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Friday, May 30, 2008


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Wow! ....I'm suddenly glad that I live in an apartment and that I have a lot of crap so there's nowhere for someone to hide! :)

This makes me want to check all my closets, but I'm really not in the mood to poop myself if I find someone. Ah, nevermind: There's so much stuff piled up in every closet, there's no way anyone could fit in them anyway, lol.

This is just so beyond wierd.

Mary Lou--My point exactly.....awareness of one's surroundings......

He didn't wonder who was using all the toilet paper?

Where did she find a mattress to pull up in the closet that he would not miss? I mean, if a mattress suddenly disappeared out of one of our rooms, I think we would notice...don't you think?

That is SERIOUSLY creepy! I wonder if he ever got that 'someone's looking at me' feeling....

I read about that today too - and thought sheesh - what if he was entertaining female company, she was in the closet - listening? EWWWW - NASTY!!

So...was she a closet eater? Tee hee! Seriously though, how could you NOT KNOW someone is in your home, using your stuff? Especially being a single person--no one else to blame when something is moved. Hiroki needs to develop some awareness of his surroundings. And it sounds like this poor lady needs some assistance.

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