sounds a little more realistic... and I am sure my oldest daughter would be all over a tiara..LOL.

Eeew. I'm sorry, that's a little creepy.

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