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Thursday, November 29, 2007


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I am thinking there will be a HUGE do not disturb sign on the master bedroom door! =)

Pick out that twinkling thong yet?? LOL

I have a feeling that in 23 days there will be a few days we will be missing Linda.. =)

Keep on keepin' on, Linda. You have us looking forward to Rudy's return almost as much as you are. I will be very happy for you and your daughters when he comes home for the holidays. Stay tough!!


My husband's job had never made him move once in the 18 yrs that he worked there, although he did a LOT of international traveling. Just as soon as the kids got thoroughly ingrained into "their lives" we had to move! It has been a year and of course the kids really miss their friends snd school, but are adjusting and getting involved. When he took this position, it wasn't supposed to include more travel, but lo and behold, he is gone at least three of the four weeks in just about every month. I am not complaining, as SOMEONE has to put food on the table, but it has been a challenge for me. I thought about writing the book "Single Parent in a Married Household", but I can't find the time! The one plus is, he does get to come home most weekends and the international travel has been cut back to two to three times a year--be encouraged, we all have some sort of cross to bear! You're a tough cookie, but I suspect somewhat weepy while your honey is gone, but YOU WILL PERSERVERE!!! Aren't you thankful for modern technology and the fact that we no longer have to wait for mail to travel cross-country on a wagon train? Gotta run and fix breakfast, wash a load, dry a load, do dishes from last night, sign a notebook, find a missing glove, make sure everybody is dressed appropriately, brush the three-year-old's teeth and hair, sit at the bus stop, take said three-year-old to her school, go work out, run to the store, pick up said three-year-old, fix her lunch, have a cup of tea, start dinner, fold clothes from this morning's load and start another one, ...you get the picture AND my husband just happens to be in town today!

I think this one is a wee bit more obvious. Thanks for accommodating the "Where's Waldo?" in me early today. And I HAD combed through the article yesterday -- writing the number in text was tricky. Goes to show that fast reading is not always a good thing.

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