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Tuesday, April 29, 2008


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Wow!!! The lid must have come off after I stopped reading yesterday. Hope all is well with no hurt feelings. We are all respectful of each other's opinions and feelings. We need to continue to make this a "safe" place for personal expression and connection. That is why I come here each and every day. I feel like you are all my "friends" now. Hope that feeling continues. Thanks, Linda for putting a stop to it. Carry on!

Ame, wish I could say that I quit, but not there just yet - don't smoke during the day at work, nor in the car on the way to and from work. But with Hubby smoking like a chimney at home, it's very difficult to not smoke in the evenings. But I'm not giving up. Thanks for asking :)

Thanks for catching that - updating now.

Sigh - that's what you get when typing at midnight...

That's Miss Kitty from "Gunsmoke". Am I the only one old enough to catch that reading this blog?

I said I read, but could not confirm. The news article said that both her parents said they were NOT there for that particular shot of her. And that they were shocked by it. Just what I read....

well said. Amen. Enough already.
PS... love the name.

Hey - how are you doing on not smoking?

I think that's the thing -- this blog has always been so welcoming of various opinions and today it seemed to go off path. In my opinion, the name-calling was very unexpected and very unwelcome.

Let's hope Linda doesn't have to shut anything down anymore...

Linda had to close comments about Miley and VF and yet it continues! Even Culley thinks the whole thing is stupid! We talked about it while she was at my house tonight with Kendall and Carson. They came over to help me feed the 12 day old kittens I am fostering. It's just a photo of a celebrity kid. It is not worth name calling and hurt feelings. This is a family and we do not always agree but we should not get ugly with each other.

Just get over it . . .

...and your "little" groan will turn into a "huge" groan, take my word for it :(

Keith, WELL reasoned and written. Justadiversion, ditto. Katy, her parents were there, as behind-the-scenes photos on the Vanity Fair site show (and the photos of Miley posing with her Dad prove). :-)

As for AI, is anyone else just dreading the Neil Diamond slaughter that we're going to hear tonight? If I could insert a little *groan* sound/emoticon, I would.

I read, but cannot confirm, that Miley's parents were NOT there, just grandma and the teacher. I can see someone as aggressive as Ann L. telling old grandma it was "ok - everyone's doing it. It's more than some girls wear on the beach. It's ok. Have a little drink here...."

Since we can apparently comment about Miley, even though Linda tried to shut it down, here's mine.

Did the Cyrus family sit down and say, "Uhm, I wonder who would be the best children's photographer to take a photo of Miley? Let's get Annie L because she's done such inspirational work with children before." Doubt that's how it went down. So I don't give them the opportunity to deny their responsibility of the photos. Simply hogwash. They had to have seen some of her previous work.

Were the photos inappropriate?

For her age, I would say yes.

Her target audience, meaning the ones she influences the most, according to Disney is the 6 to 14 year olds.

Her photos were suggestive. Nothing "concretely" wrong with them. Just suggestive.

Now if you don't think there is anything wrong with suggestive photos of Miley, let's ponder this.

She, because of who she has so lucratively become with the Disney network, is a roll model to those 6 to 14 year old girls.

So, let's see where the "suggestive" nature of her photos could go wrong.

We all know there are perves out there who are just waiting to pounce on trusting children.

Now they have yet another angle. They can now say, "Hey, let's take a picture like Hannah Montana. It's gotta be ok because she did it like this. Just take your clothes off, hop in the bed and cover up a little so it's not naughty."

If you saw that same photo of your daughter, no matter what the age but for the sake of this argument is between 6 to 14, on her weird uncle's/naughty neighbor's/Youth Minister's laptop, would you say, "Wow, that's a beautiful Artsy photo. It doesn't really show anything." Or would you want to string them up by their balls?

I know what my response would be.

There's the problem with a suggestive photo of an influential 15-year-old.

I have read almost every word posted by Linda and her blogmunity for several years. I have only seen one other time that comments have sunk to such a low level and as an unbiased bystander I have to say that Lori in TX, you were way out of line. I would not have let my daughter pose in the way which Miley or Culley did. My choice. No one was "attacking" Culley and Linda for their choice. Just expressing a view and because you didn't agree you did what most Neanderthals, idiots, etc. do, you ATTACKED VICIOUSLY! Maybe you need to take a long, hard look into that mirror.

The string was a friendship bracelet - the kind you keep on till it falls off. She simply did not want to remove it because her best friend had given it to her.

Oops - guess that was 2... :)

One word about AI - Paula - OMG!!!

and BTW? My 16 yr old daughter was WAY more disgusted with the photos of Hulk Hogan rubbing suntan oil on his daughter's butt than she was about Miley and her dad posing.......

Oh! by the way, Linda, I think we all know that Culley (and your other girls) are great kids, well-balanced, talented, smart, pretty, with extremely adoring parents. Don't feel that anyone is doubting that she is a great kid and that you are a great mom. Everyone makes choices with their kids (some parents don't allow any junk food, soda/pop, no tv during the week, early bedtimes, etc.) and again most of the times, we all just agree to disagree without their being hurtful comments. Lord knows my family makes fun of some of my decisions (I only allow soda/pop during special occasions which cracks my entire family up!) but overall they know I am a good mom with my own version of best intentions!

Y'know, I don't have tv reception where I live (yes I could get a dish, but I choose not to), so I see my tv on the internet. I probably would have paid to see Danny Noriega do "Sweet Caroline" if he was still around - it would be the campiest thing ever!!!!

I hadn't weighed in on this subject but I do think within all our heated emotions, there should be civility. I have a 13 year old who believe it or not, does like Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana (went to the concert and film). I personally thought Miley was a little young for the photo but I also realized her parents were there and if they thought it was okay, it's not my biz. Miley is probably a lot like most of the Disney stars who want to move along in their careers without totally hurting their young audience that made them so successful. And that's a tough call. I do hope she maintains balance so that she can not become Britney or unfortunately Lindsay (didn't think that was going to happen with her but looks like she is on the wrong path). Anyway, I hope that name-calling isn't going to become a new part of this board...it's just not fair. We can disagree without being hurtful, in my opinion.

And Archie is singing "America"!

But but but.....okay fine!!!! I will tell you all I know Dreads is singing Forever In Blue Jeans tonight - how appropos!!

I absolutely HATE conflict / confrontation / you name it. Now I *love* a spirited debate and heartfelt exchange of ideas, but I must say.... following these comments for the last few hours has left me with that anxious, "icky" feeling in the pit of my stomach. I am always amazed--and touched--by the amount of support and respect shown to each other in this blogmunity. Let's not lose that.

Thanks for posting, and please, I hope I don't sound like the adopted step child here, but I just feel that if anyone else had been calling the rest of your "family" here at the blog names like "idiot," you would have said something. I will let it go, but as I said, I really don't appreciate being called an idiot. Because I don't agree that a 15 year old naked in bed with hot red smeared lipstick is "art" doesn't make me Forest Gump, ok? It's offensive and Lori is not the God of all knowledge and opinions in the world, Ok, I'm done....

It was I who commented somewhat negatively on Culley's photo and to whom Lori's slash was no doubt aimed. I stand behind my stodgy viewpoint. Beautiful girl...inside and out. I just don't think the photo paints her in the most wholesome light. Just MY opinion. I'd take the same stance if it were a photo of my beautiful 15-year-old niece. You're beautiful. You're innocent. You're intelligent. Put on some clothes and show the world the light in your eyes and the window to your soul WITHOUT any possible sexual overtones. Love Linda and her girls. Absolutely NO offense intended. I really don't think Linda was offended...but apparently Lori was! I'm done. On to AI.

Thanks Linda. Sometimes I come back to this blog at the end of my work day and my eyes boggle - it's like WTF just happened!

Anyway, there was one post that did intrigue me that was buried in there.

What does the string on the wrist signify?

.....I'd like to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony......

Kumbaya my Lord...Kumbaya.....

There - we just needed a warm fuzzy! LMAO!

Less than an hour till T.I.A.I!!

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