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Saturday, May 31, 2008


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Thanks so much! Now, I'm heading out to get my copy of InTouch! Got to get my Cook fix for the day! was IN TOUCH magazine, the June 9th issue. I think it is pages 56 & 57 (somewhere near there)
There are some great pics of him jumping around with his guitar...
They aren't on the website for the mag yet, guess they want you to buy the magazine.

Consider it done!

I feel your pain, girl! Somebody should write a letter to the editor!

I was so POed that DC didn't make the cover of People this week - it was Shania Twain - WTFC??? You'd think with 12 million people voting for the guy he's at least rate one of the little boxes on the cover. What a gyp!

Thanks a bunch! This is a two page spread, but only one pic, he is standing and leaning with his guitar on what I remember to be speakers or amps. He does look great in the shot, no doubt. I just thought there would be more shots. I'm sure other mag.s will have some stories we can look forward to before long, too!

My boyfriend works for a magazine company, and he brings me tons of mags, so I may be wrong about the magazine, but I will go home and look again. There was a two page spread on him and he looks amazing... will let you know the exact issue tomorrow.

Tracy, I ran out and got People mag. Tell me, are you speaking of the June 9th issue? There is an article about Cook, but it literally is only 3 paragraphs and only one pic(albeit a good one). Am I looking at the wrong issue?

Thanks Tracy! I'm heading to the newsstand right now!!!

Speaking of David Cook...did you see the People magazine article on him? The pictures were amazing... yummy.

HAHAHAHAHAHA!! Thanks, Linda! I don't know why I'm so curious about what people are looking up these days....and this listing did NOT dissappoint! Thanks!! :)

Welcome! So glad you found your way here and are enjoying DGMS!

I obviously live a very naive and sheltered life -- WHO are these people???

I am here because of the AP article and am thoroughly enjoying reading each and every part of DGMS!! I am so glad to have found your blog....very entertaining...will keep coming back !! I am a Cougar for Cook and want to thank you for all the info you have here...especially the videos of David C. !

I've missed these too, it really makes you wonder about people doesn't it?

I find myself trying to figure out when you mentioned donkey copulation and why people were searching for it to begin with...

"David Cook naked"

I haven't laughed so hard in a long time! I was wondering when those google queries would start showing up and you'd reciprocate with one of those.

I'm going camping from Monday through Friday, but not with a bunch of kids. Just me and my boyfriend, by the beach. I will miss Linda's blog too. Logging on here is one of the first things I will do when I get home!

Oooh, Veronica, good luck and have fun(?)!

I just came back from Epcot for a one day field trip with 5th graders..but 5 days!

Wow, you are my hero!

"Sex with vegetables - please tell me this person meant the garden variety"

Oh the visuals I got on this one...thanks for the good laugh Lindaloo

I'll keep that in mind, it will be my mantra on the bus ride there!

Be sure to pack a cattle prod and some duct tape. Stun and restrain, stun and restrain...

Those are great! I have missed the updates as of late. Glad to see them posted today. I will be suffering from DGMS withdrawal... going away tomorrow for 5 days with 300 sixth grades on a camping trip. I am still questioning my sanity for volunteering for this one! Hope you all have a great week! Can't wait to play catch up next weekend.

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