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Thursday, May 29, 2008


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I too grew up with the Carol Burnett show. I cried when I heard about Harvey. I cried when I heard about Charlton Heston, and felt sad and totally suprised about Sydney Pollack. The glory years of old Hollywood are gone. Who's left? Paul Newman? Kirk Douglas? Elizabeth Taylor? Maureen O'Hara? Mickey Rooney? Ernest Borgnine? I saw Charles Durning on an awards show this past winter, and thought 'he wont last much longer', cause he's looking old too...The young people of today dont have a clue about entertainment and what real acting is. Harvey, you will be missed! And I was hoping for a Carol Burnett reunion show...

Heard this morning. And Linda, I too was waiting for number three after Dick Martin, and Pollack passed away. (it's really unnerving how the deaths move in that fashion). Grew up on Carol Burnett and I thought that he and Tim Conway were the funniest men on the planet.

I too grew up with the Carol Burnett show & my favorite parts were the ones where they would crack each other up - oh man those were the days! I loved that Scarlett bit too. "Scarlett, where did you get that dress?" "I saw it in the window & couldn't resist it!" CLASSIC! Oh man - Sad Sad day! Rest in piece Harvey - thanks for the laughter!

Sad sad day. They truly don't make them like that anymore! My husband and I agreed this morning that the Carol Burnett show has to have been THE funniest sketch comedy EVER! Our "NEW" comedians would do well to go back and watch how it's really done!

We lost some quality entertainers this week. They were funny, they were clean and they rarely failed to deliver.

I think you are right, Linda. God must be needing a laugh.

I know, I loved that skit. I loved the one where Tim Conway played the dentist and Harvey Korman was the patient in the chair, that was one where he lost it. Tim Conway ended up numbing his leg, it was too funny.

My favorite was Carol Burnett as Scarlett O'Hara with the drapery rod through the back of her dress. Harvey Korman just could not keep a straight face...he lost it! Wish my kids could see what real comedy shows were like instead of the generally crude comic routines they see now. Those were the days!

That is so sad, I hadn't heard about Harvey Korman. I loved watching him and Tim Conway in those scenes where Harvey would hardly be able to keep it under control on the Carol Burnett show.
It is so true about things happening in threes, not just celebrity deaths, but plane crashes and natural disasters too!

I refuse to believe that we all are getting that old........


My dad just called to see if I'd heard Harvey Korman died - THAT'S how big he was in our family (well, how big *everyone* from Carol Burnett was).

Yes, the best part of the Carol Burnett Show was when Conway would do everything possible to crack Harvey up. Over the span of my life, those two guys have reduced me to tears of laughter more times than you could count.

Sad Day! Remember when Tim Conway could get on a roll and Harvey just couldn't help but laugh? He would try so hard not to, but that just made it even funnier. Oh, those were the days! I miss shows like that. When they left the bloopers in!

OH NO!!!!!!!!!! NO NO NO NO NO!!!!!!! I hadn't heard this, and OH MAN, this really upsets me!!!!!! I grew up with The Carol Burnett Show, and Harvey Korman is a BIG part of my youth. This breaks my heart, it really does.

Well, the thing in my family has always been that bad things happen in threes. So at least we know (well, hope) that no more are coming.

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