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Thursday, November 29, 2007


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Tim Gunn is the very epitome of hotness. The man can rock the hell out of a suit and (OMG) he's just too freakin' sexy. Drool-drool-drool.

Per usual - your recap is sensational. I love Jack too and I hate Ricky and Rami.

I adore Just Jack... perfect eye candy. I think I heard that next weeks challenge is taking a fashion "don't" and turning it into a fashion "do"... get ready for more tears from Ricky.
To me, Tim Gunn in his dress attire is totally hot too, I love that man.

Tiki has been famous for being stylish for years. Always a very dapper man about town.

Tiki would look great in a toga.

Would not be surprised if he would have preferred one in the end.

My favorite part was when Heidi turned beet red after saying she wouldn't mind seeing Tiki's butt sticking out from under Carmen's jacket. That's the most flustered I've ever seen her -

Best comment of the night, compliments of me, shrieked in a high-pitched squeal while laughing my ass off..."WAS THAT CHRISTIAN IN THAT BAG?????" The Hubster just stared with his mouth open.

OMG, that was just plain hysterical.

Not as funny as the peach, tho. (heeheeheeheeheeheehee*snort*heeheeheehee)

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