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Tuesday, April 29, 2008


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Paula said this morning that she does not watch rehearsals...so why have we heard her telling the contestants in the past that they sounded better earlier in their rehearsals? Paula if you're going to lie at least be intelligent enough to cover your tracks. I used to roll my eyes at the conspiracy theorists who would say that A.I. was rigged by producers but after last nights fiasco and the way the best singers are always voted off I now really think it is. The strange thing was Paula didn't seem loopy when she made the gaffe with Jason,as she has seemed in the past. She messed up big time and gave the game away of just how fixed Idol is.

My first thought on the "Song(s) Sung 2" (ND joke!) was that they had screwed up the editing on the show. Knowing now that parts of the show are taped hours/days earlier, I now mistrust everything and everyone. (I feel so used.)

My second thought was "Can't wait to see what Linda has to say about this", followed by "CRAP! I have to catch a plane tomorrow and won't be able to get to the computer until late."

Once again, Jason had that "I Don't Know These Songs, And Am Not Going To Make An Effort" vibe. Like Simon said last week - like he was forced to sing them. He needs to go.

David Cook - not bad, but obscure songs, sung in obscure formats - who the heck knows if he's on the ball or out in left field. At least it sounds melodic. I think he has the best chance of commercial success.

David A - A friend and I try to guess what people will sing when we hear who the mentor is. Had David A pegged for "America." Yea me! It didn't sound too bad - not Neil Diamond caliber, but not a travesty like Jason. But he bores me.

Brooke - Believer is a crummy song anyhow, so wasn't going to like that no matter what she did. She had some interesting notes on "I Am" so it wasn't half bad (minus the AZ "make it your own" crappola.)

Syesha - I love "Hello Again." Agree with Linda that she had the facial emotion wrong - should be more sad than happy. But I thought she did good tonite. She's finally performing, not just singing, and I like to see it. I would go to a concert to see a show, not someone stand at the mike and sing 15 songs. I said it a few weeks ago, and will say it again - I think she's going to pull a Kimberly Locke. Consistent bottom two/three, but manages to stay in there clear until #3.

Perhaps Paula is reading critiques that have been prepared for her by the producers which would be beyond wrong. Paulagate.

Jeez, it's getting painful to watch Paula. Whatever the reason, she's waaaay too loaded to be on national TV. I'd love to be a fly on the wall to hear the producers debating what to do about it.

Paula tries to smooth things over on Ryan's show (this is from ew.com):

"We all love the fact that [American Idol] is live," said Ryan Seacrest by way of introducing Paula Abdul's appearance on his morning radio show on Los Angeles' KIIS FM. The Idol judge was calling in, of course, to explain what happened during last night's telecast, when she critiqued both of Jason Castro's songs after he had only sung just one. Here's a breakdown of what we learned:

Before Paula explained her side of the story, Ryan gave a detailed explanation of what happened in the moments leading up to what's now been dubbed PaulaGate. He said that:

1) The judges first learned they were only going to give their critiques after the Idol contestants' second songs when Ryan said as much live on air at the top of the show.

2) Halfway through Syesha Mercado's first song, exec. producer Nigel Lythgoe appeared backstage. He informed Ryan and stage manager Debbie Williams that head of Fox reality programming, Mike Darnell, had just called to inform Nigel he wanted the judges to give their comments on all the contestants' first songs at the half-way point of the show.

3) Ryan told Nigel that he was under orders from Darnell to make sure Idol didn't run long, as it would eat into Fox affiliates' evening news shows -- and at that point, the show was running three-and-a-half minutes over schedule. Nigel said he understood, but the round-one recap/critique was what Fox wanted, so out Ryan went, just as Syesha was finishing her final note.

Paula then stepped in to explain, in her typically non-linear style, that (as best we can parse back into a linear timeline of events):

1) She saw Castro (and only Castro) singing his second song, "September Morn," during dress rehearsal (after she dropped off some friends and family to watch it).

2) During the live show, the judges asked for pen and paper to write down their comments as Castro sang his first song, "Forever in Blue Jeans," so they were a bit distracted from his performance.

3) When Ryan threw the second curve-ball at the judges and brought out all five Idols for the first-half recap, Paula said, "I got lost in my notes." Basically, she was confused about what she was supposed to be talking about, and since she had seen Castro sing both his songs, she went ahead and critiqued both of them.

4) She also mentioned that she had written her notes about David Cook on the same sheet of paper as her notes about Jason Castro.

5) Simon, of course, gave up on taking notes before he'd even really begun. "It was crazy for us," said Paula. "In seven years, we've never had to do that."

6) She did not once express any remorse or concern about what her comments may have done to Castro's chances in the competition, and his confidence when he finally did get to sing "September Morn" live.

Ryan then went on to state emphatically that none of the Idol judges have any of their comments pre-scripted, a comment that Paula then seconded. The two went on to commiserate over the sometimes on-the-fly nature of the show, before Ryan tried to wrap things up with this promise to Paula: "I'm going to hug you and squeeze you until I make you want me tonight." But then Paula said, almost offhand, "I'm telling people, 'I was just doing what I was told, and I did see Jason Castro in the dress rehearsal sing part of his song.'"

It seemed like she meant that she thought she was told to critique the Idols' performances, not just round one. You can listen to the entire exchange on KIIS FM's website here. Check it out for yourself, PopWatchers, and then weigh in below: Does Paula's explanation hold water (especially in light of the fact that she told Entertainment Tonight, in an interview that'll air tonight, that she mixed up her critiques for Castro and Cook)? Or is it all wet?

Thanks! Damn! You are quick..it took me longer to get to your response than it did for you to upload it because of all the comments. Too bad work has been so busy, I can't stay on so much :o( I miss you folks!

Characters from Gunsmoke...

I didn't get that comment... Can someone help me out? Thanks in advance!

If it comes to light that the producers actually write the babbling/drivel that comes out of Paula's mouth on a regular basis--yes, we should ALL stop watching this show. I don't buy it. I am in the camp that thinks she took notes during dress rehearsal and lost track of where she was in the show. Although apparently, she stated this morning that the judges do not watch rehearsal, so now I'm really confused.
One thing I do know is that, regardless of the voting results, Dreads will NOT go home tonight--the uproar would be insane!

I like Lee's characterization of David A. A "pod person" indeed!! And it fits so well with "puppy"/PP. That's what I'll call him henceforth.

I don't know if I buy into the conspiracy theory thing. If the producers are writing Paula's notes, would they really write "You're just who you are" and comments that my 8 year old raises his eyebrows at? I'd think my young'un might relate to Paula's thought process, but no such luck. They'd be hard pressed to write Simon's too. When he says "stroke" instead of "slash", you know he's speaking his own thoughts. Randy - that's another story. I'm thinking she wrote her notes during the rehearsal. She's a little slower than most, so when Ryan had them run out for a quick critique, her head was spinning. Maybe that's why her hair was so lopsided?

I want to run into Jason playing on a beach somewhere at a party and just smoke some pot with him...


I love him, his voice, his song choices, and his attitude. Oh, and his eyes, hair, and dimples.

He won't win, but he's the only one who would put out an album that I would buy.

So much of what I was thinking last night while watching the train wreck which was American Idol has already been said in one way or another.

I like Jason but I think it is time to go. Syesha will claim his spot as she has FINALLY started to perform worth a damn.

HOWEVER, if Brooke were to take Lori in Texas' advice and actually sang "Smelly Cat" on the show, she would demonstrate the sense of humor that she badly needs for us to see and it would calm her wracked nerves at the same time. She would take the title right out from under the Davids.

OMG! You have got me on the floor with the thought of Brooke singing "Smelly Cat." that is too funny.

What does it say about how far things have run off track when Linda's recap is so much more entertaining than the show. Last nights show was so disorganized and rushed, difficult to watch. How can those kids be expected to do much when they have to chop the songs up to 90 second bites? Obviously, some did better than others ( David C.)but overall it was just a mess. But lets not get rid of Paula - she's such a hoot! I wouldn't mind seeing Ryan replaced.

im thinking maybe paula was confused by the fact that they watch a dress rehearsal and she had already seen both his songs...not excusing her! how nice for jason to be criticized before he even sang. he was def off on that 2nd song.

I LOVE "ArchuD2 kid" What a funny nickname for the puppy!

Here's a link of Paula's interview this morning with our local radio dude's...They talk to her after every Idol show (both the performance and the elimination). She sounds so much more coherent on the radio than on t.v. Just this season she has been doing this with our DJ's. I must admit, I like her much better after hearing her phone calls.


You might have to cut and paste to get it to work. I am not good at copying links. The interview gets funny because at one point Paula puts Ryan Seacrest on hold and continues talking to the AZ DJ's.

There is also an interview with her yesterday before idol.

That is the same comment my husband made in reference to Paula's screw up. He thought the notes were "staged" or written before the performance. He was implying that they had all decided what they were going to say prior to the performance and regardless of how good/bad the performance actually was. I didn't make the connection with the rehearsals, but that makes perfect sense. We all know Paula is not quite with the rest of us, but last night, I was shocked. I loved the way Simon took over and moved past it.

Hey & Welcome! I agree with you about Simon trying to "psyche out" the voters. Interestingly enough, Dial Idol has Syesha in the top spot this week with the fabulous David Cook second to her. Hmmm, must have worked.

Too funny Shawn, I too thought of Elvis & jailhouse rock when I saw puppy's outfit.

I thought the way they did last night's show was absolutely terrible. It was all so rushed, I felt guilty for how long it was taking me to watch it (I'm sorry - I'll watch faster, I'll watch faster). Add to that the Paula meltdown in the middle, and the whole thing was very awkward television. And of course, the actual performances were so short and chopped-up to fit into their 90 second slots that they seemed very weird.
Having said that, David Cook stands head and shoulders above the rest. Linda, I'm glad you've come over to the Once Liked David camp - welcome!! I've been over here since the 2nd Beatles week, and it's lovely.
And Lori, the smelly cat comment? Absolutely priceless.

Interesting. I had a completely different take on Paula's screw-up. To me, it verified the fact that she's given a script, proof that the producers do everything they can to steer the competition a certain way. Those were VERY specific notes she gave, and they were clearly not DC's notes. My second favorite recapper, Michael Slezak of EW.com, felt the same way:

''Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain!''

I know some of you are asking, ''What's a nice Wizard of Oz quotation doing in a TV Watch like this?'' But tonight, in the immediate wake of what will from here on be referred to as Paulagate, I'm feeling as duped and bewildered as Dorothy at the exact moment she realized the great and powerful Oz was just a sad old man, one who didn't have the power to send her back to Kansas, let alone provide her ragtag pals with a brain, a heart, and some courage.

Am I being melodramatic? Yeah, of course. But I can't help myself after witnessing the moment American Idol's loopiest judge made what is indisputably the biggest (and most credibility-crushing) gaffe in the show's seven-season history. (Yeah, even worse than Janay Castine's season 4 semifinal rendition of ''Hit 'Em Up Style.'')

At the midway point of tonight's Neil Diamond week performance episode, after each of the five remaining Idol contenders had sung one song apiece, Ryan Seacrest appeared to call an audible (perhaps the show was running ahead of schedule?) and asked David Cook, David Archuleta, Jason Castro, and Brooke White to join him and Syesha Mercado on stage. Ryan then asked each of the judges to quickly weigh in on the contestants' performances, before the Idols returned for their second numbers.

Let's roll the tape and get Paula's critique: ''Jason, the first song I loved hearing your lower register, which we never really hear. The second song, I felt like your usual charm wasn't...it was missing for me, it kind of left me a little empty. And the two songs made me feel like you're not fighting hard enough to get into the top four.''

When Randy jumped in and reminded Paula that the contestants had only performed one song at that point in the telecast, the typically bewildered ''Straight Up'' singer gasped, then declared, ''Oh my God, I thought you sang twice!''

Me? I hit the pause button on my DVR, needing a moment to catch my breath from a combination of shock, embarrassment, and outrage.

I don't for one second buy the explanation given by Paula herself, that she was momentarily confused and was reading her notes for David Cook; if that was the case, how come she changed course, seconds later, and told Cook he was ''fantastic''? And I find it hard to believe Paula's flub was simply the result of her boarding the La-La Express; her critique of Jason's performance was far too specific. (Note the use of ''charm,'' a noun attributed to the Dreadlocked Dude all season.)

Nope, as far as I'm concerned, Paula's blunder heard 'cross the nation — click here to watch a video clip and to read Adam B. Vary's report of how it played inside the Idol studio — can only be explained one of two ways:

A. Paula took notes during Idol dress rehearsals and used them (at least in part) to critique the televised live performances.

B. Paula was reading from notes given to her by the show's producers.

Either way, Idol has some serious explaining to do.

The idea that Paula, or any of the judges, would base their comments on dress rehearsals is preposterous. In my mind, Paula, Simon, and Randy should neither see nor hear the contestants' warm-ups, and even if they do, how is it that they're not explicitly instructed to give feedback only on the same set of performances the viewing public sees on their TV screens?

And if there's a chance that something more nefarious is going on, that Paula's comments are pre-scripted by someone other than her, then I've got a feeling I won't be the only Idol fan wondering if there's any way Fox can make amends and give me a reason not to walk away from the show I've loved and obsessed over for seven straight seasons.

I know, I know, a lot of you are probably shaking your heads, wondering if I'm taking my conspiracy theory a little too far. Or else you're thinking, ''We've already seen the man behind the curtain, Slezak! He's in all the ads for So You Think You Can Dance!'' But consider: Only seven nights ago, I was wondering aloud in my TV Watch column if the judges were reading off pre-written cue cards after they failed to call out Little David for forgetting his lyrics on ''Think of Me.'' At the time, I wasn't being literal.


It would not be good to have David C do a record that was AI controlled. He is not a pop singer and that is the record that he would be forced to make.

Let them have Archy -- he is tailor made for them. And Syesha can do a very nice pop album that is Clive Davis' forte these days.

Everybody else, to have a shot, need to go elsewhere. Carly will do so much better than if she had won or placed.

It is sad that other countries get to know our Idols better than we do. After watching Archy mangle America, would it not have been better to let them just do one FULL song instead of 2 Readers Digest versions?

Great recap, Linda :)

If poor Paula was confused, so was I last night. I thought Ryan said there would be no critique until after the second song, then the contestants were rushed on stage after the first song and given a fast critique. The whole show seemed rushed and a bit off, and my first thought when Paula started giving her critique was that she was reading notes from dress rehersal. I can understand why she got confused. It sounds like last night was a bit of a mess, production-wise.

I think David A has a nice voice, but honestly nothing he has sang has stayed with me except the night he sang "Imagine." And that was how many weeks ago? I thought Jason, Brooke, and Syesha all did MUCH better on thier second songs than they did on thier first ones. And I thought Brooke looked very pretty last night, too. She still reminds me of Vonda Shephard from "Ally McBeal".... and I think that's the kind of music she does best.

As of today I'm still enamoured by David Cook... like fine wine he gets better with age :) (or every week, whatever the case may be!) I felt sorry for Syesha, though - whenever Simon makes that statement about "you may be in trouble" he's usually right. I think Jason should go home before her but I doubt that will happen.

Jeez, what is it with everyone slamming David Archuleta week after week? What do you have against a sweet, wholesome,and humble Mormon kid? If you notice, I said KID. He's only 17, he's inexperienced and he lacks confidence and he might even have some self-esteem issues but the kid can sing. By now we've all figured out that he prefers songs that are soulful, not the kind that make you want to get up and dance, I'll admit he's not a mover and a shaker but he's still a good singer and with the proper guidance and advice he'll get better. Unless of course, he decides to put his music aside to serve a two-year mission for his church. Many Mormon guys put college and sports and their careers on hold while they serve their two-year mission in some part of the world.

We all know that David Cook is going to pummel David A. and the rest of the contestants into mince meat and he knows it too. David C. has "been there, done that" as far as music goes. He's been in a couple of bands, he's recorded an album, he's cool and knows how to wow the crowd.

So I don't understand why everyone is getting all worked up about David A. I think we should just crown David Cook now and end the show already. Whoever else goes home from this point will not surprise me at all because we all know who's going to win. It just bothers me to see this huge HATE FEST going on for David A.

'Nuff said.

..."i was on american idol and all i got was this damned dreadlock"...
Ginny - you are a hoot!!! LMAO....

I thought my TiVo had messed up and I had accidently FF'd through the second song when Paula started blabbing. But I too love her entertainment value.

I have really finally had it with David A. I thought for once the judges were going to let him have it last night but no such luck. Has anyone else ever seen a tape of Elvis performing "Sweet Caroline?" You can see it on youtube. Now THAT is an amazing performance of a great song! If you tour Graceland and watch the "Walk a Mile in my Shoes" movie at the end of the tour, he performs that song. It is also on his "On Stage" album and he is truly magical on it. (Of course I do love the King.) Comparing the original American idol to Puppy Idol really does showcase his weaknesses. Still, Jason is my pick to go tonight.

Anybody know what the "Theme" is for next week?

linda happy i could give you a chuckle...im so sorry someone upset you enough yesterday that you shut off the comments...how about this one???...give little davie a. a disney contract and then have him pose with his bare back showing and cradled in his ever lovin daddys embrace...hes sure to be a weiner...and no i didnt misspell winner...g.

..."balif...wack his pee pee"...

OMG. You have NO idea how much I needed that laugh this morning!

couldnt sleep last night so i did something i never do...i got online and read linda's recap...nothing to read while drinking my coffee this morning...but loved it none the less...
heres an idea...lets put paula on survivor and see how she does...bet she would be able to forrage around and find some kind of root to smoke...and never evr vote her off...that way she could be left on some remote island to swing from the trees...she is a discrace...ohhh i dont make comments like this...but paula was completely into IQ below 60 day last night...
ive seen neil diamond in concert a few years back...what a showman...and soo talented...songs from my past...i know exactly where i was when i first heard sweet caroline...and now...now i wanna forget where i was the last time i herd it...and to sing coming to america???...he sucked...to quote cheech and chong..."balif...wack his pee pee"...
i think the only way jason may be able to make a living off american idol is to sell a dread or two on ebay..."i was on american idol and all i got was this damned dreadlock"...
i would hope david cook walks away with the honors...but im just not sure...
syesha has grown in recient weeks...sounding stronger and looking the part of a star...
ohhh brook...you all know i love her...and i cant throw her to the wolves even now...it will be sad for me when she goes...and i know she will...i just like her bright and breezy ways...
last nights show looked as if everyone took a major hit of speed...it made me feel rushed and i didnt like it at all...
i would like them to ask the contestants to choose a song from the top 100 right now...see what they do with that...i know they ask entertainers to come on the show and mentor to push the latest cd they have made...but really why keep giving kids music they dont understand or know???..may as well have them singing opra in italian...
i dont know how much further they can push david a down my throat without me projectile vomiting him back up...its shameless...and since carly left there is no white whale left to attack...so lets let jason waff off into the sunset on his cloud of whatever he smokes and then ohhhhh momma im gonna say it....say good bye to brook...and leave the top 3 to david a.(gag gag aaaakkkkk)...david cook and syesha...if tonights show is anything like last night...i just may have to give up watching and god forbid...read a book...g.

Great recap Linda...I actually laid in bed last night anixious to get to work this morning to read the recap...yes my boss would be impressed, and I have no social life!

David C. rocks me in ways I have not been rocked since high school. Could he be any yummier than he is? I loved both of his songs and didn't think they sounded a like at all. I love that gravelly edge to his voice.

I admit, Syesha did do fairly decent last night, but to me, she isn't any different than 10 million other female black singers out there. She just doesn't do anything different, to make herself stand out. I did like her hair though.

David A needed to go weeks ago in my opinion. I think he is awful...maybe it is his age, maybe his dad's intimidation...who knows...but I was ready to flush him weeks ago.

Brooke and Jason in the bottom two with Brooke going home. Although I think David A and Jason should go first, I don't think that will happen.

David C.-WOWZA, finally a real TALENTED MUSICIAN in da house, he is truly head and shoulders above ALL of them.
Brooke-awkward unless at a piano.
Syesha-I actually turned down my TV w/ her first song, my God she just SCREAMS everything, it hurts my f'n ears. 2nd song not too bad, she didn't scream as much, but it was boring.
David A-(Gaspuletta, love that one from either EW.com or tvgasm, can't remember) just plain SUCKS.

NH Diane:

Yes, I also noticed that David C's voice when he went "gravelly" sounded a LOT like Neil's. I think David C would have done an AMAZING job on "America", as compared to David A's no-emotion / no personality and oh-so-limited-range performance.

Syesha will probably go home tonight. It seems no matter how well she does, she ends up in the bottom 2. I think Jason is in danger, and I don't really think he'd care if he left. His goofiness leaves me cold. I hated Brooke's first song and liked the second, but I think she's about done, too. David A. always looks like he's hyperventilating and it's all I see when I look at him now. David C. is the best by a mile...original, great voice, and I'd buy his CD in a heartbeat.

Very strange, disjointed show tonight...and Paula? Where's the hook when you need it???

My guess is that Paula had a little less blood than usual in her oxytocin drip last night. I disagree with you on one point... I want more Paula. Watching her in a trainwreck every week is half of the entertainment value of the show; bless her heart. She was probably out dancing like there is no tomorrow a little too much the previous night.

My favorites for the night were Syesha and David C. If there is any justice in this world, Jason will be going home... he has as much personality as my white living room wall.

You can tell that the show is trying to usher David A. to the finale. Why would they allow him to pick Neil's 2 most famous songs? Dreads could have sung those and gotten the votes for the songs alone.

Good post as usual.

I have to say I physically cringed and hid behind my hands last night when Paula started her commments. FYI...she was on the radio here in Atlanta this morning. She normally comes on with them on Thursdays after the results show. Not sure if they called her this morning or she called in as I came in during the middle of the call. The DJs were grilling her about what went on last night. She said that they (the judges) were not told about the change (critique after all songs) --they heard about it when the show was live! She said it was very confusing and that the judges and producers were going back and forth during the commerical breaks. Paula siad Simon was really mad about the changes and questioned why change the way they do things after seven seasons. I think it was way too rushed; producers trying to cram too much in one hour, and poor Paula was just "discombobulated" (her word from the radio interview this morning). And did anyone else notice that Ryan said they weren't going to critique until both songs were done, but then they herded them all out on stage for the quick mini critique after the first round of songs? I was even confused. Two things that Paula said:
1. The judges do not watch the dress rehearsals and take notes. She said she usually does hair and makeup at home and doesn't even get to the sound stage until about 15 minutes before show time. She said she came earlier yesterday because she had so many friends and family that wanted tickets to Neil Diamond night that she had to get some of them in to the dress rehearsal instead. (Dress rehearsal takes place right before the live show starts.)
2. The DJs asked her point blank if someone else (producers) write her comments for her. She said defintely NO. She said they only had paper last night because of the two songs and that normally they don't take notes at all since they critique directly after the song.
I felt really sorry for Paula and even though she may be a little loopy I place all the blame for this one of the producers who changed the rules in the middle of the game.
My favorites last night: Syesha and David C. The rest can go home in any order.

Brooke...."Smelly Cat"...omg I would LOVE to see that!! LMAO!!

To me this season has been a snooze except for David Cook! I totally do NOT understand the big Ta'Do about David A. I have never liked his voice from day one and to me it seems as if sings with a stuffed up nose...its like he's barely breathing. Anyway...I think they are always too hard on Syesha and if you could take away Brook's faces and constantly sucking in of her top lip and pouting out the bottom, I think she's a decent singer. I was surprised last nite that they actually FILLED the hour with the kids instead of useless crap!

On our news last night, they said that the judges had just viewed the dress rehearsal before the live TV performance. THAT'S why Paula got confused about the second song. She had actually heard both songs before the live performance. Still weird--but at least explainable!!

After last night--Syesha is my American Idol. Her consistent week-on-week improvement has won me over. Both my wife and I agree that she is the one to watch.


OMG Lori, I'm completely LMAO right now. "Smelly Cat"!!! Too effin' funny!!

I thought Brooke did better tonight than last night, but her make-up bothered me slightly. It looked like she had been attacked by a small woodland fairy!

My Internet and Email have been off and on for DAYS now while Hughes.net has been "upgrading" our email - they finally gave up and went back to the old email - DOH - anyway, my first thought when listening to Paula screw things up was that she must have had an extra helping of Fruit Loops this morning - you said it better, but here I thought I was gonna be so clever coming up with that great line - Dayam! I agree that she needs to stay, just so you can keep coming up with the funny recrap comments!

I know I'm in the minority, but I've loved Syesha and David C from the beginning. I'm glad that she is finally showing her singing chops and others are starting to hear what I hear...I just hope that Simon's reverse psychology worked on America and that she is safe. I could care less about the other three - and I hate the pimping of Puppyluv - his lip-lickin-poop-squats skeeve me to no end. I pick Dreads or Brooke to go home tonight.

Re: Brooke... I think one thing would get me to vote for her: if she would come out one night and sing, "Smelly Cat." Man, she could ROCK that song. Every time I look at her, I see Phoebe in Central Perk, clueless and simpering, earnestly singing some random wackjob song.

Yeah, if Brooke does "Smelly Cat" I will vote my arse off for her. Deffo.

Did anyone else notice how David C's voice had that same gravelly sound to it as Neil Diamond's in that first song? I loved both songs. I am not a rocker chick, at all, but I think Cookie is amazing. I cringed at all the other songs, except Syesha's. "September Morn" can often move me to tears when ND sings it, but last night the tears were for another reason.

Linda, I thought maybe Paula was thinking of dress rehearsal too. Can you imagine how embarrassed she must have been? Then Simon was trying to help her out: "Just say your favorite." But she still didn't get it.

I totally agree with everything in your recap Linda. You had me LOLing all the way through. Your "piss holes in the snow for eyes" comment was hysterical! OMG....still laughing....the guy in the next cube must think I'm nuts!

Dreads was ok but predictable; David C was ok, but both songs sounded the same to me (and I'm a huge David C fan). Brooke was ok, the second better than the first. None of them were outstanding.

I HATED Puppy's version of "America" - "America" has energy and strength - it's a serious song. The 'pledge' section of the song should be sung with conviction. Puppy conveyed none of that - I don't think he felt or understood the song at all. And his version of "Sweet Caroline" sounded just like 'cruise ship' - I thought he was the worst of the night.

Syesha did quite well though, IMO, though her phrasing was off on "Hello Again". Again, it's like she's not understanding or feeling the song. I understand that these kids are pressed for time and under a lot of pressure, but you can't get by with just singing the words on a page, you need to FEEL the song, RELATE to the song, UNDERSTAND what the song is trying to convey, especially when the song is so well-known.

Lori in Texas - "Brooklyn Roads" is an awesome song, and I would have LOVED to hear David C do it - it would've been something other than what he usually does, if he sang it mellow; it could have been almost as good as ND's version (and that's saying something).

I was disappointed by song choices this week - out of ND's humongous catalog *those* were the ones they picked? It would have been interesting to hear Dreads do "Crunchy Granola Suite" - uptempo, of course - it would've been fun, different, and I think he could pull it off. (I admit to liking Dreads, even though he's not the most energetic of the bunch.)

My pick for the top - Syesha #1, and David C #2.

My pick for going home - Puppy Love, though I don't expect that to actually happen. It will probably be Brooke.

I agree with Tracy. Brooke has a good voice and adorable personality, but she belongs in a small, intimate, non-intimidating venue, sitting at her piano. The big stage and big time would kill her in no time.

Jason has shown that he doesn't have the chops, the experience, or the stage savvy to make in in the big time, either. That boy is so painfully shy and backward he can't even answer a simple question without tripping over himself. Not knocking his talent. Just saying that the big league/mass market is not for him.

Syesha is really coming into her own (maybe soon she'll be able to afford a pair of shoes!)...and I love her smooth, soaring voice and bubbly personality when she's not trying to be a someone else. Hope she doesn't go home tonight. Sounds like she might be safe.

David A is a cute little guy and I wish him well (on a Disney cruise ship...wouldn't the tweens go wild?!)...but as much as I love a feel-good power ballad, I'm over his goody-two-shoes bubblegum performances. He'll score a career out of this, but I don't think he's the next American Idol.

David Cook....WOW with a capital W! Every week, he delivers a relevant, powerful performance that is well-crafted, well-prepared, yet comes across as natural and effortless. I can only imagine the hours he puts in turning each of these songs into his own original arrangement, but it doesn't seem like they are over-rehearsed. He just seems like a star that's ready to jump off that stage and start touring. And his sweet, humble smile after he's done rocking the stage is so refreshing.

Paula...OMG. I really thought they'd just cut to commercial in the middle of her 2-song babble about Jason so they could scrape her off the floor. It will be interesting to see if there are any changes/comments made after all that.

I read something yesterday that implied that FOX might be looking to make some changes to AI next year and have been doing some market surveys to see what people like and dislike about the show. A few of the questions related directly to Ryan and his banter with the judges and contestants. I vote for Chikezie as the new host! Who do you all think would be a good replacement for Ryan? Who would you replace Paula with? Celine would be awesome. I think she's done with her gig in Vegas now. Hmmmmmm.....

"I swear, you would think he’s a one legged, sway backed, wrinkled, 70 year old hooker, the way they’re pimping him so hard."
Linda. I couldn't agree more. It's just my opinion mind you (even though I'm an idiot :-), but I really don't like David A's voice at all and would LOVE to see him leave tonight, but it's not going to happen.
I wasn't blown away by any of them, but I actually voted for the first time and voted for Jason's first song....
My guess on who goes tomight - Brooke or Syesha. I think both have possible careers ahend of them, and for Syesha - most certainly Broadway. That's MY two cents!

P.S. to Shawn and RBlues - My notes said, "I thought David A was going to sing Jailhouse Rock from the looks of his outfit!"

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