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Friday, November 30, 2007


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Oh, you guys are baaaad. ~$148.00 per hour is certainly more than I bring home from the 9 to 5. I'm with the most of you that it's not illegal and she's making a contribution and all. BUT I'm with Linda on the "NOT for ME!" Legal or not, it would take a hell of a lot more than ~$148.00 per hour for me to provide that type of "service" for charity or any other reason! Wow.

Look at the return she gets for that deposit! =)

Now if we can get "Just Jack" to make a calendar, I think we can ALL make a contribution. =)

I'm with Tracy on this. It's legal, and she's using her "talents" for the greater good. I have to admire that, to be honest. Lots of people donate their services to charity, and if this is what she can do, as one person, to make a difference in the world, then good for her!

Well, at least she is giving!! And giving... and giving... and giving.... LOL!!!

Well, they say, "do what you're good at". I do not know who "they" is or are but, if thats what she's good at, and wants to help, more power to her. She's using her skills to help out and the organiztion most certainly will not deny the donation, so its "win, win" for everybody.

I'm just impressed at her hourly rate. I wonder how many different encounters = 27 hours.

It may seem odd to you and I, but if it is legal in Chile, and she is going to do it anyway, at least she is making a contribution. That's more than you can say for alot of people.
She is probably giving until it hurts (sorry, I just had to say it).

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