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Friday, August 03, 2007


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You might as well just eat this in the parking lot out side the emergency room!

Y'know, there are healtier wa- Oh wait.

I would just like to say that i would personally buy a hungry man all day breakfast. I happen to be 6 foot 1 inch tall and only 138 pounds and am trying to gain weight at the moment. 1030 calories in 1 meal is like a dream. Unfortunately the saturated fat, cholesterol and sodium kind of ruin it. I wouldn't eat this often by any means but am not opposed to having one. Did you ever consider some people want to gain weight?

>Inb4 healthier ways to gain weight.

Elvis, appearantly you can't read. Linda is not on Weight Watchers, and does not advocate processed food. She advocates personal responsibility, and taking care of ones body and diet. Learn to read and comprehend please.

this blogger is an ubertard, eating processed food and on .. lmfao the worst diet plan in the galaxy... weight watchers..

good luck, i'm sure you're feeling dead already.

Jeez, eat a candy bar, will ya?

I don't think I ever said I was better than someone who weighs more.

And no, I don't happen to be angry about watching what I eat. It's a personal choice to stay healthy and fit.

Do I wish more people chewed less, and moved more? Yes, I do. I make no apologies for that. People should value their health.

Oh, and I never forgo the things I like to eat, much less my Starbucks. You see, that's the beauty of taking care of one's self. You don't have to do without.

Maybe what we are so pissed about is the fact that people who continue to eat like this put a strain on our health care system and cause costs to rise for everyone. To say that a person's bad eating habits have no effect on anyone but themselves is to not look at the big picture. Being healthy has NOTHING to do with never overindulging. It has to do with doing so reasonably. Trust me, I overindulge on the food I love but I don't do it every day. This argument has nothing to do with fat vs thin. It has to do with unhealthy vs healthy and a thin person can be unhealthy while a heavier person can be healthy, so get your facts straight before you attack others.

Why worry about the folks that eat this stuff?

Worry about YOURSELF.

Or are you angry that you have to forgo the tasty foods you crave and that Starbucks beverage and these damn fat people just eat everything they want?

Some of this anger towards gluttony and fat people IS because it sucks to watch calories and not eat tasty foods and to never overindulge.

Its time to let it go.

Maybe fat people are mad at us for all of the Rain Man like calorie counting, carrying bottles of water around like we are in a marathon and the cliquey groups at health clubs.

Both parties have anger towards the other for various reasons.

Let it go.

Worry about YOU. Isnt that enough?

And get off your high horse. JUst because someone is fat, and you are not doesnt make you better than them. Nor are they better than you.

I am on weight watchers, and that nutrition label made me nearly have a stroke! That's more than my points for an entire day! In one "Hungry" box! While I am a glutton for a big breakfast as much as the next person, I would enjoy a version of this that involved scrambled eggs made from egg beaters, turkey sausage/bacon, and some potatoes that were boiled instead of fried. You can have a big meal like like that, you just have to do it right.

Jeez Lynn, glad that you are so much superior to the rest of the population.

Linda, I own a diner (greasy spoon if you will)...and you would be shocked at the regulars that eat something similar to The HungryMan EVERY day. Ours has 3 eggs, 3 bacon, 3 sausage, 3 toast and homefries...and some order 3 pancakes to go with it....EVERY DAY! The strange thing is, these people are NOT fat (how, I'm not sure), but I imagine their cholesterol is through the roof. Our business thrives on our regulars and most eat one of the big breakfasts (not as big as the HungryMan...2 of everything, not 3)every day. And if they come in before 7am, they can have it for $2.95..no one can pass up a deal, I guess.

I myself am always fighting the battle of the bulge and am having no luck. So I am going to start eating like a European. Reasonable portions and more fruits and veggies with meat being more of a side dish than the main event. When my cousin was over from Italy we took him to a western themed steak house as he loves western movies, When his big honking steak came out he commented that the 4 of them would have eaten that in one meal. He loved his visit with us but gained 10 pounds while eating like us. He lost it in no time when he got back home! You would not see anything like this buffet in a box anywhere outside of the states, I think.

It makes me sick. I am a healthy,38 yr old,5'9 women with 3 kids. I take pride in my appearance and the fact that i can wear my 13 year old daughters clothes. That said. What kind of person would be willing to fill their body with that kind of crap?? I would feel bad if my yogurt were "supersized"! The madness must stop. I haven't had fast food since college. My kids would rather eat subway then mcdonalds. If we eat out at all.The obesity problem will NEVER end. I predict in 5 yrs that 25% of the population will be closer to 50%. Makes me sad some folks don't have enough dignity to eat better, for thei kids sake and their own.

You think the calories & fat gram are bad in that meal? Have you seen how many calroes & fat grams are in a Whopper from Burger King? 670 calories & 39 grams of fat! Thats just one freakin sandwich!! Add another 100 calories & 8 more grams of fat if you want cheese on it! Want fries & a soda? Well The large Fries are 540 calories & 25 grams of fat - the large soda is another 370 calories. This lunch comes to a "WHOPPING" 1,680 calories & 72 grams of fat! All for ONE MEAL! One damn lunch! What really p*sses me off is the "HAPPY MEALS" - lets shove garbage & artery clogging foods into our kids & give them a toy to make them smile! And people wonder why our kids are getting fat? HELLOOOOO - buy them another damn happy meal as you shove your big mac in your face in the drive thru!
Dont even get me started on the crap that they call cereal for kids! Ok, gotta go - my vein is throbbing.....

geez, that would use up more Weight Watchers points for breakfast than I am allowed for the entire day!

I'm sure I'm not the only one to find it ironic that we are exposed 27x7 to super thin, anorexic role models who are brought to us by sponsors like Swanson who are trying to sell us the Hungry Man All Day Breakfast.

Linda: Right on man, couldn't agree with you more. I have been a member of Weight Watchers for about 10 years now (joined to lose the baby fat and am STILL working on that!), but it has taught me so much about what to eat, and even if I'm not my goal weight yet, I know that I'm healthy.
I worked with a woman, who was clearly overweight, who used to eat those high fat, high sodium microwaveable lunches every day. She had had a stroke several years earlier (now if that's not a warning from God, I don't know what is) - and I would watch her, with one arm hanging limp at her side like a slab of ham, eat these horrible foods. I once ventured to ask her if it was ok for her to eat those things and her comment was "my stroke was not due to being over-weight, it was my blood pressure." Oh REALLY? Do you think your blood pressure being high might be do to the fact that your heart is covered in a layer of FAT and trying to pump blood through those FAT-coated veins???
The office we worked in was on the 28th floor of a building downtown. They had to evacuate the building because of an electrical fire that started on one of the floors and an old co-worker said to me "did you hear about poor Carolyn?" (the woman mentioned above). She could not walk down the stairs, and because the fire was electrical, the elevators did not work, so four firemen had to walk UP the 28 flights with a chair, strap her in it and carry her lard-@ss down 28 flights. POOR CAROLYN???!!?? POOR FIRE AND RESCUE CREW!

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