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Wednesday, November 28, 2007


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I'm going to show my age here and say Roseanne and Jill Taylor (Home Improvement) were my favorite TV moms. Everyone always told me I was exactly like Darlene when I was a kid. I still crack up at her one-liners when I catch Roseanne on Nick at Nite. (Can you believe shows like Roseanne and Fresh Prince are on Nick at Nite now????? When I was a kid it was Lassie and Green Acres!! My my my...) Jill Taylor was a Mom that had to raise 3 boys with a husband that was like a big kid himself. Pretty true to life if you ask me. Loved that show and every character on it!

LOL. I was actually looking in Carol Brady's groooooovy shirt for a hidden 24!

Too funny - I colored it up last night since no one had mentioned seeing it yesterday.

So, am I correct in assuming I have triggered a "Where's Waldo" response in you two? :O)

Am I right in believing that the 24 was not quite sooo colorful earlier???? I was actually thinking about the countdown during dinner...couldn't remember if I had seen it or not...lol...couldn't wait to get home and check.

Well, seriously, it's about time. I've been checking all freaking day thinking you were planning to write another post with the number in it. Can you say OCD (me, not you)?

Roseanne, hands down!! Maybe not the best mom, but the realest, and with hubby John Goodman, I'd be scared to come home to a set of parents like that!! And, mine WERE like that! You knew they loved you, but you sure didn't dish them any crap..and the kids were sure for real........bratty, mouthy, pain in the ass, and always into the other one's business!! Darlene was a true teen of the day! Depressed, moody, doubting herself, hooked up with one strange weird boy-man, and yet, you had to pull for her. Trampy older sister, bratty tattletale younger brother, and she was the middle kid.

Still watch the reruns, and laugh myself silly, unless I am crying.

There was a follow up series called "The Bradys" that lasted maybe half a season.

Marcia had a drinking problem and had moved back in with her folks with hubby and kids in tow when hubby lost his job. She then started some sort of catering business out of the Brady kitchen. (Alice had married Sam by then and I dont recall if she helped with this).

Jan had fertility issues and a very strained marriage but they ended up adopting a little Korean girl.

Peter had commitment issues but eventually proposed to his boss.

Bobby became a race car driver and was critically injured in a crash and had to rehab at home.

Cindy became a radio d.j. and got involved with a much older man with kids.

Greg became a doctor and seemed the most stable of all.

All of their problems were neatly summed up in an hour of course.

In a follow up series to Leave it to Beaver, Ward had died (as the actor had) and June was a real estate agent. The Beav was a divorced dad. I forget what happened to Wally.

But see -- even these "perfect moms" ended up with imperfect children.

Which has to be of relief to MY mom!

I will never grow tired of watching the Andy Griffith re-runs, especially the early black and white shows with Barney, they were the absolute BEST. I grew up in a small town in Ohio that was Mayberry all over again. But yeah, it seemed like every show had a lesson for someone, whether it was Opie, Aunt Bee (for buying a crappy freezer, or cheap meat from someone other than Sam, the local butcher), or Barney, or even good old Gomer!! Even Andy had a lesson or two taught to him (usually by one of his many girlfriends throughout the show).

"Roseanne" was probably the only prime time family who had the electricity cut off because they couldn't pay the bill. They were the most real for that reason. And I agree without John Goodman as the husband she would have just been another stand up comic with a tv show.

"Claire Huxtable" was amazing in that she was a lawyer with 5 kids, who had time for each child and her husband and volunteer work and she was a partner in her law firm! I am sure she was the bane of every female lawyer whose husband wanted to know why she could not be more like Claire. Um because, Claire had better writers and a better cast husband and family than those women lawyers.

But I have to agree that the best parent on TV was not a mom but good old Andy Taylor. Opie had a lot of love and always faced the music when the time came.

Easily remedied! Thanks for catching that!

I STILL love Rosanne in reruns everyday. Absolutely REAL. And you're right, Darlene was the most grounded character on the show.

Wish I could have included every TV Mom, but I had to pick a few!

To Katy,

My all time favorite Andy Taylor parenting moment is when Opie killed a bird with a slingshot only to find out that it was a mother bird and the babies were still in the nest. Andy opened Opie's bedroom window and made him listen to the hungry baby birds crying for their mother who was never coming back.
Every time I catch that episode, it still makes me cry!

Dont forget Mrs. "C" (Marion Cunningham)from Happy Days.

She was my favorite. She gave advice, cooked a mean pot roast, took a job at the drive in once, still got "Frisky" with Howard and had no problem telling him or anyone else to "Sit on it"! She even took out frozen food from the deep freeze, slammed it on the table & said "Dinner is served, cook it yourself Bucko!" You Go MARION!! She ROCKED!

Dont forget Mrs. "C" (Marion Cunningham)from Happy Days.

She was my favorite. She gave advice, cooked a mean pot roast, took a job at the drive in once, still got "Frisky" with Howard and had no problem telling him or anyone else to "Sit on it"! She even took out frozen food from the deep freeze, slammed it on the table & said "Dinner is served, cook it yourself Bucko!" You Go MARION!! She ROCKED!

Don't forget Florida Evans on "Good Times". She worked and cooked and disciplined and wasn't afraid to show that she was a bit vulnerable. She also loved her man and didn't put up with his shit!

Darlene rocked... she always reminded me of myself. Independent, stubborn, outspoken, a bit odd and off-putting but comfortable in her own skin. She was who she was and didn't give a damn. She was a wonderful character.

Only the oldest daughter on Roseanne was bratty. Darlene was the true genius of the show...

Claire Huztable - five kids, law degree, doctor hubby and a "don't make me go there" look that meant business; she was a unreal/real as Roseanne was real/unreal. Roseanne was believable because John Goodman and Laurie Metcalf made her human-the kids were bratty stoopid and if it had been just her and the kids, it woulda sucked. I always thought the perfect tv mom was Mr. French on Family Affair.

Accch - I forgot Roseanne. I agree, she was the most true-to-life TV mom ever.

um...Linda...the lyrics from All in the Family are : "and you know where you were then"

not: ..."And you knew when you WERE in!"


I once had the sheet music...could play it on the piano...and used to sing it a lot for people's amusement (I can sound just like Edith if I try).

I still think Roseanne was the most "real" mom ever.

AWESOME ARTICLE!!! But, where's Shirley Partridge? And Clair Huxtable? And Maureen Robinson?

So many good Moms on TV, warts and all.

First let me say, I LOVED Eddie Haskell. What a total suck up to adults, and yet such a bad-ass! I would love when he'd turn the charm on to June, who I have to give credit, could see right through him.
As far as my favorite TV parenting person - Sheriff Andy Taylor. There always seemed to be a lesson learned by BOTH he and Opie - - when Opie told him about Mr. McVeeBee who lived in the trees, and Andy tried to get Opie to stop making up stories, only to find out that Mr. MCVeeBee DID exist and he had his heart-touching talk with Opie about being sorry for not trusting his boy. Or when Jubal ?? tipped over his still and burned his own barn down, but blamed Opie and his friends. Andy believed his boy did it, until Barney drank some of the "water" by the chicken coup and got crocked. I still laugh at Barney's "Jubal, Jubal, Jubal..." Classic parenting in my opinion!!

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