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Tuesday, July 24, 2007


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Today we read that Lindseys defence is "the pants she was wearing were not hers"

Dont insult our intelligence, Lindsay.

That defense will be laughable in court, I would think.

But even if (humor me here) that the pants were, in fact, not hers, then why is a Post Rehab, Sober (supposidly) Lindsey STILL hanging out with friends who do drugs??
Isnt it a main premise of Rehab that you have to distance yourself from the drug friends, and hang out with healthy people?

Rehab has become a convenient, en vogue, place for celebs to go when their public image's need a boost.

Most dont take the program seriously, as shown by as soon as they get out, they go right back to their same old destructive world.

Bc Rehab has simply become a PR stint, but now its made it so that even Rehab is not taken seriously anymore.

Which is not good bc a non celeb who really has a drug problem or drinking problem, who wants help, may disregard rehab bc it hasnt helped all of these public people.

How can rehab be taken seriously anymore, if everyone knows that it never works for the celebs?

As far as whatcha gonna do about it, the stats for baby drunks are pretty grim:

The relapse rate for all rehab grads is generally thought to be about 80%. That includes all age groups.

If you're young, pretty, and bulletproof, it goes to about 90%.

If you're surrounded by people who tell you there's nothing wrong with you, it goes to about 98%.

Interventions work, but only if everybody's on board. Unfortunately, with celebs, that never happens.

Jail can work, because it really does cut through all the crap and shows people that playtime's over.

That said, I know a genuinely decent (when sober) 56-year-old man in prison (I volunteer there) who's spent 35 years in prison for nine drunk driving convictions. Never hurt anyone, thank God, but every time he gets out, he drinks. When he drinks, he drives. When he drives drunk, he gets caught and ends up back in prison for another extended stay. And he has no more idea why he does it than you do.

Nor does she.

(Full disclosure: For 25 years I've been on the recovery side of the equation, so I've seen quite a bit of this stuff.)

I think Lohan is going to kill herself or someone else if they don't break this tragic cycle and lock her up.

I think everyone in the car with Lindsay should be charged with some sort of "accessory" charge. If you can charge a bartender, flight attendant, or party host for overserving someone and then allowing them to drive, then you should also charge anyone who got into the car with her.

Didn't realize she was drunk? Doubtful, but OK...pretty sure you probably knew she had a suspended license and shouldn't be driving. So her driving at all was a crime - drunk or otherwise.

For crying out loud, call a cab, limo, friend, bodyguard, someone! These girls aren't going to be happy until they kill someone.

Don't you just hate it when your friends use your pocket to store their cocaine?

OF COURSE she's innocent. Someone put that loose cocaine in her pants pocket!

She's a VICTIM!!!!

Everyone, all together now: Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww...

Oh, but Linda haven't you heard?!! Lindsay released a statement that she is innocent, those drugs weren't hers! That statement doesn't speak to a reality check on her part, does it? Denial, denial, denial is a powerful thing.

Here's the other problem with these young hollywood "bad" girls -the truth is, bad press is better than NO press. Britney had all but faded from the lime light, but now we hear about her antics almost daily. I agree with Bob in the case of Lindsay, she has a real problem (addiction) - as for the others, I think alot of their behavior is to get attention...and the media is right there to give it to them. Wish we could boycott the media, but we all turn in every day.

Bob- I agree with you that this and the other young, messed up celeb stories do need covered - believe me, my daughters were all over the Lindsay story yesterday - I just wish the media would cover them from a serious angle, not a sensational one.

The facts need reported, the consequences need reported. I don't need to know what she wore to court or where she ate the night before she is sentenced.

I watched some Larry King last night and Daniel Baldwin - who has rehabbed NINE times - said this about her situaion: "You can't beat addiction in a crackhouse." Essentially, she has made no effort to apply what she has learned in rehab and has gone right back to the people and places that enable her, look the other way, and contribute to her problems.

Make no mistake - disease or no - as an adult, she is the sole owner of her legal woes and needs to face jail time - period. And when she gets out, she needs to surround herself with people who actually care about her as a person, not just syncophants who want to suck off the fame teat.

The biggest thing that needs brought home is that each time one of these people is arrested for DUI - there was the potential for loss of life - either theirs, or some innocent family out for a night at Dairy Queen.

Again, cover the story. Just cover it in a way that it actually sends a message - and not one about the Manolos she was wearing when she tried to walk a straight line.

Here's why the Lindsay Lohan story matters, and the Paris Hilton story before it: A lot of people are getting killed because bad-girl chic now includes quick, multiple relapses and driving drunk. Roughly half of the people involved in the 40,000 annual U.S. auto fatalities show drugs or alcohol on autopsy.
Like it or not, plenty of kids think this beautiful young woman is a worthy role model. It's far easier to dismiss prison as unfair than to think ahead to the consequences of the behavior.
I do believe Lindsay Lohan has a tragic illness. And I also believe she should serve at least six months in prison (out in three) if she's convicted. She's had her second chance. Let her fans get the whole picture. It might also save HER life.

Unfortunately the world is watching them due to the media coverage. If people stopped reading the magazines with them on the cover, buying the tabloids that they are in or watching the entertainment programs that glorify them, then the media would stop - if they can't make money covering their ridiculous behaviour then why show it? I personally refuse to buy or watch anything that has them on it as part of my personal protest against their disgusting behaviour...

Ahhh, "sko" - it brings back lovely mammaries - er sorry - memories of AI 6...

Bravo! (And I don't mean that channel that broadcasts the other, older waste of oxygen - Paula).

Now, gently rub that vein in your neck before it pops...


Resolved: From this moment forward I'll not read, watch or listen to any report about the above four mentioned sko's.

(pardon me while I pitch a full-on strop)

Personally, I don't give a SHIT about Lindsay, Paris, Nicole or Britney... or any of those useless, brainless wastes of oxygen. The world (and our media) would be better off if all four of them got pickled as hell, leaped into the nearest Yugo and drove straight off the edge of the Grand Canyon - a quadruple Thelma & Louise. Oh, and yo bitches? Take yer stupid yappy-azz designer dogs with you when you go. I'm sick and tired of seeing these idiots' vapid, moronic faces on the covers of magazines, on the nightly news and all over the internet.


Our country is at war and our soldiers are dying every day... millions of people have no healthcare... our borders are wide-open freeways with no one standing guard... the mess and wreckage from Katrina is STILL THERE AND NO ONE CARES.... AND DON'T EVEN GET ME STARTED ON AFRICA... but these idiots are NEWS? NEWS????? WTF???????

OMG, I swear to God I want to scream.

(end rant)

Yes, and if she isn't a "too young to die, she has so much going for her" and does get her turds in a row, I'm sure she'll be revered as a true American hero. They all make me sick. They feel they are above the law, their recklessness could end up resulting in an innocent person's death. They are no different than these glorified professional athletes we have now that seem to think they are also above the law.

At the rate she is going she is going to be one of thos "Too young to die - had so much going for her" type of people we read about in the tabloids.

Its sad. I wonder if one of the 2 passengers she had in her vehicle happened to be her dear ol mom?

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