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Monday, April 28, 2008


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I am really empress with your post review.It's really awesome idea to share the thoughts you like.

Let us not worry too much about Sheriff Joe serving "oxidized" Bologna to the incarcerated. Oxidized just means that it has come into contact with - and reacted to - oxygen. Maybe a little dark and clarified around the edges - but still OK to eat. Bologna is almost like those little chemical-laden, highly processed/heated coconut-oil creamers you get at a cheap diner - nothing can kill it!

Wow, 3000 calories is a lot. According to McDonalds' website, a Big Mac is 540 calories and a large fry is 570, so 3000 would practically be 3 large-sized Big Mac meals (assuming a diet soda [lol] came with it). Get a flippin' life. I agree with Alison in DC-- let's start our own Prison Diet program. We'll be millionaires! =0)

Maybe when he slims down enough, his new "girlfriend" can call him Ickle Brodykins, Big B, Dinky Brodydums, or his sweet popkin. Whaddyathink?

This is totally how I picture Dudley "Diddy-kins" Dursley to look from the books!

I knew what you meant! :)

I agree, prisoners don't deserve special treatment, and I agree that making jail no fun is (or should be, at least) a good deterrent for criminals.

That being said though, I have to admit that my perspective changed a bit when my stepson did something stupid and ended up in one of Sheriff Joe's jails. It wasn't tent city, I believe that is used for convicted criminals, and he was waiting for trial, so he was in the jail-jail. Now he's in prison in Oklahoma, and I worry about him ALL THE TIME. I hope he's ok, that he's getting enough to eat, that he's not getting beat up, or worse.....

Anyway, none of that has any bearing on this bogus lawsuit. Hope they laugh this guy out of court!!

Mel - I mean, if the prisoners don't like it, don't come back!

Not if you don't like what I said! :)

I have read about the negative side of Sheriff Joe, and see that his personnel management skills may not be the greatest, and would not argue that he should be allowed to run wild in those areas.

As for lawsuits - you probably have the same number filed and paid out in any major city in the US - they just don't get the attention because the Sheriff doesn't get the attention. People in prison make a career of filing lawsuits. Some are rightous, but most are not.

However, I do believe the general policies he has instituted with regard to the prisoners in the system are progressive and to be applauded. Enough coddling these people. Pink underwear, no coffe, no cigs, sleeping in a tent - nothing in there (depending on the age of the bologna!) is going to hurt any of these prisoners. If they're inconvenienced, tough. As long as we have Americans, whether soliders, homeless, school children or just unlucky average Joes that can go without all these conveniences like movies, A/C, gym equipment etc, and it is not considered life-threatening, then no prisoner needs to have it either. It is no hotter today in AZ than it was 60 years ago when people were living there with no A/C.

If you don't like it, don't come back!

Sheriff Joe started out with some good ideas, but he has let his ego get in the way of his job. He has cost taxpayers million$ in lawsuit settlements.

The Maricopa County Board of Supervisors this week agreed to pay out $925,000 to settle two cases that involved the Sheriff's Office.

He's currently running 'immigration sweeps' that have racial profiling written all over them. Please don't look to this media whore for guidance.

Sherrif Arapaio is something else and should be a model for prisons. Although I do worry about people being poisoned with old balogna. That is kind of extreme.

This guy here though? I estimate that he was eating 5000-7000 calories on the outside, possibly more. SO yeah, I can see where he might feel peckish. But he is in prison! Prison! Not confined to the Four Seasons. I am sure it will get thrown out. And he has done enough to piss off the warden so I figure his time in prison will get less comfy.

"On several occasions I have started to do some exercising and my vision went blurry and I felt like I was going to pass out. About an hour after each meal my stomach starts to hurt and growl. I feel hungry again."

It's called "working out" and it's something that this fatty hasn't done for YEARS if ever at all. Was your vision blurry when you were beating and stabbing a man and setting his house on fire? I'm soooooo sorry there isn't a McDonalds in the prison cafeteria so you can stuff your piehole with BigMacs all day. He should be THANKING the jail for "helping" him lose weight, if anything. What a joke!

Maybe that'll be the next weightloss fad... The prison diet? I'm gonna go write that book now. Hehe

I just want to know how the hell he lost 100# eating 3000 calories a day? I've been on weight watchers my whole life and I struggle to maintain on 1500-1800. Please tell me what I'm doing wrong!

So very sad that the Brodster is being treated inhumanely by the "System". I truly feel for him. I believe that his tummy should be provided at least a half-dozen Big Macs and a few containers of Supersize Fries each day while awaiting trial.

Then, to assist in keeping him warm and cozy, he can spend 12 or so hours per day in a steam cabinet (remember them? - they are still around in modern form, but the county may have to pay extra to get one his size).

The benefits here are two-fold - he will not feel so hungry and weak, and rendering another 140 or so more pounds off him in a few weeks will keep him trim - essential to good health and a long LIFE. Then, after conviction and final imprisonment, he will be able to run really fast in his attempts to avoid that tube steak. (I agree with you, Linda - he will be a very pretty boy once he loses those jowls and that head fat - a fine "partner").

OMG -- I work for the prison system in my state, and you would not believe the privileges inmates get - DGMS! But 3000 calories a day?!?!? That is more than enough to sustain him. I agree that he should be THANKING the state for helping him lose weight. And as far as his statement, "On several occasions I have started to do some exercising . . .", Um, I don't think so.

A motion for Summary Judgment should take care of this...although it is a pity some state attorney has to waste his time even preparing a motion for this type of legal defication.

I swear, they should make that Sheriff Arpiao from Maricopa County, AZ the head of the US Justice System. That man has it right. The following is long, but it's great! During his tenure as Sheriff he has done the following and more:

Arpaio believes that inmates should be treated as harshly as legally possible to emphasize the punishment aspect of their incarceration. Upon his initial election, he began instituting the controversial changes for which he would later become noted.

When Arpaio took office, inmates were routinely being released early due to overcrowding. Arpaio believed that "courts, not head count" should determine when an inmate is released.

However, a new jail would have cost around US$70 million. So instead, Arpaio obtained used tents from the military, and established Tent City in a parking lot adjacent to one of the jail facilities (for males and females)

During the summer of 2003, when outside temperatures exceeded 110 °F (43 °C), which is higher than average, Arpaio said to complaining inmates, "It's 120 degrees in Iraq and the soldiers are living in tents and they didn't commit any crimes, so shut your mouths."

-Began to serve inmates surplus food (mainly outdated and oxidized green bologna)[1] and limited meals to twice daily.

-Banned Certain food items mainly coffee,but later salt and pepper were removed from the jail (at a purported taxpayer savings of $20,000/year).

-Banned smoking in the county jail.

-Removed pornographic magazines (the ban was later upheld in court) and weightlifting equipment.

-Entertainment was limited to G-rated movies; the cable TV system was blocked by to limit viewing to those stations Arpaio deems to be "educational",

-Instituted a program for inmates to study while in jail and to try to recover from drug abuse.

-Started mandatory two-week English classes for non-English-speaking inmates. Classes last two hours a day. The curriculum comprises the three branches of government, how a bill becomes law, state government, law enforcement and court services, and jailhouse "situational" terminology. In response to critics, Arpaio responded, "These inmates happen to be incarcerated in the United States of America and in Maricopa County where I run the jails. We speak English here, not foreign languages."

-reinstituted chain gangs, the controversial form of inmate labor which had been virtually eliminated in the United States.

- the introduction of pink underwear. Arpaio noted that the traditional white underwear, labeled with Maricopa County Sheriff's Office, was being smuggled out of the jails and sold on the streets.


According to the original article, "Laswell's suit was filed without a lawyer in U.S. District Court in Fayetteville."

Why, or better HOW did this law suit even make it to the filing stage? I guess I don't understand enough about the court system, but I would think this would have gotten thrown out - - I know we have some lawyers out there that read this blog - can you explain?

3000 a day??? Good gracious, I don't eat like that and I'm on the outside. What a pig!

When I read this story yesterday, the first thing I thought was that the prison system should charge him for helping him loose weight. Then I thought...gee Linda is going to have a field day with this one. Thanks for not disappointing. =)

"The audacity, the ignorance, the downright stupidity of the lawsuit is stunning to me." As is the audacity, the ignorance, and the downright stupidity of the lawyer who filed it, and the system that lets him take up our tax dollars to deal with it.

Oh, and btw- I am now 6 months pregnant & couldn't even imagine eating 3,000 calories a day...much less feel hungry after doing so!!!!

How utterly assanine! He should be thanking them for helping him lose weight.

I meant "for" parole!

I say send his fat ass to prison in a third-world country--he has no friggin' idea how lucky he is to be here! Let him eat bread and water with a little rice thrown in on occasion. With the charges he's facing, maybe he'll be down to his target weight by the time he comes up from parole.

What a stupid, whiny POS. I cannot believe the nerve some people have anymore. Who do you think you are Fat Bastard? You are a murderer and an arsonist. You are lucky you get three square meals a day. Gotta love the Good Ole US of A. Where you can sue for ANYTHING.

The jail officials say the prisoners get 3000 calories a day. That is more than enough to maintain a normal human.

My lord!! What a waste of space this guy is.

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