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Thursday, May 29, 2008


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If these girls were drugged, isn't it possible they won't remember what happened to them, unless someone tells them?
When I'm drugged at the dentists office, I don't remember what happened while under the drill. Hopefully they'll never remember such. What wrong with him? Does anyone know? Was he molested as a child?

My question and my concerns are where was the wife, what did she know? Why didn't she look at some of the tapes in her home, I read where there were a lot of tapes, and you're telling me she didn't look at one?
Noooooooo, I'm not buying it.
I think he's still controlling her, I think he told her to file for the divorce, so she would't look bad to the public. I think she knew something. I'm not a nosey wife, but if my husband has video's in our home, I'm going to preview some of them, especially when he's out of town, and I'm bored with something to do. How do you clean your house and not see video cameras/ Maybe she knew the cameras were there and he told her he wanted to videotape them making out, etc. Duh....
I'd say she's either stupid or dumb. This is just my opinion. I could be wrong, but this is how I feel. He's done this for 30 years? He's sick for sure, and there's not a cure for this mess.(death)or coma-tose. I sure hope he doesen't have a grand son with this gene. Whew! Look out future generation.

No where in my imperfect history will you find the abuse, rape, and defilement of trust of innocent children.

So YES, I AM better than this pathetic excuse for a man.

Does it make you a better person than him to go on about how horrible he is? Granted the man is a monster, his crimes are unthinkable. But are we any better than him, if we stand here lowering ourselves to a level such as this? Paragraph upon paragraph of hateful, disgusting words.

Just food for thought, think about ones own past, inequities, bad deeds, and mean spirited acts before we stand and deliver such hateful words against one man.

No one is perfect, and no one is truly better than anyone else.

I have read all the postings and I am curious to hear all your thoughts on my question. I would like to know what you suggest that mothers, fathers and primary care providers do to protect their children.

Are some of you suggesting that I never allow my children to be in the care of another adult without my presence? Should I home school and keep them out of private tutoring, lessons, camps, Birthday parties, educationally sponsored school functions including academic associations, church and community service opportunities? Should I only prohibit sleepovers?

Alternatively, do you suggest that I not stifle their social development and allow them to participate in all the things that make us humans that are capable of developing a deep sense of community?

On the other hand, you may recommend I take the middle road and trust my gut. Oh, but some of you mentioned that no one could have known that Billy Dan Carroll was committing such atrocities. So, my gut instinct is out, right?

If you are willing to share your thoughts about parents or primary care provider’s responsibilities, would also share with me at what point you think that I, and other parents and primary care givers, can expect for the adult with whom we entrust our child’s safe protection from drugs, forced sexual acts and abuse to be accountable.

First of all he is serving 5 life sentences plus 42 years. AND by the way, God does not tolerate nor forgive these types.

He did plead guilty and is now serving three life sentences plus 15 years. He will be in jail for the remainder of his life.

We should pray that Carroll will seek God's help and forgivness.

I cannot believe anyone even thinks this sick bastard deserves another day in the free world. There is video evidence and he was trusted by close friends. If he takes this to trial, the people that will suffer the most will be his wife and daughters. If he cares at all about them knowing he still will never see the light of day out of the pen, he will take the plea and die in jail. This is what he deserves to do. We all know it including Kathy and his two girls. Why go any further????

And to add to that (^), I know one of the girls this happened to, and she doesnt remember anything due to these slushy drinks, but she was confirmed on the video tapes.
So you might want to get your facts straight.

Pinky, im writing to your June 22 posting
I also personally know the family, and have for many years, and to just be throwing things like that out is absolutely terrible.
If you knew the wife, you would know how much pain and disbelief she is going through. I'm not automatically saying she didn't know about any of this. But it seems very unlikely that she did. Everyone on this blog keeps saying 'I don't think anyone could be that good at hiding this." But there's always that person that can, and I'm pretty sure it's him. If he was good enough to hid this side of him for this many years, and people in the community be so unbelieving that this could have happened, he could have been good enough to hide this from his wife. And these kids were 5-7 at the time of these sleepovers, I don't think they would have been 'staying up ALL night'. Please have some respect for the family and what they're going through and don't automatically assume all of this. None of us know all the details (or want to) and none of us know what went on at the time, or if she was sleeping too, etc.

I don't think any of us were trying to say poor Billy, unless I missed something reading....but we were speculating about his wife, and indeed if she did know, I would consider her as accountable as him, at least. I do, though, feel terrible for his girls if you are indeed correct that they, too, were his victims. How much worse is it when it's your own dad? Is there even a way to answer that question?

I agree with Karl, I appreciate and am proud of you for sharing with us your thoughts and feelings about something deeply scarring and personal.

Also, about not letting it stop you from moving forward in your life - without the slightest intention of making light of it, because I'm really, really not, it's not worth letting a POS like this ruin your future for you as well as your past.

A friend of mine was molested by her dad when she was young. The last time she ever saw him, though, she was 11 years old. When she was 24, she tried to kill herself, mostly because of all the terrible emotions she was still carrying around from that. She's now 40 and she has come a very very long way since then, but what she says now is, who did her more damage, her dad or herself? Because she beat herself up for another 13 years after he couldn't possibly hurt her anymore and drove herSELF to attempt suicide. He wasn't there, then, making her do that. And what she realized is that so many victims of this sort of thing keep doing the work of their molesters long after that person is gone. Don't do that to yourself.

I am proud of you, thank you for stepping forward. I know you life is not what any of us would want for you. We are here to support you, and we will always be here.

Don't let this stop you from moving forward in your life. (and I personally know how hard this is).

I am that girl that was a victom of Mr. Carroll back in the early 80's. I have just been reading all the posts on the issue. I can tell you this. When a child experiences such a tramatic event in their young life, it changes them, there is a certian look in their eyes. I am not speculating, but when I saw Mr. Carroll in approx. 1993 at RiverBend Chruch walking out with his daughters...well they had that look in their eyes. I do not believe for one second that the wife didnt know about what was going on. And if she really didnt know, then they didnt have a personal marriage nor relationship. Mr. Carroll was very very assertive and demanding man and for all of you who keep saying poor Billy and poor his family, try expereincing the wrath of a serial child rapist first hand and then you can comment. I cannot even begin to express what this man have done to me, and the other now 17 victoms, and continued to do for approx. 27 additional years. I dont even know how a child is supposed to process the events taking place at their young age. I guess all I have to say is the wife I think chose to turn her head to her husbands "strange" actions I assume out of love of her husband. Wives keep secrets for their husbands.........and now look how much money she just got in the divorce for keeping her mouth shout. HUMMMM something to think about.

After reading these posts with much interest, I am in agreement with viscount regarding pinky, she is the epitome of Lincoln's quote. She is more interested in hearing herself talk than adding to dialog and learning something.


You might know the Carrolls but it doesn't seem that you were very close to the Carrolls by your former posts. We appreciate you clarifying yourself.

Calm down, guys. I merely said "if." I didn't say they were involved or knew anything about what Bill was doing. I said masters of deception, as he obviously is, can abuse his children and keep them from telling for years. I didn't say it happened. I didn't say the children were victims of this abuse. So get off your high horses and go back to the title of this blog.

Of course they're victims in other ways, as is Kathy. Their husband and father is someone and something they could never have imagined in a hundred years. Their father is suddenly gone from their lives. Kathy has to make terrible decisions about what to do for her children's future, terrible in the sense she never would have dreamed of having to make.

I read the probable cause affidavits. The acts these young girls were made to perform, on videotape, are acts they will never forget. These, too, are victims and they will have Bill out of their lives, too, Thank God.

I agree with the notion that the "gossip should stop."

Bill Carroll is obviously a tortured soul and has hurt so many innocent children and women. The hurt he has inflicted on his own family, both immediate and extended, is unfathomable.

Please stop judging the Carroll family as they have been questioned over and over again by police and they HAVE DONE NOTHING WRONG." Having had personal experience with people like Bill Carroll I will just say that they are masters at what they do. People have lived with rapists, serial killers, people with totally other lives, for years and never suspected a thing (just watch Prime Time or 20-20 sometime). It is easy for people to say that "the family should have known" now that all is out in the open. When you are working full time, traveling out of town a lot with your job, being a good mom, raising exceptional young women, being involved at school, and as of the last few years battling cancer and enduring chemotherapy -- life is very busy and if there were any signs (doubt there were--again, they are masters of deception and even the police have said, "he was very very good at this)--go ahead and cast the first stone, I dare you. But I say this and I mean it, pray for and support the victims of these horrible crimes but DO NOT judge the wife and children. You have no right. Maybe you should take the time to look around at your own life and see what you might be missing, things right under your nose. Yes, it could happen to you!!!
If you find it in your heart, pray for the victims of the crimes AND for the the Carroll family as they are victims, yes, imagine that--you wake up one day and your father is basically "dead" in your eyes. Your whole life has been a lie. This poor mother now has to help these girls get through this and hope that they can eventually move on and lead the productive and meaningful lives that they are meant to and deserve to have. She is charged with doing this and at the same time is battling ovarian cancer for the second time. Not shoes that I would want to be in.

Pinky, Just curious why anyone would be saying evil things about a family that is already in pain. The Carrolls lived in a quite large house. They probably lived downstairs and never went upstairs. You would think nothing of swimsuits in a bag because his daughters had probably had many swimsuits in their past. You would also think nothing if you lived in a house that had other items that were mentioned. When you trust people around you, then you are not looking for these type of things. The Carrolls probably had multiple bedrooms upstairs and so everyone probably slept in separate bedrooms when there were sleepovers. I don't know this for a fact but I have a large house like this and haven't looked at pictures or videotapes for years. Hopefully, this will give an answer to some of your questions so we won't injure innocent people any longer.
I'm sure that wasn't your intent but it could put the wrong thoughts in people's minds.

Apparently you dont know his daughters. Otherwise you wouldn't be writing me back saying the things you are saying. Go ahead and keep gossiping about what you think his wife should've known and things about his daughters. I'm done trying to defend them to people like you who dont know a thing about their family. You know Bill Carroll? So does half of Austin.

By viscount:

"If you researched it even a little, you'd find these people (child predators) are masters of deception and have easily fooled loved ones very close to them for long periods of time just as is the case here; hence, forging ahead without benefit of any research at all, you're placing a dark cloud of guilt over people far more astonished than you at how this could have happened.

"Pinky, you are the poster child for Abraham Lincoln's quote, “Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt."

Interesting post, viscount. I actually agree with parts of it. Child predators are masters of deception and have easily fooled loved ones. Kathy could have easily been fooled by Bill about whether he molested his daughters. You make that point for me. Child victims have been threatened with all manner of things to get them to remain silent and act like nothing ever happened to them. As a matter of fact, these victims would rather act like loving children that had no abuse happen to them. You make that point. My final point you almost made for me. I could be a poster child for some other matter close to home for us all as we write these posts. I have far more research than you could ever imagine. And, yes, I know Bill, too. As for Lincoln, I thought it better to remain silent. I was wrong. Lincoln was wrong.

FamilyFriend, if you go to the link I provided today you will see that the items siezed from the Carrolls' home include items such as girl-sized swimsuits, girl-sized clothing, sleep masks, lotions, hidden camera(s) plural, 97 tapes, just to name a small part of the siezed items from his home.

If his wife saw child cloths, child swimsuits, sleep masks, did she just pick them up and wash them or say, "Hmm, I wonder what's going on in my house, because my youngest daughter is 17 now. Where did these come from and how long have they been here?"

How dare you think Bill couldn't molest his daughters and conceal it through threats for years. Apparently you've never been a victim. Threats by parents work better than threats to children not of his blood. Stop acting like you know WHAT Bill Carroll did to his daughters. How dare you!! And, yes, I also know Bill.

if they did mention him at this conference... what would you want them to say???? everyone knows what he did was wrong, there is no need to re-emphasize.

I was also at the Texas Court Reporters Association conference this past weekend. While his name was not mentioned, his name was on the program with others who had received awards in the past. When they read the names, they did leave his name off. But no mention of him whatsoever-that is troubling b/c if it were me, they would have been bad-mouthing me all over the place and using me as an example of bad behaviour!

I personally know one of the daughters very well. Its hard for me to believe such a scum bag raised an amazing and wonderful daughter. She is someone that I look up to, and I can't imagine the hurt and pain she is going through. I think it is completely wrong to accuse the family of knowing even a little bit about this. His daughters are very compassionate, loving and caring people, so please don’t pin anything on the two of them. They are struggling enough as it is. Their trust is shattered, their reflections on childhood must haunt them, and they don’t need anything else to worry about. Also, it doesn't help much that their mom is plagued with cancer.
This man really did seem like a perfect role model for the children. I met him on various occasions, and he was very very nice. I don’t think I have fully comprehended it yet.

Agreed, it is so wrong to blame the Mother and daughters, and to assume that the girls were molested, IS GOSSIP! Also, when the poster said "brain cancer", I knew the poster did not have their facts correct. Stop gossiping at the grocery store about this sad story. GOSSIP and assuming is very destructive.......get a life.

Thank you for chiming in. And you're right.

How many examples do we need to see before it sinks in that these people are extremely adept at deception, and have raised secrecy to an artform?

Families are blown apart when these things are uncovered because the perpetrators have so thoroughly covered their tracks for YEARS and YEARS.

My heart goes out to every family this happens to - they SO don't deserve what has been done to them, any more than the abuse victims deserve what has been done to them.

How dare you point fingers at his wife and daughters. I have been very good friends with their daughters for 8 years. Thank the Lord he thought of me as one of his own kids and never ever laid a hand on me. For you to say that he did things to his daughters is absolutely ridiculous. You do not know them on a personal level; therefore you have no right to say that. They loved their Dad and if you knew his girls and how they felt about him before his disturbing actions came out, you yourself would know that he never laid a hand on them. Their mother is battling ovarian cancer, not brain cancer and is a great woman who I call my second Mom. I can't believe you would say she had to notice something fishy going on. Obviously no one did, everyone that knew him is in complete shock. Why do you think he got away with it for so long? Because sadly he was good at hiding what he did. But how dare you say his daughters don't need an education fund? Why should they be punished for something their father did! Of course his victims need help and counseling and I can only imagine what they are going through. My prayers are with them and their families. But my thoughts and prayers are with the carroll family as well as this has been truly heartbreaking for the them and many friends of the family. It is very offending when people like you talk like you know everything about their life and the situation they are in. Talk all you want about what you want to do for the victims, I think thats great. Just dont talk about the carroll family like you know them, that is when it crosses the line.

And as for me, deponent sayeth no more.

Mortified, you're making my point. "Many of us are only trying to figure out..." You're not trying hard enough if at all. Instead, you're pointing and talking and casting a dark shadow over people who have done nothing.

If you researched it even a little, you'd find these people (child predators) are masters of deception and have easily fooled loved ones very close to them for long periods of time just as is the case here; hence, forging ahead without benefit of any research at all, you're placing a dark cloud of guilt over people far more astonished than you at how this could have happened.

Pinky, you are the poster child for Abraham Lincoln's quote, “Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt.”

Keep it up.

>>>>>>I've just returned from Texas court reporters convention. None of this was mentioned and Mr. Carroll's name was left out of all written materials.>>>>>

That's not surprising. All court reporters knew that was going to happen.

>>>>>I also knew this man very well, or so I thought, and was equally as shocked as the rest.>>>>>>>>>>>>There's a demon in all of us, some worse than others. Rid yourselves of your own demons before you self-righteously point fingers at any of the Carrolls.>>>>>>>>>

Pleaaaaaaaaaase! Use your brain cells and common sense.

No one is pointing fingers so lose that thought. Many of us are only trying figure out he got away with this in his own home for so long. It just doesn't add up. No one is that good at hiding things when living in a house with 3 other people. As far as the c.r. convention, I'm not surprised at all that his name never came up. Complete disassociation with this trash is the best thing for people in that profession at this point.

I've just returned from Texas court reporters convention. None of this was mentioned and Mr. Carroll's name was left out of all written materials.

I also knew this man very well, or so I thought, and was equally as shocked as the rest.

There's a demon in all of us, some worse than others. Rid yourselves of your own demons before you self-righteously point fingers at any of the Carrolls.

Some things to ponder here:

The girls that did like those sluchies and drank them, you know they must have felt sick the next day. I mean how could a child NOT feel sick after being drugged? How was this handled at the Carrolls' household? Were the parents told, "Oh, your little girl is not feeling very well today." And, if so, how many times did this happen that HIS DAUGHTERS AND WIFE noticed this pattern? "Gosh, everytime we have these children over they end up going home sick."

Maybe he was drugging his wife? Umm. I guess that's possible. I would think she, as an adult, would know what had happened to her. Did she confront her husband? Well, who knows. If she was aware of what was going on and she just wanted to ignore it, why? Oh, well, maybe it's for the sake of his three extremely successful large court reporting firms? Can't lose those now can we? Well, Mr. Billy D. Carroll, you've now lost them.

And where was this Mr. Carroll buying and hiding the drugs?

I would be interested in finding out EXACTLY how many girls he did rape. I'm sure that's being investigated. Personally, I don't think he's too worried that ALL those girls will come forward. If this had happened to my child, I'd be camping at the courthouse steps for each and every hearing.

And here goes another opinion I have: A pervert like Billy D. Carroll, would, in my opinion, may have sexually abused his own two daughters. After all, those strawberry slushes were pretty yummy. Guys, the court system is full of cases like these waiting to be ajudicated.

My sentiments exactly. It just doesn't add up. There could easily have been some serious denial going on there with the wife and possible kids as well. Or, perhaps he was drugging the wife during the sleepovers so she wouldn't wake up in the middle of the night and go looking for him when he wasn't in bed with her and find him upstairs in bed with a 7 year old! People do not trust anyone with your children - i don't care how squeaky-clean they appear to be!!!

>>>>>I have to wonder where the mother of house was during these sleepovers while her husband was preparing the drug laced slushies? I just don't get it. How could he have gotten away with this for so long? <<<<

I have wondered about this, too. Moms usually host the sleepovers, especially their daughters'.

Also, wouldn't his wife, or daughters not question why a sleepover friend ends up in a separate room, not in the same room as their friends? You know, "Hey, where's so-and-so?" As many parents know, and it's just common knowledge that, during sleepovers, the kids usually stay up all night having fun, giggling, watching movies, playing games and end up falling asleep ALL TOGETHER IN ONE ROOM. I've never had a situation where I have to go looking for a child in other places in the house. And I watch the kids at all times since I am responsible for their safety in my home, which meant I, too, didn't get much sleep. So how is it that Mr. Carroll was able to drug these girls, transport them into another room and rape them without ANYONE knowing anything about it?? Sorry, there's something wrong with that picture.

And, guys, let's face it. Do you really think that this guy NEVER let something slip or his wife or even another family member NEVER saw something, that maybe they felt was inappropriate since 1980??

It's my opinion, and I'm entitled to it, I believe that his wife at least knew there was something really wrong with him, being married to him for so many years. A person CANNOT be so blind, so stupid not to notice certain actions as questionable or inappropriate. But as we all know, family tends to turn the other way, pretend nothing is happening and just hope nothing bad happens to reveal "the family secret."

Where was his wife when the hidden camera was installed? How was it turned on and off? Where was the remote kept? It had to be installed in such a way that he could load and unload the videotapes without a lot of hassle, so where was this camera hidden? Ceiling vents?

I have many, many more questions, but, at this time, that's it.

I too have known this family for 15 years through association with our children in school. To say the people of our community are disturbed, shocked, and in dis-belief is a supreme understatement. What angers me most is the lily-white, holier-than-thou persona that Bill Carroll portrayed himself as while the whole time he is a sick, perverted, cocky, conceited, self-righteous s.o.b. I left my daughter who is now nearly 18 years old with that sleeze-bag dozens of times when she was between 5-7 years old! She clearly remembers the "slushies" as his "treat" for the girls during sleepovers. Thank God for her they were almost always of a strawberry flavor which she has never cared for and did not consume. Although I feel sorry for the family and the fact that they will forever be associated with him (especially the daughters who are half him) I have to wonder where the mother of house was during these sleepovers while her husband was preparing the drug laced slushies? I just don't get it. How could he have gotten away with this for so long?

As I sit here and read these blogs all I can do is think about the the "other" victims in this whole situation - His wife and two daughters. I am not personlly close to this family but have overheard numerous conversations from "friends" of the family and my childrens friends. What dissapoints me more than anything is they have been tagged as guilty by association. Many may not know that his wife has brain cancer and has been going through kemo treatments and has been fighting this illness for 2+ years. I have not heard how she is doing but she is in our prayers.
Two other points --- now that her husband has lost is job will she still have adequate insurance to help attack her illness? Also, my heart goes out to the two lovely daughters. They will forever be labeled as "the daughters of that man that..." This family needs everyones support! With their father potentially spending the rest of his life in jail and a mother that is fighting a life threatening illness, it is possible that these girls will have to face the repercussions of this tragic situation ALONE! We need to support this family and to embrace them. Residence, friends, co-workers and business owners of LCP area - Let's rally around ALL of the victims! It is not thier fault!

Melinda, while visiting the Carrolls in their home, sure hope you didn't use the bathroom he had a hidden camera in.

I appreciate this blog. It's helped me understand the circumstances surrounding the issue. I am curious about the police's knowledge with regard to the fact that he may have been involved in other crimes dating as far back as the 1980's. Does anyone have any info about what types of crimes he may have been involved in?

Signed - An Austinite..

Oh my goodness - I have also known and worked with Bill Carroll and to find out all of the horrific details (although we've not seen the actual tapes) is horrifying. My thoughts go out to the ex-wife, daughters and Bill Frederick's - his former business partner. I have been to the Carroll's home and met his family. I would have NEVER suspected him of doing this - which should all teach us a lesson -

The victims in this horrible man's crime spree will need healing but FINALLY he has been stopped! I'm pretty sure he'll get what's coming to him in prison!

Why is Billy Dan Carroll not using Roy Minton. He says he as no money, so most likely cannot afford Minton. Does anyone know if Minton refused to represent Carroll?

I met Bill Carroll many years ago thru a court reporting friend of mine, who had known Bill for years and also gone to c.r. school with his wife Kathy. When I relocated to the Austin area I ran into him and asked to do overflow work for his firm, which he was very nice about it, and his firm started calling me to help out as an overflow reporter. He has always seemed to be the nicest person, a very hard working individual who went to bat for us many times when there were issues concerning the future of court reporters. He told me at one time that since his wife worked, he was "Mr. Mom", picking up kids at school, being involved in activities at school, etc. Now those words have come back to haunt me. We as a court reporting community are not only shocked and saddened but also very angry and hurt by his actions. We have a state convention next week. We are all waiting to see if this is going to be addressed!

I have donated to CASA of Travis County, and I wanted to point out to Pinky that on that same site, there have been efforts made to set up a fund for the victims. Those efforts were being made even before Breck posted his comments over there. There are many victims in this, and we need to make our best efforts to help them all.

What Bill did is about as horrific and sickening as we can imagine. He is a low life even to the worst of criminals. What he did is unforgiveable to almost all of us but not to God. This tragic situation truly elevates how merciful God is in forgiving the most unimaginable sins. Bill's sin is certainly a 10+ on the Richter scale. It's understandable people want him to rot in hell but thank the Lord even people like Bill Carroll can still be saved. Hopefully, he will turn to the Lord, especially since he has nowhere else to turn, and come to either know him or repent and be forgiven and perhaps God can use him in some good ways for the remainder of his life. God is pretty good at that. God also knows the pain and hurt of each person involved and can help each one who will let Him. This post is mainly about the mercy and grace of God and may everyone involved in this horrible situation turn to Him for there is not one person here He won't help.


I am sorry you have been put in such a terrible decision. But the devastation is equal for this man's wife and children. He has two WONDERFUL children, whom I have the pleasure of knowing very closely. You cannot judge how well off this family is by their location. Someone already posted that the wife/mother has been battling cancer; those costs add up. She does work, but now the main proprietor of the family is locked up. I understand your disdain toward this man himself, but his family deserves respect. There is action being taken to help the victims. But you can't forget that his family is also a victim. Their trust has been shattered.

I meant to put my name on the above post.
My apologies. Hopefully, Ms. Sharp can fix that.
(tipping hat)


Reporters around the state and country are also contributing to CASA in Travis County.

I'm not trying to minimize your comments, but I don't think that everything has been thought through yet as far as donating to other causes.

Yes, what happened is a tragedy. I knew this person on a professional basis and to say that we in the court reporting profession are shocked is an understatement. I'm not speaking on behalf of TCRA or what they will or will not do. There are going to be many avenues to donate to or to support over the next several weeks. There are probably going to be many groups that will do what they can to donate to many causes that relate to this sick tragedy.

Based on what you have posted, I'm going to go to and make your suggestion and see what happens or whether that helps.

Maybe my posting will prompt another thought process into this topic of discussion.

(tipping hat)

I have read about this monster raping the precious and innocent children. Yes, I know there are two adults, too. This is just horrific!

There's one post on, a court reporters resource web site, which informs everybody that the Texas Court Reporters Association is setting up an education fund for the Carroll two girls. I was SHOCKED!! What about the children that were raped!! What about their education? What about counseling? What about their lives?

These girls will FOREVER, FOREVER, FOREVER remember what happened to them. They will have to live with it for the rest of their lives. The pshycological problems these girls will have or maybe are having now will make life much more difficult than one that has not been raped and especially raped as a child. I know. I was raped as a child many, many times. I'm in my fifties and I have suffered terribly all my life. It NEVER goes away. It NEVER is easier to live with the horrible memories as time passes.
Again, I was truly shocked to read what the Texas Court Reporters Association was doing. Those girls don't need an education fund. These people lived in very exclusive area of Austin. The monster was owner of three huge court reporting firms for years! His wife is a federal court reporter.

I just want to end this the best way I can explain my experience: I was wounded severely as a child and my wounds are still not healed, they never will be. It is never going to go away.

More appreciation and kudos from me, as well.

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