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Wednesday, May 21, 2008


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My local newspaper ran your AP article, and I was hugely amused by your candor.
I started rooting from him at his first audition, but it wasn't love until he tore the house down on "Billie Jean." I've watched every season of American Idol, but this is the first season I've voted!
Even more amazing was my shock and glee when I flew out to Missouri to visit the college I'll be attending in the fall, only to find out that IT'S DAVID COOK'S ALMA MATER. And his brother goes there now. Smile.
At any rate, this was definitely the best American Idol recap I've ever read-I missed the finale because I had to work, so I've been catching snips of it on YouTube, but reading this made me feel that I didn't miss a beat.
Thank you!

Any chance we can get "Cougars 4 Cook" tee shirts? I'm definitely one!

Whew, finally caught up on the comments. We had a very busy day yesterday. Does anyone know what Gayla was talking about a shot of olive oil being good for?

Oh yea, and GO Cookie GO! I couldn't have been happier with the results show. I guess I am a full fledged member of the cougar club. I keep re-watching Cookie's GH commercial. Thank you thank you thank you Linda for posting it! This is why we LOVE you! (Well, one reason anyway)

The first time I saw David Cook, I thought "What is such a nice face doing under that rooster hair!" After the stylists fixed it...I knew he was sex incarnate. His voice caught my ears in the audition, his obviously cluelessness about how sexy he is and actually BEING so sexy caught my imagination and, then his honest face, mind and heart went in for the kill. I'm totally hooked. I'll miss seeing him every week SO much. I hope this guy ends up with 200 Grammys and in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame because I can't think of ONE person who has and is that deserves it more heart-wise and talent wise. I LOVE him, so shoot me.

Loved this recap of the show... just now found DGMS when searching ANYTHING related to DC after last night's amazing finale. So crazy for me as I have NEVER been into American Idol - but this year - - Mr. Cook stole the show and my adoration.

I wasn't able to watch the show "live" as I was flying home during the broadcast. I refused to look at any TV screen at the airport, didn't want the radio on in the cab, wanted to sit and watch my recording of the finale at home... (sans husband who was also out of town.) I knew I was going to watch "Archie" (as DC calls him) be announced the winner. It was a given but I needed to see it for myself without hearing someone announce it on TV or the radio.

So I get home at 11PM and crank up the recorded program. I see David C and once again swoon. Is he really that good looking?... umm - maybe - but he has a mixture of sex appeal and that voice and a pretty darn good look that make me melt. My husband jokingly refers to him as my boyfriend. How many others of you out there have a husband who says the same? : ) OK - I digress...

I watch about as much as I can of the performances, but keep fast forwarding through it all (except for the Risky Business spoof and ZZ top performance of course) to get to the point where they will crown Puppy. (Is that what you all call him?) Anyway - Ryan does his big build up with the guy from the accounting firm or whatever - and then he is about to make the announcement and I get as far as... "as the winner for Am. Idol 2008 is David and a slight hint of a "Ka" sound and my recording ends. 2 hours exactly are up... G.D. Comcast!!! Holy crap! Was he saying David Cook??? Did my boyfriend win??? Oh my god, Oh my god - - Oh my god! I raced to my office and jumped on You Tube for the video of the finale. I found one of the final announcement and held my breath until I heard the actual pronouncement... the winner is David Cook!!!! I couldn't breathe for about 10 seconds and then burst into tears. Wow... so incredible - I couldn't believe it. Did they really say D.C. was the winner? I wanted to call my husband by it was o'dark-thirty where he was. I had to bask in David's win all by myself. My dogs just didn't get why I was crying all over them. So I went to bed with a big smile on my face... happy that my boyfriend had won and looking forward to the day I could buy his first album.

You voted 400 and how many times? Oh my god, how pathetic is that? Get a life!

Thanks for this great recap! I was laughing out loud while reading this blog entry! One of the few that have done that. You're wonderful!

LMFAO, Mom of 5!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I watched it back when the guys won their car, and David A.'s dad most distinctly said, "Mwahahahaha! All of my evil machinations are now complete!" ;-)

Thanks for all the hard work you do to entertain us. I had to say thanks for all the joy you have brought me, sharing your words of wisdom. I will continue to come back to bring a smile to my face.

Someone in my office brought this subject up so I'll put the question out there... It did stand out to me last night that Carly was wearing black tights every time she came out. Is it possible that she has tatts on her legs? Can't remember ever seeing her bare-legged. Anyone know? Not that it takes away from her glorious singing. While watching her last night I kept exclaiming how much I had missed her. Went to Itunes and downloaded "Here you come again" and "Without YOu" before the tunes were pulled. Already had all the ones I wanted from David Cook. AI and Itunes got at least ten bucks of downloads from my household.

Thanks for another season of recaps, Linda. I enjoyed them and the people I share them with do to.

Congrats to Cookie!

Thank God for your awesome recaps Linda because my Tivo shut off at 10 PM, (switching to Boston Legal) and all I heard when I watched the show when I got home from my daughter's soccer training was
" and the winner of A.I. is....." NOTHING, Tivo shut off!! I was screaming! Does anyone have any taped footage of the announcement/reactions/final performance????
If so, PLEASE share!
Thanks again!
Debbie, NJ

Great recap Linda! And thanks for being the morning lift for my mind on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Loved, loved, loved the finale last night! Didn't like the Kimmel and Mike Meyers bits, but appreciated the moments of humor that were gleaned from them (like the shaving cream on DC) Bryan Adams, George Michael, Donna Summer and SEAL (woo hoo!!!) Was so happy that DC won! Let's hear it for the good guys!!! I'm just humming along today - so pleased with yesterday's results and how it played out.

Yeah, me too! Chickeze has talent. It was just he waited too long to sprout and then since he is different, not so mainstream, he didn't get a chance to peak like some of the others did. I am glad he is going to be in the tour because he *IS* an entertainer. I hope they give him lots of funked-out numbers to play with. I also like Jason. I believe there are listeners out there for all the kids that were on this year - well maybe not for Ramiele. She just never bloomed any more than her audition. Not sure what happened with her. She was never able to hit a homerun. I thought she was one of the ones with potential at the beginning but she just never materialized. Oh well.

I think it is fun to promte the "crazies" for the comedy effect. Remember the two kids last year - they became friends in line @ auditions. One was the one that Simon called a bush baby. Anyway, those two will have the memories of their tiny moment of stardom for the rest of their lives. If a contestant takes themselves too seriously, then it makes such a sad time for them. LIke the kid that is trying to sue FOX because Simon said he should cover AI for their FOX affiliate. That's sad because he thinks he has talent. But Renaldo, he is just campy. I appreciate these people because they end up becoming Robin Williams, Chris Farley, John Belushi, David Spade. They become our future comediennes. Anyway, I am glad they get their chances.

OMG, do you remember the "like a virgin" guy that had safety pins holding his jeans together? YIKES!!! ;)

I like Chickeze...and was sorry to see him go so early in the competition.

Linda-I've been so busy the last couple of weeks, I haven't had much time to comment. I only caught bits of Tuesday night's AI and completely missed the finale last night. I had to log on today just to find out who won! YIPPEE DC!!

Thank you so much for all your hard work with the recaps, I wasn't worried a bit last night about missing the show because I knew I would get everything I needed from your blog today!

Now we're off to a huge horse show where my 13 yr. old son and his horse will be trying their hardest to qualify for the youth world championships. Everybody keep their fingers crossed for us (prayers help too!) I'll look forward to checking back in Monday or Tuesday.

Here's wishing everyone here at the DGMS family a safe and wonderfuly holiday weekend!

BTW one more thing I forgot to comment on:
I Am Your Brother guy Reynaldo.
With the USC Marching band and now everyone knowing his song.

This is exactly why all the crazy, really bad people come to try out.
Just as the good singers aspire to be David Cook, Carrie Underwood, Kelly Clarkson or Jordin Sparks, the bad ones aspire to be William Hung or Reynoldo or all the other bad but famous people.

Though the competition is really about finding a good singer, theres also a Sub Competition about being the worst AND getting famous for being the worst.

William Hung has recorded 3 albums.
I have no idea who is buying them, but hes still around.
So the really bad people who try out for Idol are there for a reason as well.

I totally agree Linda, Amanda looked pissed, annoyed, and bored.
Kind of like how Britney looked in her MTV Award performance, like she was not all there and not giving it her all.
She does not deserve to be there, with that kind of attitude.
I am glad she is not on the tour.

Someone else not on the tour that I am NOT glad about is David Hernandez.
He really is great, and I love when he stylizes songs.
I dont care if hes an ex male stripper, gay or not, I think hes good and I wish he would have gone farther.

If a rocker were going to win this year, much as I think David Cook is great, I would rather go and see Michael Johns perform any day.

His duet with Carly for The Letter was amazing.
They complimented each other real well.
I bet they do that song on the tour.
I saw her interviewed and she said she and Michael became like best friends during the season.

Brooke was totally in her element last night with that Crosby Stills Nash song. I really hope she does well. Shes unique.

Forgetable Idols who we will most likely never hear from again:
Kristy Lee Cook
Jason Castro

Idols who should use this to springboard careers:
Michael Johns
David Hernandez
David Archuleta

Amanda does not even make this list at all bc she just does not even deserve to be there with her sour I'm Better Than This attitude.

Watching Mikalah Gordon last night, or if you have ever seen Justin Guarini and Kimberly Caldwell on TV Guide Channel on their post Idol shows, singing is not the only career path.
Hosting is an option as well.

Hi Linda,

Hope you get some rest tonight and recuperate from the last 5 months of re-crapping!

Thanks so much for your humor and talent with the written word! I'm always telling my husband or kids about something you wrote. I read every day whether it's AI time or not, so keep it up.

I too cried when DC won - I was SO excited that America got it right. In fact, my husband even watched, and he NEVER does. I think the right D won, and he should be successful immediately.

Thanks again for being a fun and often thought-provoking part of my day.

You know, the Renaldo Lapuz bit was so funny, especially seeing the incredible USC Marching Band. (I cannot tell you how I dreamed as a child about being a member of that Band! I watched every Rose Bowl halftime show and pretended to be the drum major - those were the days!)

Each year they bring back the one character that makes the most out of their horrendous audition...One year was the Clay Aiken look-alike...then there was William Hung...and what about the Big Bird "girl" (who was hardly a girl). I like that these people who have no chance in hell of becoming famous, actually get their 15 minutes of fame. I am glad that they gave this year's 15 minutes to Renaldo! I did find it somewhat pitiful that Paula had to stumble up on the stage to disrupt his moment though.

I swear with each post, I remember something else that stood out in my mind, all the little nusances of the show. Things that were such minutae that in the grand scheme of things won't make a difference but to me made last night's show more memorable.

Random Thoughts:

I also noticed Amanda disappear from the group number and I found myself wondering if they pulled her or if she bolted! She looked miserable.

Boy, they didn't give you much time to focus on the SYTYCDancers but I did recognize Dominic, Hok, and Lauren--all from last year. Anybody know who else was there?

They did show The Archuleta's after Cookie's win and they were standind, smiling and clapping. They know Puppy's gonna do incredibly well regardless

Hmm a black Captain Kangaroo...weird. That's not how I remember him.
David A. and Risky Business..WTF?
And him looking at the teleprompter to sing Apologize? Who in the free world can't sing that song. I'm guessing Daddy Jeff only lets him listen to the Mormon Taberbacle Choir?
Yes I think Salt Lake City is the capitol of the screeming long blonde haired girls that all look exactly the same. Kind of like a 'tweeny/teeny' Stepford Wives. I think me and my daughter may be the only brunettes in the state. JK
Used to LOVE George Michael and then was let down when he came out. Of course should of seen that coming after those short shorts in "Wake Me Up Before You Go Go". Oh well.
And lastly. THANK YOU Linda. Love all of your thoughts. Been here a long time. Get my DGMS fix every morning when I get to work. Looking forward to tomorrow!

When ZZ Top and DC performed together my dh and I looked at each other and said "yeah!"
Greatest moment in AI history.
Oh, BTW...I won the contest in our local paper. I've been in first place for 3 weeks by 1 point! I hope to find out today what my prize is...I'll let you know.

I lOVE that David Cook won!

I LOVE the performers last night (at least most of them).

And my 10 year old and I both LOVED Renaldo Lapuz and "I am your Brother"! I know we are in the minority here, but he is just such fun, we both got up to sing and dance with him....the song is not that hard!

I DID NOT love Mike Myers.

I DID NOT love Jimmy Kimmel, he was much funnier the first time.

And the ending was heart felt and wonderful! YEAH, DAVID COOK!!!

The bit with Mike Myers trying to shave DC was funny yes, but I think what made it so funny is DA's timing! MM put the shave cream on DC's face and a glob of it start to fall, and DA without missing a beat (what couldn't have been more than 1/2 a second) caught it. I think that is what made it all so funny because that is when DC cracked up. You can't rehearse something that perfect. I also have to admit, I felt sorry for DA regarding the "Boom Boom" comment, but I couldn't help laughing at his facial reactions because you just KNEW he had no f*ing idea what was just said. Then when Ryan asked him about his experience with Myers, he said it was funny though he didn't understand any of it! I rolled with hysterical laughter because it was just too priceless. It was like DA has turned into a laughing bobblehead (no disrepect intended) and has learned how to laugh at the appropriate time without understanding any of the punchlines. GOd help this little boy! He is precious but he desperately needs some guidance that doesn't have a DNA connection to him. Guru Pitka session was a shameless plug of the movie but I truly think that DC enjoyed it because he got the gags. His reactions was adorable. He has the most adorable smile - Sexy and yet boyish at the same time. I just hope Kimberly Cauldwell does not corrupt him. She and Trenyce weren't known for being good girls back in Season 2. Apparently the two of them were back and forth with Cory Clark. I remember when Trenyce would be getting ready for her performance and would drink a shot of olive oil, a friend of mine said something about what else drinking olive oil was good for. I could never watch her again without thinking about that...Let's hope that Kim treats our boy with dignified morality...He has a lot to accomplish without her getting in the way.

Linda, thank you so much for another great year.

Congrats to DC - that boy deserved it!!! I was a true blue Jason fan until his untimely demise, then quickly turned my support to DC.

You mentioned Brooke's bare feet - it appeared that Graham Nash was also shoeless. Odd indeed.

You go right ahead now and keep us all posted on the family goings on and any and everything else you choose to write about. We DGMSer's will always be here to read every word. (Careful you don't choke on that sammy, Sue.)

I love the anticipation of turning to this blog on a daily basis just to see what's up with you. Thank you and PLEASE keep up the great work.

I came to chat late, so I didn't know you guys talked about it. Did you watch the clip? No, he likes her. Why shouldn't he? She's a pretty girl and she's been saying how good he is and how hot he is all season. I'm sure he was thinking, "Man, she's hot, I'm going for it." He gave her his number when he walked away (or at least a paper I can only assume has his number on it.) Just being nice? I think not.

Thank you so much Linda for all of the wonderful recapping that you have done for this season of AI, not to mention all of your other blogs on a daily basis! You truly have a wonderful way with words!!!

David Cook Won!!!!!! I am beyond excited about that! Finally someone that I felt deserved the win got it. That was a very well done finale last night. DC with ZZTop was fantastic. My girls (6 and 11) both know who ZZTop is as they are one of my all-time favorite performers. DA blew me away (in a good way) when he sang back-up on Apologize. When I first heard that he was going to do the song I was fully prepared to find his little butt if he screwed up the song that I love but I was amazed at how well he did. That is the type of music he should do on his album.

As far as the SYTYCD dancers go, I hope that everyone noticed that they were from the past two seasons and NOT the upcoming season. It took me a few minutes to figure that out myself but once I got a good look at the faces I saw the ones that I loved from before. Linda, I hope that you do consider recapping the show. I know that we all would love to see your take on things with it as well!

Again, David Cook Won!!!!!! Yea! I can watch another season of AI now.

Wow - In the time it took me to type my last post, there's a YouTube link and everything. You are good.


I actually saw him ask her out live.. I got home from work early and decided, "What the hey" and watched most of the Red Carpet Crap on TV Guide channel. DC was actually quite suave about it.. Both Davids were standing with Kim C and Justin G and they asked them how they were feeling, etc. DA babbled as he tends to do and and then she asked DC how he was doing. He said (paraphrasing) "I'm glad I finally get to talk to you, I've been watching all the nice things you've been saying about me all season so what I'm gonna do is ask you out to dinner" as he handed her a flower. She basically melted, hugged him and gave each other a kiss on the cheek. As she's hugging him Justin G says "It's a YES!" and DC gives a celebratory "YES!" When they cut back to her after a segment with the other host, she says excitedly "I have a DATE!" and said something about running away to Mexico and for TMZ to "try and find us!" It was unexpected, in good fun and quite entertaining.

I was surprised at how much I enjoyed most of the show. I personally like both Michael Myers and Jimmy K and really WANTED the bits to be funny but they both fell very flat.. though MM trying to shave DC - That did make me laugh almost as loud as DC did breaking up at the end of that bit.

ZZ Top - Fantastic
Brain Adams - Does he age? I wish I was holding up as well (class of 86!)
Donna Summer, Graham, New Rep, George Michael, everyone else - I was overall very impressed with the amount of entertainment going on - less filler. Maybe they ARE listening?

Another great season Linda - thanks for all the work you put into this and I'll be checking in now and again for a laugh or two.


Like I said in the chat, she's a famewhore and I refer to her as KimberME (wherever there's a camera, you know she will be there, mugging) I think he was just being nice.

Reading your recap, this total marshmallow had tears rolling down her eyes (again) over last night's show. Last year was the first time I watched Idol and didn't think the finale was at all interesting. Last night's was the best time I've had in a long time. (I know that's sad.) But I'm happy. David Cook is gonna marry me, not you and my husband better not have anything to say about it either.

Why did I KNOW beforehand that you would recall that line from Grease so quickly!!! HA HA HA...

I have to admit something here. I have been involved with many discussion groups in the past. I am a very opinionated person and I don't mind stepping in hip deep if necessary to stir the pot or to generate some interesting dialog. but.... I have never been involved with a group that I enjoy as much as this one. I truly have enjoyed watching and then participating in with this group. Kudos not only to Linda (of course she is awesome), but kudos to all of her champions/critics that make her blogs more than just random thoughts put down on the net. You are to be commended because with the exception of a stray hairy-assed jerk once in a while, everyone here is very cordial and accepting of each other's opinions, even when we don't agree. I am proud to have been involved with all of you! Thanks mucho!

LOL That's what I said in the chat room as soon as I saw Randy at the top of the show. I thought he looked like Thurston! Glad you thought so too, Robin :-)

Thanks Linda for another great season of recaps! Even through the teeth issues, soccer and theatre practices, and Mother Nature, you gave us plenty of giggles!

I am so happy that David Cook won! The best part of the night---when Ryan almost ran off the stage on the motorized carpet--his expression was priceless!

Did anyone else think Randy was channeling Thurston Howell III from Gilligan's Island last night? Paula makes a great Lovey; Simon as the Professor and, of course, Ryan as Gilligan.HA

Thought this season's finale was the best orchestrated by far, with the exception of the Mike Myers and Jimmy Kimmel skits... oh, and the "I am your brother" dude. The kids performed their patooties off... well, except for Amanda, who seemed to be burdened by the whole thing. Loved all the guest stars and their performances, and even the ads featuring the idols. Hopefully next year's Idol competition will replicate the energy, excitement, and enjoyment of last night's show. Didn't really care who won, as I think both Davids were worthy. But watching David Cook last night, well, he is obviously the natural entertainer. He seemed so much in his zone. Not to mention, entirely humbled and gracious when his name was read as the winner. Truly classy. And who couldn't help but be moved a bit emotionally, as we got to share in him taking the top honors, after a long, albeit addictive-to-watch journey. I think most of the contestants will do well post Idol, as they all seem extremely talented, and brought their own fortes to this year's show. While the show was aptly a snoozefest, I'm hopeful Lithgoe, et al will consider the viewers' input, and revamp the staleness of the general format next year. I'll watch next year regardless, and anticipate your recraps all the same.

Thanks, Linda, for yet again another fun year of your recaps. I genuinely enjoyed them, as I do all of your posts. I like my daily fix of your blog. It's entertaining, witty, well thought out, clearly expressed, and offers your readers a unique perspective of just about everything through your eyes. Simply put: You rock! ;)

This is the video! He asks out Kimbely Caldwell.

I saw that last night too and I thought Archie's dad said "I can't believe it" or something like that.

But would be worth taking a second look at. He'll disgust me even more if he said he had a new car.


Go Stockard Channing!

OMG, that is par for the course. I loved it when Ryan asked Davey if he has his driver's license - as if it matters! He has a Demon Dad that will take his car from him anyway! I swear the best think for that boy is to get emancipated as soon as possible to keep his dad's "filthy paws off his silky drawers" (10 points if anyone can remember that line from a very famous musical). Anyway, with Davey being under 18, not sure what the laws of Utah are, but if they are like many states, everything that Davey makes while he is under 18 will be controlled by his parents. First thing I would do is run out and divorce my dad!

JANNA!! I just read that when Kimberly Caldwell interviewed Cookie on the TV Guide channel, HE ASKED HER TO DINNER! AND SHE ACCEPTED!! Who does that b*tch think she is, taking our man??!!!

Someone at work told me that, when the guys got their cars, he saw Dadchuleta turn to his wife and say "I have a new car"

WTF??? if this is true. I have the episode on dvd (with the exception of Cookie singing his coronation song. GRR. they should make dvd's that can record 3 hours. or make AI stick to their two hour time slot.) so I will go back and rewatch to see if that is what he said

I actually love SYTYCD after becoming very fond of Kat Deely while I was in the UK. She is so funny. You really should see her backstage with the AI contestants. One of the things I remember most was that last year she asked Blake if he "ever got that little bit of vomit come up right before you have to preform and suddenly realize you have to swallow it?" OMG I was rolling out of my chair with her truly honest representation. She is a gem! She really does get into the lives of the performers on her show. She becomes friends with them and though you think of her as such a proper British lady, she is rowdy, irreverent and just plain fun. The Brits miss her terribly. She was a favorite "presenter" (what they call show hosts). I think when Nigel decided to do a dancing show, she jumped at the chance to follow him to the US. I am not a dancer though I do enjoy moving to music, but I really do respect and enjoy watching these special kids kick ass during this show. It was such a treat to see them last night on the AI stage. However, it kinda made me a little pissed because we have "seen" the top 12, why watch all the auditions? I want them to jump in and get started.

BTW, last night on our local Fox News, the reporter was talking to Amanda and Carly (seperately). Amanda was a trainwreck. I think she is happy to be out of the AI arena now. It amazes me that she is a biker/rocker/RN. I am not sure I would want her to take care of me if I were ill! It's kinda creepy. She was very confusing in her responses to the reporter's questions. But, Carly was awesome actually. She was articulate, bright and gave some very succinct answers. She said that on tour she will play the part of Mom and make sure that Little David eats his veggies. She also was asked about whether she thought the format of the show needed tweaking. She said she thought that there needs to be less theme nights but the benefit of theme nights is it keeps everyone on the same keel. She also indicated that she thought David Cook has changed the format for Idol and that it will be a different show next year because he broke several barriers. She talked about their rehearsing at the Nokia and how everyone was in sweats and high heels. I was very impressed with her. She has a presence that is very warm and inviting now that there is no more pressure of competition. I hope she has an opportunity to record again and this time have success.

But about Amanda, well there are no words to explain her mannerisms. I think she is imbibing in Whiskey while performing at Whiskey's! The girl is just a few time zones away from reality!

Even the guys over at that site that shall not be named, yes I hang there, like that DC won it. Yes they named David A for the last two weeks but even they weren't really behind him the way they were KLC, Amanda and Jason.

I am very glad Jason got to sing last night. It was good seeing him, relaxed and just singing. It was also cool to see Syesha do her thing and do it well. Damn this was a good finale for a season that has waay to much to gripe about.

So very glad America got it right. DC was the best one standing and yeah I'd buy his CD if he has creative control. Not trusting 19 at all here. Archie looked just as happy as DC did to win. That says good things about the kid. I was waiting to see Dadchuleta go postal(he didn't). I really wish they hadn't goofed around with Mike Myers last night. He was very innapropriate with David A. I could see DC cringing for him during that one. Poor kid.

Amanda is playing that the legendary Whisky this weekend in LA and I KNOW some of those from that site that will not be named have tickets. They really DID like her. But she was phoning in the group stuff last night.

I could go on but really don't want to bore ya. It was a good finale.

Great recap, Linda! I totally missed DC's guitar hero commercial I was FF'ing through all the commercials so fast. I did see Puppy's, and was about to call my TV station and ask why they censored my DC version! Then decided I'd better go back and watch a little more carefully. Whoo-hoo....I watched it 3 times and am SO glad I have it recorded. The one TERRIBLE thing is that I forgot to set my recorder for 10 extra minutes and after Ryan said "The new AI is David Cook!", it cut off. I wasn't in the room when it happened so I missed everything after that. Bwwwaaaaaa...sniff, sniff. But I'll be anxiously awaiting DC's CD. I guess it'll have to be enough for me that he WON!!! I still can't believe it.

I, also, would like to have seen Jeff A.'s face when DC's name was announced. I just hope he didn't take his frustration out on Puppy!

HATED the Mike Myers and Jimmy Kimmel bits, LOVED the Gladys and the Pips bit, could have done without the clips of the bad tryouts, but other than that, thought this was the best Idol finale ever.

Thanks again, Linda, for all the laughs. Already looking forward to next season.

SUCH a happy ending, and such a surprise after they all but crowned David A the winner the night before.

For a finale, there wasn't much that was wrong. I'd have ditched Mike Myers and the Renaldo Lapuz/marching band bit (good grief, that was tacky!). I'd have dressed both Jordin Sparks and Carrie Underwood differently (HIDEOUS!, as Simon would say). I'd have put someone other than George Michael as the final guest performer - not because he wasn't good, but because his song was pretty blah. Not a lot of excitement for that song in my house. Oh, and I'd have ditched Jimmy Kimmel.

But ... OH! What they got right!

Jason Castro resinging Hallelujah. Beautiful.

Jordin and Carrie's performances - depite their unfortunate outfits - were terrific. THAT'S how you perform, people.

David and David singing Hero. Good choice of song, and I thought they sounded great together. It wasn't so out of his league that David A (who was a MUCH better performer with the pressure off) couldn't keep up with David C.

The guests!!! Donna Summer? Girl got GAME! She's still amazing. Bryan Adams? OMG ... as hot as ever, with a terrific twinkle in his eye. GRAHAM NASH!! One of my all-time most favoritist performers. The Jonas Brothers - not because I like them, but because the tweenies do, and because they prove teens can get the job done properly, performance-wise. (I liked that middle one in grey satin best, too :-0)

And ZZ Top!!! I got right out of my seat and moved as close to the tv as I could get. That was so cool! David C was clearly enjoying himself there, as well he should. GREAT choice of band for him to sing with.

One Republic's Apologize was also a great choice to showcase David A and show that he could be current, not schmaltzy, and not dweeby.

I do have to wonder who's running Disney these days. Installing an AI Experience NOW? After 7 seasons?

The two best parts of the night?

The "Pips" ... that was perfection. I love those guys - separately and together.

And finally ... David Cook winning, bless him. What a happy, happy, tearful moment for him and his family, and what a class act. As others have said, that's even a My Happy Now song that I will enjoy hearing again and again.

Thank you, Linda, for your season of recaps - as well as for your daily blogging. It's fun to check in.

Last night was definitely one of the better finales, except for the awful Mike Myers bit. I have to admit that although I voted for DA after the finals, I had my misgivings yesterday. I thought, David C. should win and David A. will benefit from maturing a bit in terms of performance. I think DA will be around for a long, long time, long after a lot of the AI winners have burned through the grease in their pans.

I went back to watch the Guitar Hero commercials. My take? The fans of each will be slobbering all over their respective David. What is it about us crazy women and legs? I used to love going bowling with my husband when we were teenagers and just dating, because I could sit behind him and as he took his turn, salivate over his *ahem* really nice backside and leg muscles. Still enjoy it, actually. All right, back to the show.

My DVR stopped recording with "the winner is" and the next show picked up with the David's hugging. Thank goodness for youtube so I could catch that crucial 5 seconds. :-)

Well, another season has gone. This is the first and only place I go to get my official recapping. I enjoy Linda's blog for everything else she writes, too, and will keep checkin' on in. Thank you for everything, Linda!

I'm setting my DVR for So You Think You Can Dance again this season. For a gal who can run a marathon but can't hardly touch her toes, I marvel at the dancers' abilities. I wish Linda would recap this show, but I don't know if there's that much to be able to recap on, or get much humor out of. AI is such a smug, vast machine that it just begs to be made fun of. The only thing even slightly annoying on SYTYCD is Mary's laughs and screams, but the more you watch, the more those actually endear you to her. And at least the judges are sober.

I believe that the first winner, Kelly Clarkson, was not of the specific demographic AI was reaching for, but look at her career. It is awesome. I believe that David Cook is in the same vein as KC. The producers at Fox need to stop trying to grab the 13-24 demo and realize that it is the over 30 crowd that pays the bucks for the concerts and they CDs/DVDs. The little tweenieboppers buy music one song at a time. The college kids don't have the money to shell out for music. And let's not forget about the piracy issues. The over 30 demo is more likely to buy an album and see the concert of a performer like DC than they are DA. I think DA will be a lot like the Mylie Cyrus/Hannah Montana tour. Parents paying big bucks for their 11-15 year olds to see him. Kinda like Archuletta on Ice! Now, that would work! ;)

I just checked my gophone account history. 719 text messages. Not to mention the four hours of redialing.

YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY FOR MY COOKIE! Audition to Finale, he's been my favorite. My TV boyfriend. and now he's the American Idol!

I am a useless puddle of goo today.

Marc said "excited anticipation to utter outrage to sheer joy"

I'd characterize my emotional run as follows: excited joy to exasperation to thrashing rage to defiant determination (719 f*cking texts, y'all), to nervous anticipation, to "how the f*ck am I going to get through this" levels of pure nervousness, to absolute and complete joy and feelings of love, to this morning's exhausted happiness.

KelBel said "Smokin' hot huge steaming pile of SEXY"

That man is sex on a stick, KelBel. David Cook is LOVE.

His Guitar Hero commercial and ZZ Top performance were just pure sex. HOT.

I am a WordNerd hardcore forever and ever, till the end of time.

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