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Thursday, November 29, 2007


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Stacy told clergyman Drew killed ex

November 29, 2007
Sneed hears Stacy Peterson told a clergyman in August that her husband had claimed to have killed his former wife Kathleen Savio and made it look like an accident.

A source close to the investigation tells Sneed the 23-year-old, who had been pregnant and living with Peterson when Savio was found dead in an empty bathtub in 2004, also told two other people close to her about her husband's statements regarding Savio's demise.
On Sunday, Oct. 28, the day Stacy disappeared, she told Peterson she was leaving him and issued this ultimatum: She was going to begin divorce proceedings, and she wanted him out of the house by Wednesday, according to the source.

The source believes it was the day of Stacy's ultimatum that her life may have ended. Stacy had told friends recently that if she disappeared, it wouldn't be her doing.

Savio, Peterson's third wife, was found dead shortly before their divorce settlement was concluded.

Peterson has been declared a suspect in Stacy's disappearance. The case has been labeled a "potential homicide" and appears to be moving swiftly toward a homicide investigation.

"All we need now is the body," the source said.

FBI search specialists, called in by State Police, were in Lockport on Wednesday assessing the Cal-Sag Channel, where they think Stacy's body may have been dumped. Investigators selected that location because of certain cell phone calls placed in that area.

Police are discussing salvage operations with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in hopes they will bring in heavy equipment to dredge the area. "The police have already put down underwater cameras, which show it's cluttered with cars and truck trailers . . . and it needs to be cleared for divers," a source said.

The source offered this timeline for the day Stacy issued her ultimatum:

At 5 p.m. on Oct. 28, Peterson, a Bolingbrook cop, called in to take the day off.

At 7 p.m., Peterson met his stepbrother, Tom Morphey, at a local Starbucks and discussed "the problems he was having with Stacy and how to dispose of the problem," the source said.

Peterson reportedly excused himself and left Morphey in the coffee shop with Peterson's cell phone, which he told Morphey NOT to answer if it rang. The phone did ring after Peterson's departure, and the name "Stacy" appeared on the caller ID.

The source tells Sneed the call was made near the home of her friend Scott Rossetto, a man Stacy was communicating with via cell phone text messages.

The source believes this was an attempt by Peterson to place the focus of the police investigation on Stacy's friend.

Later that evening, Morphey was again summoned by Peterson -- only this time to his home, where he was reportedly asked to help Peterson remove a plastic blue barrel, which he described to police as feeling warm, and load it into a sport-utility vehicle, sources said.

The next day, Stacy was reported missing and one day later, Morphey apparently attempted suicide. While being treated at Edward Hospital in Naperville, Morphey was visited by Peterson on Oct. 30, the source said.

Peterson's attorney, Joel Brodsky, claimed Morphey's story makes no sense and described him as a man with psychological issues.

"There never was a blue barrel; there never was any carrying objects out," Brodsky said.

Meanwhile, the police are awaiting the results of an autopsy on the body of Savio, which was exhumed Nov. 13.

Will County State's Attorney James Glasgow recently stated Savio's death appeared to have been staged as an accident.

An independent autopsy conducted by former New York City chief medical examiner Michael Baden, at the request of Savio's family, concluded Savio died after a struggle, and her body was placed in the bathtub.

And the story, which has garnered national headlines and has talking TV mouths salivating, has now moved into a new chapter.

Nancy - forgot about her - yeah, something in the name.

I've read a couple of updates on this today, one that the brother-in-law has some mental issues, that he's making this "barrel" story up, but I also thought I read that there was an eye-witness?
Regarding the third wife, another story posted at foxnews said that Stacy had told her priest (or some clergyman) that her husband had "confessed" to her about killing wife number 3.
Anyone closer to this story hear any of this?

Katy--Another sick Peterson is the school teacher who ran off to Mexico with her student. Yep, her last name is Peterson.

When they did the second autopsy on Kathleen Savio, it was stated that if she had actually had drowned in the bathtub, the tub would have to be coated with her blood (from the head wound), which it wasn't, the tub was clean.
Drew's attorney is also now stating that Drew's brother-in-law had several DUI's which the police say is false.
I live in a Chicago suburb and I am following these reports daily. Drew Peterson makes me want to puke!

Plus if you "drown" you would have water in your lungs. If you died before being placed in the bathtub even if it was full of water, there would be no water in the lungs thus no evidence of drowning. Obviously the "coronor" was a glorified mortician who knows nothing of performing a proper autopsy and determining cause of death.

They must have had some seriously incompetent ME's on duty when the "drowned" wife was on the slab.

So the blue barrel will come up soon and then this nasty piece will be indicted and put away for 2 murders.

Do they have the chair in his state?

Kinda sad that they didn't catch him the first time around. I mean, seriously, did he have the coroner in his pocket??? The science there does not add up to accidental death no matter how many ways you try to add it up...

*So...23 days, huh... ;-)

I actually think he looks more like a Walrus! This is in the news by me fairly often, being just one state away.

His 3rd wife was found in a drained bathtub, her hair soaked in blood & a skull fracture.

They ruled it accidental drowning & assumed the water had drained from the tub.

Ok - Rocket science this is not - if there had been enough water to drown in, her hair would not have been soaked in blood, as it would have washed down the drain. Her skull fracture was at the back of her head - she was face first in the tub. Hmmm...... If she had fallen & hit the back of her head, she would have continued to fall backward, not forwards. Laws of gravity & all that.

SO with that much info - I would safely bet he whacked her in the head & put her in the tub - trying to stage the "accident". SCUM!

Several years ago, the brother of a guy I worked with was stalking his ex-girlfriend. She had gotten the restraining order but it didn't stop him. She was friends with a neighbor who happened to be a sheriff deputy and one night this guy's brother attacked them as he was walking her to her home. He beat them both to death with the concrete cover for the water meter.

He is in prison for life now. Restraining orders are just pieces of paper and IMO don't really do much to stop the stalker.

Bert Lahr didn't deserve THAT insult!!!! But, yeah, yikes. Methinks this asshat doth resemble said cinematic feline.

Cowardly Lion?



If they don't get him this time, and I hope to God they do,you can just bet there will be wife #5 to worry about soon. These creeps always seen to find an endless supply of willing victims. Large blue barrel in the BEDROOM?? Why did it take stepbrother so long to come forward, or did I miss something?

Is it just me...or does this guy remind anyone else of the Cowardly Lion?

I think my friend's brother would have gladly served time in prison for murder, if it meant having his sister alive.

Have you read the latest? Peterson's lawyer is denying there was ever an barrel removed from the house, that the step-brother is mentally ill and delusional. Did another witness SEE them removing the barrel? Is EVERYONE delusional??

Audrey: I am so sorry for what happened to your friend's sister - how awful. It's unfortunate that you can't kill them before they kill you - if her brother had, yeah, she'd be alive, but he'd be in prison for murder.

What is it with "Petersons"? Laci Peterson, Stacy Peterson...
I can NOT believe that when the third wife died of drowning in the bathtub, that THAT didn't raise a million RED flags. Did no one even talk to the first two wives then? Or was it because he was a police officer? (Hey, just asking - I LOVE the police, but I also am not so naive to believe that this isn't a possibility).
I do hope they find the barrel, convict him of murder AND also the murder of wife number Three.

It's just a matter of time--they are letting him hang himself. He is one of those who thinks he is smarter than everyone involved and because he has the "inside track" of being in law enforcement, there is no way they can catch him. Well we ALL watch enough CSI to know THAT isn't true! I also want to know why, if he is SO sure that she has "run off" he hasn't hired private investigators to find her! This is also a BIG wakeup call to people out there who have loved ones in similar situations. A few years back, my best friend's sister dated a psycho. When she broke it off, she got police protection in the form of a restraining order, keeping him somewhat away from her. He continued to stalk her and beat her up. Her brother, who is in law enforcement, caught him and beat HIM badly enough to hospitalize him, but that didn't keep him away. He eventually shot her and killed her. He was on TV the next day, grinning and saying he would do it again. Her brother still regrets to this day that he didn't kill him while he had the chance! So people, if someone is telling you it is that bad, try and get help and help the person get out and away--especially if there are children involved.

What a dirtbag. This story is in People magazine this week and I read it with a lump in my throat. Those poor children. I hope he rots in jail and those children are raised in love and safety by Stacie's family.

He is one filthy, disgusting piece of work. And his brother is an, umm, IDIOT! Maybe I am just a Nosy Nelly, but if somebody asked me to help them move a large, warm barrel out of their bedroom, I would be a wee bit curious as to what was in said barrel. Curious enough to ask and maybe even venture a little peek inside.

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