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Thursday, May 29, 2008


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Very well said Gayla - I just read your link. Unreal. First we try to get the word "God" out of the government, then we pass "God" propaganda to Muslims? Whatever happened to the separation of God and State? One more example of "PC'ness" backfiring on the PTB.

First of all, Bravo Linda for issuing a statement regarding the uproar of an American wearing a scarf! I laughed so hard after reading the news item in question. What pisses me off more than anything is that this made headline news when another story that seems to be a huge violation of human rights was basically buried.

This story has me seeing red. American's are so paranoid about the unknown and bombarded Dunkin' Donuts with fear that poor Rachel Ray is supporting Terrorism, but who is protecting the poor non-violent Iraqi victims that are being prothlesized and evangelized by the US Marines that are handing out "coins" to try to convert the Muslims of Iraq to Christianity. This is just another in a long line of propaganda that the "axis of evil" is the Islamic faith. Since when did the US military become missionaries? Since when does wearing a fashion accessory mean you were supporting a movement to destroy America? I am an American, I am a Muslim, I am me!

I don't think anyone, including Michelle Malkin thinks Rachael Ray is a terrorist. The Keffeyh (sp) and scarves like it are being worn as a symbol by people who sympathize with the terrorists. I also don't think this was Rachael's intention (or her stylist - who actually chose the item - and owns the salon where I get my hair cut). But many people do find it offensive - like the Che tshirts and other "red" stuff people think is cute (see Cameron Diaz and her stupid red china tote bag).
I did tell my husband that Rachel's scarf offended me more as a fashionista than anything else. Who wears a huge scarf with a t-shirt anyway? :)

So glad you commented on this one, Linda. I heard about it on The View the other day and almost fell out of my chair. What a bunch of bull*@%*!!!!!!! Get a life, people. Rachael Ray is no more a terrorist than Mickey Mouse. Sure hope Mickey doesn't have that ugly scarf in his closet. People might start to talk about the Magic Kingdom supporting terrorism.

Me being 100% arab, that to me doesn't look like a kaffiyeh. It's just a simple scarf with fringes on it. I love how people make a BIG deal out of nothing. I agree w/u 100% Linda on this one!

LMAO!!!! Your imitation is spot on! LOL

I *heart* Toni! I'd completely forgotten about everyone's fave Jeopardy category "The Rapist". ROTF!!!

I hate Rachael Ray cuz she's annoying as hell, but a terra-ist? Pulleeeeeez people! I agree with Linda 100%! It is sometimes so. darn. embarrassing to be an Amurkan with nuts like Malkin around in our society.

I first saw this story on GMA this morning, and before they explained what was creating the issue, I was looking around in the background of the photo to see if there were some hidden symbols or something.

Definitely an unfortunate wardrobe choice -- strictly in the style and taste arena though. I, in a zillion years, would never have looked at that scarf and said to myself, "OMG -- Rachel has gone to the dark side -- look at that terrorist apparel she has bedecked herself in!"

WAY too many pundits and other related types who just don't have anything meaningful in life to concern themselves with -- too busy trying to find fault where there is none.

Why doesn't she get up on that soapbox of hers and complain about something we all know about--STARVING CHILDREN--HOMELESSNESS...etc. I couldn't give a rat's ass about a friggin' scarf. Ninety percent of the folks in America were probably scratching their heads wondering what the hell all the fuss was about. While it WAS an ugly, unfortunate wardrobe selection, I would think folks would be more upset at the fact that the drink she is touting probably has a gazillion calories!

By the way - here are Ms. "Dumbass" Malkin's posts regarding the scarf.

The original post:

The follow-up:

This woman is clearly an idiot of monumental proportions.

Terrorists are decking themselves out in black & white PAISLEY scarves now??? For shit's sake, WTF is wrong with some people?

Hey, Linda, can you Photoshop a picture of Arafat wearing a paisley scarf on his head???? Now, THAT would be hilarious.

Michelle Malkin,, can eat my shorts. This whole mess is nothing but embarrassing. How can we expect other countries to take us seriously when we have right-wing nutjobs like this in our media??? Please.

Actually, I just read Michelle Malkin's response to this goofiness and it sounds like Michelle Malkin didn't initiate this debate, but was merely commenting upon it, saying "The Boston Globe accused me of “yowling.” If you actually read my post and the column below, you’ll see no such thing."
The bottom line is this is all just bunk, I get tired of all the stupid squeaky wheels too. Like the guy who was the atheist in California and didn't want his daughter to have to say "one nation under God" in school during the Pledge. Grow up and get a brain!

Been hearing the Dunkin Donuts bruhaha about this and I remember that retailer Urban Outfitters (who are actually known for showing questionable judgement in the past) had to remove scarves that they had that were definitely closer to what the kaffiyeh look like and calling them "peace scarves". This scarf doesn't look like a kaffiyeh. It actually looks like something I have in my closet. It is the WAY that Rachel has it draped around her neck that gives it the kaffiyeh appearance. But for goodness sake, Michele! I think you are stretching things on that one. It's not like it is wrapped around her head. thing you know, people will be complaining that promoting coffee supports Columbia and the drug trade, her terrorist scarf was actually made in China so she is supporting child-labor and human rights violations, Dunkin-Donuts uses transfats and is responsible for all the overweight children in the world, the PETA people will be mad because her bag is leather, and the eco-fans will question if her outfit is made of natural fibers, and her cup is made out of recycled cardboard or styrofoam.

My Gosh! I think we've just discovered that Rachel Ray is the anti-christ, and responsible for every bad thing in the world. Good thing they got this ad off of the TV!

I have seen that same ratty scarf everywhere and I never knew all these people were jihadists. Just thought they were idiots who did not look in the mirror before they left the house. Who knew?

Gee, Rach, guess it was just not as "yummo" a look as you thought.

Funny thing though. Her scarf is most definitely NOT what Malkin claimed it to be. I've seen kaffiyehs and that scarf isn't. But what the hell, complain and get someone who paid some serious money to do this ad, to drop it. Nice job Malkin ... NOT!

I may agree with you there Linda, PC-ness is going to be the downfall and when are people going to use common sense, but let's face it, should we be upset that we won't have to endure seeing more of Rachel Ray photoshopped or not? Hasn't she gotten more exposure than Britney Spears' crotch at this point?

Well I was ranting and didn't spell check, of course I meant THINK, not THING!

Oh I love it when you "get started" on something! I feel the exact same way...quit pissing on every little thing and get on with things - who are these people anyway...and don't they have anything better to do with their lives than bitch about every freeking thing that they thing is "politically incorrect"? I am SICK.TO.DEATH.OF.P.C'ness.

My best Jeopardy catagory is "The Rapist". Opps, I mean "Thrapist". LOL
Sorry, way too many viewings of The Best of SNL.

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