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Wednesday, April 30, 2008


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wow its cute.. we must take care of them..

Unattractive little fellow for sure! (I had way too hard of a time typing that one sentence -- two martinis already tonight -- I keep thinking it's Friday for some reason!)

Mole rat? I must have married Ame's ex after she dumped him cause I swear it looks familiar. Wait, it could be his mother.

OMGGGGGGGGG>... I think I'm gonna have an..acc.................awwwwww, mmmmmm....that is too funny!!!!

I just realized that I'm the only man to post on this. I'm humbled and realize that my feminine side is stronger than I thought.

Nothing uglier on this planet. I saw some in person at the Cincinnati Zoo once and they really are facinating. They live in colonies like ants or bees and have a queen, workers and all that social insect stuff. Truly unique. Oh, to have one in the pocket of MY cargo pants. Oh, wait!

Can you imagine being one of the newcomers to this blogmunity in the last few days? We've gone from "blunt" honesty, to peace keeping, to an orange committing suicide, on to the trainwreck we know & love as Alcohaula Abdul, to a friendly game of Name that Tune, and the best for last.....dicks with teeth. Good luck to the person that threatened to leave due to politics. There's nothing that could make me stop coming back, you people are seriously cracking me up.

GINNY!!!!!!! Bwahahahahahahahaha!!!!!

ohhh now i know what it is....but i cant see where you put the batteries in...i keep mine in my dresser drawer...buuuuzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz......

LMAO, Ginny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

linda is that what you ment when you talked aout bad plastic surgery???...burt renolds eyes???...like i know from dicks...g.

It gives the "dont use teeth" a whole new meaning now doesnt it??"

OH Jamie! That's just awful! Awfully funny!

Oh this is why I love you Linda - just when I want to pull all my hair out - I can come here & 99% of the time find something to smile about!

And yes - it does look like a penis!

It gives the "dont use teeth" a whole new meaning now doesnt it??" hehehe

LOL, Dusk!

Do mean take your prick?

Bah, hahahaaaaa! Thanks for the laughs today!

More undeniable proof that God has a sense of humor.

Whoa! That thing is freaky. I was having a self pity day till I saw that. Feeling much better now. Thanks again Linda!

but to another naked Mole rat, it is beautiful. Or they're blind, or have a great sence of humor...take your pick.

Anybody still doubt that God has a wicked sense of humor ? That was the most repulsive / halarious thing I've seen in awhile.

Choking on a Wendy's french fry!!!! Really must remember not to have stuff in my mouth when I click on DGMS!!!!!

I know who kim Possible is and my daughters are 16 and 18. I KNEW I had seen one of those things before.

I was equal parts horrified and reduced to giggles at this picture! Wow, that is one unfortunate looking creature!

FYI...if any of you have ever seen "Kim Possible" on the Disney Channel, her sidekick, Ron Stoppable, has a pet that lives in the pocket of his cargo pants and helps them save the world on a regular basis. Of all the animals in the world Disney could have picked, Ron's pet is actually supposed to be a naked mole rat! Leave it to Disney to make the little guy CUTE, though. (and NO...I don't have a life...I have an 8-year-old. Disney Channel is pretty much the wallpaper to my life.)

Hahahahaha....good one!!

Oh look!!! My first ex husband!!!!!

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