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Monday, October 29, 2007


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Or she will sue the tobacco company for 'making' her addicted to their product.

My prediction: Next summer she will be in the papers again because she left her kid in the car while she ran in to the store to get cigarettes. This poor child. It just does not bode well does it? If she goes into premature labor or something terrible happens to the baby, no doubt she will sue the company that was using jackhammers.

Sorry about your loss of your mother. It was the hardest thing I have ever been through and I will carry the loss with me forever. I, like you, go on and on about it. I am a high school teacher and my kids get so sick of my tobacco lectures but I'll keep talking hoping that maybe one or two will listen and take my words to heart. God bless you and your family. I'm sure your mom is watching over you as my father is me.

Amen Kelly - I can so relate to that! At the end, my mom couldnt eat anything but baby food, was hallucinating from the morphine & the last week or so, didnt even know who I was. It was so hard. I am glad that I was able to have her in my home & care for her & be right by her side as she passed. But I NEVER want to experience that with a loved one again.
I taught my daughter when she sees her aunt to tell her to put those yuky cigarettes in the garbage. My sister saw our mom die, but she still wont quit. She is addicted that bad. I know she will suffer the same fate some day if she doesnt do something NOW! She is 50 - my mom died at 69 when I was 33 years old.
Please please please, if you are smoking - stop! Spare your loved ones the pain of watching you die a horrible death.
Sorry to beat a dead horse, but this is one subject that I feel so strongly about & cant help but go on a rant about.

My father has been gone now for almost 3 years. He smoked 2 packs a day for over 30 years. Started getting dizzy spells and was nauseous all the time. We took him to the hospital thinking maybe it was an inner ear thing or the flu. It was a brain tumor. Worse than that, it had metasticized (sp?) from the lung. He had stage 4 lung cancer. The brain tumor was removed and he had chemo and radiation for months. A year later, the brain turmor came back. Again, he survived the surgery. What finally killed him? The lung cancer. No cure for that. I watched my handsome, 6'4", red-headed dad wither away to a bag of bones. He weighed 120 pounds when he died. From 220 to 120 in 1.5 years. His beautiful wavy red hair fell out and he looked like a 90 year old man when he died. My children watched him die. They know the dangers of smoking first hand. Their father smokes and when they go to his house on the weekends, they spend the entire time begging him to stop. Smoking is not just "your choice". It affects everyone who loves you and everyone who is forced to breath in your toxic air. My children live everyday with the loss of their grandpa. They are terrified to lose their father. I lost my dad when I was 30 years old. He missed my second wedding and seeing me finally so happy. He missed my son's first day of school, my daughter's first dance recital. He will miss so much. The only "choice" you have is to quit or to never start.

My Dad smoked when I was growing up (in the 70s). I remember we got some lecture at school about the dangers of smoking and we became militant. We made signs and posted them on our front door. They said "Do Not Enter if you smoke." Thinking back, we were pretty obnoxious. It was my Dad's house, how dare we? He did quit - cold-turkey - and we were really proud of him (and ourselves.) I recently mentioned to him how obnoxious we were telling him what to do in his own house but he said that we were a big part of why he quit. My Dad is 65, looks and acts much younger than a lot of his peers and has had no major health problems - knock wood. To those of you trying to quit - YOU CAN DO IT!!!

As for the jackhammer noise? I bet it bugs her nicotine-soaked nerves more than the baby. I live in the flight path of Marine jets. On certain days, it sounds and feels like they are practicing touch-and-go's on my roof. We have lived here during both my pregnancies - both kids turned out fine. I bowled twice a week when I was pregnant with my 2-year-old. THAT noise didn't bother him, either. In fact, the boy can sleep through anything. I can't believe this so-called mother's BS whining about jackhammer noise - put down the butt, it's fogging your brain!

On a side note, apart from all the health and gross factors, one of the things I hate most about smokers (NOT ALL, I know!) is the butts flicked out their moving cars at my car and the butts dropped wherever they happen to quit puffing. It's disgusting. Most kindergarteners are taught to clean up after themselves - I guess the butt-flickers must have skipped school that day. It's your trash - YOU take care of it. OK, done venting!

I too have heard good things about Chantix.

Like I said I smoked for a long time, totally stupid and I totally get those of you who are trying. You know it's bad, but it's hard. Good luck to everyone trying! You can and will do it. Give the Chantix a try, doesn't hurt.

OH and ya, the price of cigarettes? I thought I won the lottery for a few weeks after I quit. I was thinking "where did all this money come from?"

High five to you too Bobbsey. :)

to Shawn: I agree with you. I told her that was the most ridiculous thing I've heard from a grown woman - peer pressure to smoke!!! It was a very lame excuse to say the least. She's got 3 kids and both parents smoke: she claims to be a 2-3 times a year smoker while her husband smokes daily. Feel sorry for the kids.

My mom died from Lung Cancer January 2000. She had quit in 1992 after smoking for over 40 years! She was up to FOUR packs a day when she quit. She darn near ate them! She quit cold turkey & I was sooo proud. She was diagnosed in October 1999 & was gone at the end of January. Three months. The cancer was too far advanced to do anything for it. She moved in with my husband & I & I took care of her till the end (with hospice assistance). I saw first hand what it can do to you. It wasnt pretty. She passed in her sleep, so the end was peaceful & for that I am greatful. But I miss her everyday & I wish she was here to meet her grand-daughter. Cigarettes are an awful thing - they cause harm to everyone & everything.
If you smoke, please try & quit - you'll be doing yourself & your loved ones a favor.

One word for all smokers and friends/family members of smokers... CHANTIX.

Of the 10+ people I know that used has a 100% success rate. Please, do yourself the favor...yes, you have the right to smoke, but you KNOW you will feel better about yourself if you stop. Now is the time to stop.


You hang in there girlie! I would think that the sheer amount of what a pack costs these days would be enough of a reason to quit!

Missy I commend you. And I speak from experience that it can be done. I was a smoker in college and all through my twenties. Knew it was bad for me, but what the hay!! Everything is bad for you. I also told people that I would stop the day I became pregnant with my first child. The day I took the home pregancy test, I had a cigarette as I waited for the results. When I saw that I was a mom, I knew that was my last cig. Cleaned out the ash trays from the apartment and flushed away the remainder of the pack. Never looked back. (But I did feel guilty about the one I had while I was waiting). Cigarettes was easy. Coffee was HARD.

And in regards to the woman who fears the loud noise more than the smoke exposure to her baby - Yikes!!

Every small step matters. Kudos for working so hard to stop - sending good thoughts your way!

Well, I did one thing right, I didn't start till after my kids were in school. My husband and I were splitting and there was a lot of stress, not an excuse, I know, but I have spent the last 10 years trying to quit off and on. I know, makes me sound like a loser, but I keep trying. It's now been a week since my last one, and this time I am trying so hard. I actually walked into a conveniance store yesterday to get gas, and did not get a pack. I wanted to, and yes, I even thought about it, but I decided not to. One small step in a whole series leading up to being completely smoke free, I am hoping.

White Trash, party of 1
White Trash, party of 1

Go Missy! Way to be responsible! I preached and preached to a friend's little sister to quit while she was pregnant and she has subsequently had THREE small babies who are ALL developmentally delayed. They all have severe allergies and she STILL SMOKES AROUND THEM ALL DAY LONG! She thinks it is cute and says that they won't amount to much, because she didn't amount to much---WTF??? I think the smoking robbed her of her entire brain! People like her really should think about sterilization--the vicious cycle has to stop somewhere!

I am 31 years old and 8 months pregnant. I have smoked since I was 15 and the day I peed on that stick and found it was positive was the last day I smoked a cigarette.

I had tried to quit several times before without success, but quitting is NOT that hard when you are suddenly responsible for a life you just created. It is your ONLY responsibility for the next 9 months (well... and beyond). Too hard? Tough shit, get over it, you are a parent now - act like one.

This subject strikes a chord with me so I'm commenting again. My aunt has smoked for decades. She smoked while she was pregnant with my cousin (as did/does her waste-of-skin "husband") and still smokes 19 years later. She gets broncitis or pneumonia or severe colds several times a year. That in itself would be enough to make me quit! My cousin was born underweight and now has asthma, severe allergies and many other respiratory problems which were no doubt caused by my aunt smoking while pregnant and afterwards. Why anybody would think quitting smoking during pregnancy is just as harmful to a fetus as smoking is... That is beyond my realm of logical thinking.

Another one of my cousins, after being a smoker for over 10 years, recently found out she was pregnant. Not only did she quit cold turkey, her fiance/father of her baby did too. And after realizing the health and financial benefits, they don't intend to start up again. THAT is what a REAL parent should do!

to SK: Your friend succombed to peer pressure at age 30? Something isn't right with that.

Sadly I have seen many pregnant women who smoke and I always just want to go up to them and slap some sense into them. I cannot stand smoking let alone the smell. As you can probably tell I am a non-smoker (always have been) and cannot understand why women (anyone for that matter) would ever start. Recently I found out that a 30 year old friend of mine smokes - she started recently. Why? Peer pressure she says!! As Linda would say: DGMS...

As a smoker, this is a topic I feel quite strongly about... I will defend my right to smoke until the day I die... However, the sight of a pregnant woman smoking a cigarette makes me want to puke... It is disgusting and I have heard that excuse from the doctor over and over again from these ridiculous women... It's bullshit and I don't know any doctor that would tell a woman that it would be more harmful to their baby to quit smoking than to keep puffing away... As I smoker, I am very considerate about who and where I smoke... Children, elderly people and pregnant women are immediately off limits... And I will always ask the other adults if it is ok first... And when people ask me when I am going to quit my answer is always the same... "Before I get pregnant"...

So the doctor doesn't want to stress out the baby in the womb but wait until it is born to go through withdrawal like a crack baby? Nicotine is a DRUG. Mom must have searched long and hard to find a doctor that would enable her habit over the health of her baby...QUACK!

My dad also died of lung cancer after a lifetime of smoking. He was the product of that generation of Linda's cig slogans. It is NOT a pretty way to go.

Here, in GA, is a state law prohibiting smoking in public buildings including restaurants and bars. I am not a fan of gov't telling us when, what or where but I can tell you I thoroughly enjoy not being subjected to unsolicited second-hand smoke. When I travel, I realize just how grateful I have become at home to not have to be asked, "Smoking or non?"

"how are these people any better than the people who bake their children??"

They're not, and in some ways I think they are even worse.

Knowingly putting your unborn child in danger simply because you are too self absorbed and weak willed to put down the lighter and pop top? They do not deserve the lives they are carrying.

I have had three children. Two were born at 26 weeks, and one in the middle was born at 21 weeks. We lost him. Nobody knows why I go into premature labor...several doctors and specialists can't figure it out.

Now...we had my daughter's 5th birthday party at a local park. When we got there, there was already a party in progress under the covered area, so we set up in the sun. There was a woman at that party who looked to be 7-8 months pregnant, and she walked around that party chain smoking and drinking beer.

My husband had to restrain me from going into orbit. I wanted to scream and yell and possibly slap her in the face (nothing that would hurt the baby...just a good "wake the hell up" slap.) It's the 21st century....we all know why those warning are on cigarettes and are these people any better than the people who bake their children??

I am nearly speechless here. Noise is worse than tar and nicotine for her baby?

I remember being pregnant all those years ago and couldn't even get in an elevator with anyone that had smoked. Too bad more women don't have that problem.

My ex-husband (Ed) and his wife (Victoria) went out to dinner with my family (our daughter, my second husband and myself) many years ago. At the time, Victoria was about 5 months pregnant. We went to a Mexican restaurant for dinner and, when the waiter came to our table to take out orders, the two of them began grilling the poor guy about the amount of MSG in each particular dish. They explained that Victoria was pregnant and was being extremely cautious about ingesting food with MSG, in order to protect the baby. They were really militant and loud about the whole thing and it was a little embarrassing.

After completing her meal, blissfully free of all horribly hazardous MSG, Victoria sparked up a nice, relaxing cigarette. Ed, of course, sparked one up too.

My husband and I almost fell out of our chairs in astonishment and we STILL laugh about the incident!!!

In my opinion, anyone that isn't willing to quit smoking for the good of their unborn child shouldn't be rearing children. I understand quitting is hard, but if you won't make that tiny sacrifice for the good of your child (and YOURSELF), what is going to happen when you have to make bigger sacrifices? Sacrifice is part of being a parent. A parent shouldn't be doing ANYTHING that could potentially endanger their child.

I was born in '66 - back in the day when it wasnt unusual for women to smoke while pregnant - or drink for that matter. My mom smoked throughout her pregnancy with me & had the occassional beer - and I was born a healthy 8 pound 12 oz baby - THANK GOD! But as Linda said, we know more now than they did back then. My mother smoked almost her whole life & quit 8 years before she died - of lung cancer. I have seen first hand what smoking can do to a person. I do not smoke - and I refuse to let anyone smoke around my daughter. I barely visit my older sister - because she smokes. Its her home & she has a right to do in it as she pleases - but I wont subject my daughter to her smoke. And when she visits, she must go outside to light up. After she leaves - I febreeze the house & the furniture she sat in, because the smoke smell lingers. Even birthday & xmas gifts from her must be washed or aired out because they smell of smoke.
Why anyone would INTENTIONALLY force this on thie children - born or unborn is selfish & in my opinion, a form of child endangerment.

My husband used to work for Customs at a major international airport. One day, they picked up a pregnant lady that was a "drug mule" - she had swallowed condoms full of heroin in order to bring them into the country.

Per procedure, she was immediately sent to the hospital for observation/to pass the drugs. While there, the hosptial staff wanted to put her on some sort of minor IV drip. However, she was hysterical about the IV, worrying about what it might do to the baby. Hello! Let's not be concerned about the belly-full of drugs you just ingested? Pretty sure that's not good for the baby either!

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