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Thursday, May 22, 2008


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I know you were looking for the Billie Jean version and can get it on You Tube, but the quality is so poor. Sandra in TX told me about a site with all these free downloads, I spent two days downloading all the ones I didn't have. Billie Jean is there all his early performances are there, even his homecoming parade. They take a while, but it is worth it. The site is idoljunkie.com At first I couldn't find anything on there from Cook or the other David, but all I had to do was click on the video download area, then sign in and they all appeared. They even have all the voted off contestants. Its a pretty cook site.

You mean I'm not the only one who has a crush on DC? I'm 35, & I have a crush on a 25 year old. I have cousins his age who I've babysat when they were kid. But, I can see his appeal. He strikes me as an old soul in a young, hot guy. I hope that his new fame lasts. As for him with Kimberly Caldwell, it wouldn't take long for him to be off the market. Good for her!

{sigh} Thanks. Found you through the AP article. A newly-single friend and I have been joking about legal/not legal... she's 38 and I'm... older than that. I told her the creepy rule (don't date anyone younger than your age divided by 2, + 7, or that's kinda creepy), but we both decided to disregard that because math = no fun. We figured, OK, legal - that's important. THEN I saw the Sex & The City cast on Oprah, and Kim Cattrall's dating someone younger - she said her criteria was that they could *drive*! So funny.

And now I'm wondering about posting this, because it's not like I think this is all you're about - I just loved your "he's legal" comment in the article!

Steph, create a youtube account and add the perfomances you love to your favorites. Will make the youtube stalking MUCH easier.

Thanks Janna, while I am bummed, at least I still have the power to YouTube it anytime i want ;-D

It isn't there anymore. They only kept them up until midnight results night. Hopefully they'll rerelease some of them as a "special EP" or a "greatest hits CD" like they did last season.

I have a question and hopefully someone can answer it for me. I really want to get the Billie Jean song that David Cook sang and I couldn't find it on I-tunes. Is it there or am I missing it. I really loved it and want it, anything would help, thanks!!!

want it for your computer or ipod (it's ipod compatible.


Sharing the Cookie love.

Looks like the GH commercials (both DC and DA) have been removed. Haven't been able to access either one for the last half hour.

Luckily I still have the DC one at home on the DVR

Well, thank God for TiVo since the commercials have been removed....DAMMIT! Thanks for the ZZ Top though. I think that right there stole the show! I am a happily married woman, but DAAAAAAMMMMMMMNNNNNNN he is one sexy guy! I think he has surpassed Chris Daughtry for me!

It seems to me like maybe DC's guitar isn't actually turned up at all on the ZZ Top video? From 0:17-0:18 and 0:21-0:22, you see DC's right hand fretting the last 3 notes at the end of the riff, but you don't hear it. Or am I just missing it?

I did notice that both held it lefty but did pay attention to the screen so much. LOL

Nice legs!!!

Okay, I realize this will make me seem like a total dork, but did it bother anyone else familiar with the game that both Davids were holding the guitar in the lefty flip position and yet the screen showed the regular display (green notes on the far left)? I play lefty flip myself so it bothered me. A little.

Okay - now I get to enjoy ZZ and DC all over again - THANK YOU Linda!!! Yes, I know I'm old enough to be his mother but I still think he's cute as a bug in a rug and I love listening to him sing :)

Aw. How come this video's not getting any love?



David A did the same commercial. I missed it last night because I flew through the commercials (just dumb, happy luck that I caught David C's!) I'll grab Archuleta's off YouTube and post it.

Don't know if you guys have seen the extended version.


Apparently you can watch in HQ.

Ok - so a few minutes ago I was recapping last night for everyone at work and this commercial came up. But here is the STRANGE thing...I swear that when the commercial came on, it was David A. Imagine my surprise when I hopped on to read your recap and saw this video. I'm in AZ, so the only thing I can think of is that there are 2 versions and I got the other one?? Did anyone else notice this?

Hello Linda. I am a big fan of yours, and visit this site a lot, not just for the idol recaps. This is my first time writing in. It seems that nobody has mentioned that little David A also did the Guitar Hero commercial, though did not pull it off nearly as well as David C. Just thought I'd mention that in case everybody fast-forwarded through that.
David C rocks!

I missed the GH commercial the first time around because I FF through the commercials. That is a CLASSIC and makes me love DC even more!

HEAVEN!! I'm SALIVATING!!!! I loved it last night and I love it now!!! Cookie's my man!!! YUMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!

There are many performances I would buy from last night. I wish they were on iTunes. "Hero" and "Letter" come to mind.

I wish iTunes had Sharp Dressed Man available for download! I would pay good money for that!

Yummy, Yummy, Yummy!!!! WooHoo the best MAN won!

Have I died? Is this heaven?

I'll take it!

I totally missed this last night! Thank you for posting this!

I'm still giddy from last night; my favorite contestant has never won this show before!

And, yeah, what janna said....


Need I say more?

The right David won! That Guitar Hero commercial was sooo great. Finally a rocker wins AI! Linda thanks for your recaps, you made it more fun than watching! Did you get a load of how "excited to be there" Amanda OverKILLmeyer looked!??

Awesome!!!! Thanks for posting this, Linda. We fast-forwarded through most of the commercials last night and missed the Guitar Hero one. And I missed almost all of the ZZ Top performance (I'd gone out to the garage for a smoke-break).

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