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Tuesday, April 29, 2008


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One of the girls jamie and I work with just came back from thailand and the elephants there paint too. I didnt believe her until I saw her pictures. Its amazing how smart animals are!!!

Oops... I'm sorry...forgot to edit the "to Lori" part out of my siggy.. so sorry...

Now THAT is beautiful art!! I've heard of elephants being taught to paint but had not seen it before - you are right - AMAZING!!! I can barely draw a box let alone anything like that!!! Way cool :)

I guess it's your blog, so you can close it when you want, but I didn't appreciate Lori's comments or that she got the last word in. I did NOT say one bad thing about Culley's picture, and my last word on it is, if someone has to resort to name-calling, then they've lowered any respect I MIGHT have for their opinion.

WOW! I even caught your Dumbo reference in the title, but didn't "get it" until after I watched the video. Now I hear those blackbirds singing in my head.

I have seen this one before and it is amazing each and every time!!!

Absolutely unbelievable! Where did they find that elephant and figure out it could do that? I hope they're selling the paintings to benefit the zoo/refuge! Now THAT'S *ART*!!!

Appreciate the distraction. That is so cool!

OMG! That was the most amazing thing! I cant even draw a stick person & now I have been outdone by an elephant! Thanks for the smile Linda!

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