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Thursday, July 26, 2007


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I have been sick at my stomach thinking of the absolute horror that family went through. I look at my two-year-old daughter and the thought of anyone hurting her like that - well, just let me say that I feel rage I did not know I posessed. If they asked someone to light the match, I would do it. Just look at that 11 year old girl's face, and look at that sick SOB who raped her. No, I could light that match and sleep at night just fine, thank you very much.

Thanks, Linda, for expressing exactly how I felt about this whole tragedy. My prayers are with the father and the other family members left behind.

The bottom line, being, I am SURE that if they had gone to the house and ASKED for the money, it would have been given to them along with keys to the car. They did NOT have to go that far. I know I don't give a rat's ass about money when it comes down to the well being of my family. This is one time when I wish our justice system was like the Middle eastern countries'--swift.

This makes me so angry. I just can't put into words how much I believe that our judicial system has got to be FIXED! These two deserve to die a most heinous death....wet a sponge and stick them in the electric chair ala The Green Mile maybe???? Something has got to be done to all these slugs that commit these thoughtless murders for no reason. I can't even imagine what the mother, girls, or the father endured during that time but it had to be a horrible way for them to die. Those two should be taken to the courtsqare and shot or hung. What is happening to our world???? This has thoroughyly upset me! God Bless William and I pray he can find some peace and comfort to get through this. And I pray fervently that those 2 will get everything coming to them and more!

Those last hours of those girls' lives, the horror, what their mother endured, what their father must now endure, if he can and God knows if he can't no one will blame him.

I think some vigilante justice is called for. A lynch mob. My thinking is that those who are responsible for "protecting" them won't mind being lax and irresponsible for one night...

and after all of that, let me be the first to get the gasoline......

I am simply amazed each and every day at the cruelty in this world, the sickness, and man's inhumanity to man.

now, the matches, please??

Beheading is too quick for them. I think being publicly drawn & quartered would work, as long as it's done S-L-O-W-L-Y.

Anyone seen the movie "Braveheart"? William Wallace's (played by Mel Gibson) nasty death scene would be highly appropriate for these two. Strap them both to a wooden slab in front of a screaming, cheering crowd... cut bits and pieces of their bodies off, slowly... then disembowelled them while they're awake, alert and conscious....

But I wouldn't give them the mercy shown to William Wallace (beheading to end his agony and suffering). No no no, that's too nice. Rather, I'd spread their intestines around them like ropes in the sun, then cover their steaming entrails with honey and dump barrels of fire ants and roaches over them both.

Yeah. That'll work.

Lori: Had to laugh out loud, in sort of sick way I guess, but I liked the last suggestion best "the headsman's axe" - now you're talking!

I agree with Katy. If this had happened to any member of my family - especially my child - and there was no doubt about the guilt, I would willingly wield the broomhandle... lighter and gasoline.... electric chair switch.... loaded rifle... trapdoor on the scaffold... even the headsman's axe.

Bunnymom: I'm sure Linda will respond, but my answer to your question would be, the surviving victims family. If it were my 11 year old, I would not have one moment of hesitation to inflict whatever punishment I could on the individual who took his life in such a horrendous way.

I say we all take turns with the broomstick, kind of like pinatas.

Linda, I could not agree with you more as to the manner to which these wastes of flesh should be punished. My question, who does the punishing? Are you willing to wield the broom handle and light the match?

Joel Yockey, a repeat sexual offender from Ohio, was convicted of kidnapping, rape and murder of 14 year old Kristen Jackson in 2004. He died in prison earlier this year. Only now has the coroner spoken out to say that Mr. Yockey died a very painful death caused by a massage infection from a "tear in his bowel". As young Kristen's father put it ""A little prison justice is what they call that". Thank God for justice.

One thing to remember - what happens to child molesters/rapists in prison. The longer they stay in jail before their execution, the more torture they get to endure. That's as close as it gets to justice in this case, but, unfortunately, nothing would ever be enough.

Oh come on Lori in Texas, don't you know that these men are not responsible for their behavior? They were abused as children themselves, and therefore can not help themselves....(sarcasm here). Seriously, I totally agree with you 100% - I'm in favor of the death penalty, and between your state and mine (Florida), we've manage to get some of these animals off the face of this earth. I just miss ole "sparky" our former method of the death penalty - - it was known to take a good while and sometimes actually "fry" them...just what these two men deserve.

By the way, it is EXACTLY because of crimes like this - where the perpetrators are repeat criminals, innocent lives are taken without mercy, the criminals are caught in the act and there is NO doubt whatsoever of their guilt - that I am 100% in favor of the death penalty. These men do not deserve another chance - they don't even deserve the right to due process or any appeals... these men are worse than animals... worse than bacteria... It is because of cases like this, I firmly believe in making the punishment fit the crime and not allowing them to die a peaceful and painless death.

I have been waiting for you to direct your attention to this most recent horrendous example of what man has come to be able to do to man, and worse yet, to woman/child. For those of us unable to wrap our imaginations around this abomination and express our outrage, I thank you for even beginning to give voice to our darkest, most vengeful desires. Nothing we could do to these animals could approach the evil they perpetrated, nor could it satisfy our hungry, wounded hearts.

Linda: Once again, you say what my heart felt as well - and I understand exactly what you mean regarding your eleven year old - I have one myself (a son), and the thought of anything like this to him.... I would take a bullet for him, I would endure any horror for him. What is so heart-breaking is that Jennifer probably would have done the same, but these f***ing animals didn't give her that choice. I agree, my only prayer for these bastards is that there is a HELL because I hope they are raped, burned, tortured for eternity. I live in Jacksonville Florida and for the past week, every morning news reports another death in the city. People are just killing people. You'd like to think it can't happen in your neighborhood (and don't get me wrong, I don't think it should happen in anyone's neighborhood, but that's another whole rant). The fact that this happened to an affluent couple, in an affluent and allegedly SAFE neighborhood means it could happen anywhere....and that scares the hell out of me.

I feel physically ill reading this. These men need to experience the terror that they subjected to this family before coming to a swift and painful demise. I pray for William and the rest of their family.

"They need to be raped repeatedly – use some of those rape stands from the Vicks’ property and some broom handles - then beaten with a baseball bat, then tied down, doused with gasoline, and set ablaze."

LOL, Linda.... I'm rubbing off on you. Love it!

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