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Wednesday, May 30, 2007


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Ok, so I'm late on commenting on this one. I am in 100% agreement with Linda and most of the commenters on this one. All those ambulance chasing lawyers, greedy "victims" and frivilous lawsuits are making our country a laughing stock.

As always, I'm with Linda (and the rest of you thinking commenters!) If everyone worried about themselves and doing what's right, this world would be a much better place. I wish our culture would quit wasting their time and energy on celebrities. Watch the movies, listen to the music, go to the sporting events and then get on with your life. If we "regular" folk didn't care so much about every little thing celebrities do (I've been weaning myself off caring!) maybe the paparazzi would stop stalking people, maybe people would start paying attention to actual issues plaguing our country, maybe. maybe, maybe.

I am watching the National Spelling Bee right now - bet their ratings don't touch the so-called reality TV of has-been celebrities losing weight, the nightly entertainment "news" shows, Trump's Miss Universe Skinfest or even reruns in various shapes and sizes. These kids may be somewhat nerdy but they are examples of hard work, determination and brainpower. They are competing in a lost art - who cares about spelling anymore? They are impressive. Actually, the fact that this is being televised on a major network in Prime Time is a step in the right direction. Now, if we can get more people to care about obviously well-educated up-and-coming young students like these spellers instead of revering young celebrities famous for no reason or talent (Paris and Nicole) or those wasting their God-given talent by drinking, drugging and partying their talent down the toilet (Britney & Lindsay), we'd be showing signs of cultural rehab.

It has always amazed me that you need a license to drive, hunt, or fish but any two morons can hook up, make a baby and ruin a life. Basic parenting should be mandatory in every middle school - get them young before they start naked wrestling...A parent's job in life is to prepare his or her child to become a functioning, contributing, moral member of society. Kids have enough friends - they need parents for guidance, discipline and the occasional wake-up call smack/down. As for the sue-happiness that has become the National Sport - DGMS on that! Sometimes, more often than not, YOU are to blame! Sometimes NO ONE is! And sometimes Sh*t JUST HAPPENS! A lot of people need to just learn to deal with life as it comes and quit trying to profit from every misfortune...

LOL, John in AK, I've driven through your state (of denial). Spent some time on the scenic byways, even.

The thing that I don't think many of us realize until we see it in others is that trying to defer responsibility or shun blame really makes us look weak.

I heard this question asked earlier on the radio today: "Would you rather be liked or be respected?" I'd like to take that one step further and ask, "Do you respect yourself?" I think that lack of self-respect is at the core of many people with so-called "lack of self-esteem." Hey, I can talk; I've been there. When I've been unhappiest with myself is when I wasn't making the best choices.

We may see Paris and Lindsay as little rich girls dressing up and partying up, but I wonder if they see themselves in the same way. They may feel weak or hunted or tired. Just because their actions may be more visible than ours doesn't mean we shouldn't be just as forgiving to them as we'd want others to be to us. I can't pretend to understand the things they cope with in their lives. Well, maybe I can PRETEND, but ya'll get the picture.... :-)

Oh yeah, no spelling jokes allowed either! At least, not until I can figure out how to spell check using TypeKey, or you send me a free Funk & Wagnells Dictionary, Edition VII. LOL!

I got a speeding ticket coming into work today... Serious! Yes, I know, there was no reason for it... I was acctually ahead of schedule! But, I got irritated at a driver who kept slowing down and speeding and slowing down, and I couldn't get around him on the three lane road. So, I pass him finally, and realize I am going way too fast and slow. But, the nice Anchorage PD unmarked car didn't like that I was doing 61 in a 45... I pulled over the moment his lights came on; I knew he was after me. He did thank me for stopping as quickly as I could, didn't write me a ticket for 16 over because the fine would be $150.00 and 6 points, he wrote it for failure to obey road sign, with a fine of $50.00 and 2 points. I've already written the check and mailed it off.
Does this make me a bad person? No. Will my insurance go up? Maybe. Was it my fault? Damn straight! I have to suffer the consenquences of my actions, and won't fight it. But, talking to a co-worker (one of those Rebel without a clue types), I should have not pulled onto a side street, I should have demanded to see the radar calibration and asked the cop how long he and his cruiser had been on duty in the last 48 hours and when the last time he went to "radar training"... WTF! This is from a guy who I thought had a loose screw, and now I know he does!

Josh Hancock made a huge error in judgement and paid the ultimate price. His family needs to stop the frivilous lawsuits and move on. Sadly, the family found an ambulance chaser and may find a judge and jury who they agree with. Here's hoping sound Mid-west thinking will be used and the case gets tossed or the sued parties found not guilty. I'll be following this case!

I would also like to anounce the "John in AK" Defense Fund is being formed, to offset the cost of my ticket, future higher insurance preimums and the ass chewing from my wife and sniggers from my teenage sons.

Contrubitions can be sent to:

John in AK
State of Denial

Cotrubitions are not tax deductable and are not refundable, US dollars, cash preffered.

How about this guy with TB and personal responsibility? He flew on 2 flights and endangered hundreds of people. Don't even tell me he didn't know because I am not buying that. Now we hear his new father-in-law works at the CDC with drug resistant TB! Unbelievable lack of personal responsibility and integrity.

With regard to parents not making their kids be responsible for their own behavior...there was a mom in Temecula CA recently who made the papers because her daughter was suspended from school for bullying another girl. So this mom made her daughter stand outside different schools in the morning and after school every day during her suspension with a sign saying she was suspended for bullying and to not be like her and to stop bullying.

The mom was interviewed and she told the reporter her daughter tried to tell her she "didn't do anything" and that she told her daughter "you did something". Some thought the punishment to be humiliating, I don't see it that way. She wasn't harmed physically and I bet she learned a valuable lesson.

Personal responsibility is a hard thing to do and for some reason, too many parents are no longer willing to stress to their kids (no matter their ages) to be responsible for themselves.

I was a late bloomer where personal responsibility comes in and you can bet your ass that my 9 year old son COMPLETELY understands the concept of personal responsibility.

A kicker with the Josh Hancock story is that the family is suing the bar for "involuntary intoxication", not just for letting him drink too much. This is where the family is really going to have a problem - there was nothing involuntary about him ordering his drinks. No one held the glass to his head and forced him to drink.

Does the family really want the defense lawyers to drag up every single obnoxious thing about their son and parade it before the public?

Linda's got it right - the family needs to mourn and move on. What they're doing is so much more than wrong, it's hurtful to the family, it's hurtful to the fans and my city (St. Louis) is still reeling from his death....this will only do more damage.

Lindsay, Paris, Brittney? They just need to grow the f*** up and learn that it really isn't all about them, but it's hard for them to do when we all pay so much attention to their every move, every breath, every step. Maybe if we stopped paying so much attention, they'd go away?

Thanks again Linda for your DGMS buttons - I love them!

Linda, the thing with Josh Hancock's family suing everyone and if they think of it, they just might sue the state for not making the road wide enough to allow him to swerve. And where were the padded guardrails? This situation with his family reminds me of the horse racing guy (Shoemaker) who drank himself silly at a country club then drove his SUV off the road and paralyzed himself. He sued FORD and the state if I remember correctly and got FORD to pay up...don't recall what happened with the state of California.

This mentality is everywhere, but I was not raised that way. I was taught right from wrong and to take responsibility for my actions. Several years ago I was involved in a motorcycle accident in which I was speeding on an offramp that was marked as 20 mph and I was being "cool" on my sportbike and doing around 50 mph. The offramp was one of those cloverleaf type where it was a giant circle that leads you to the road you want to go on. At the end of the ramp, I lifted my bike out of the lean to early resulting in the bike being pushed toward the outside of the lane...those who ride motorcycles understand this...I didn't realize I was in trouble until I saw the curb & concrete island separating the off ramp lane from the street. I was unable to avoid it and clipped it with my rear wheel, launching me off the bike into the middle of the street where I landed on my head and shoulder (yes I was wearing a helmet, otherwise I would be dead). I was knocked unconscious and my husband (then boyfriend) was able to stop his bike and get off to run out in the road and wave oncoming cars around my body. I was lucky and only broke my collarbone. OK...now to the point of my story. The accident was MY FAULT. I was not following the posted speed limit and riding recklessly. The fact that the curb wasn't painted so I could see it better really was not why I crashed. But many people I know suggested I sue the state of california for my crash because the curb of the island was not painted to make it more visible. I was also honest with my insurance company and took my lumps with raised rates for a few years. Others thought I was nuts for being honest with the insurance company too.

I believe in personal responsibility and doing the right thing even if the right thing costs me.

It is amazing to me that his parents are looking to blame the whole world for his own actions. However, I would bet they would be outraged that had the towtruck driver or the owner of the stalled car been killed and their loved ones sued Josh's estate they would be squawking about how these people were looking to get rich off a sports hero's tragic death...

As for Lindsay and her cohorts...do you think they will go away if we ignore them? as soon as one of them shows any real, lasting talent we could pay attention to them again. Lindsay may have had some talent at one time but alcohol has been killing it off one brain cell at a time. Pretty soon she will be glad to get a cameo in a low rated sitcom, playing herself because she will be the punchline of the joke. As for the rest of them will anyone care 5 years down the road? VH1 is a lucky network. They already have a full cast for their next reality series: The 50 Greatest Trainwrecks in Hollywood!

I agree with you about the fact that kids like this are everywhere. I work in a high school and see it everyday. Screwed up priorities and a lack of motivation for something better. Lindsey, Paris, Britney and the like are just in the public eye and have the money to burn. The problem is, because they are in the public eye, kids in our neighborhoods look up to them as role models. Scary isn't it. I posted yesterday in comments about a student in my class who loves Paris Hilton. He loves her because she is rich and hot (according to him, I kind of think she looks like an anorexic poodle). I want them to want more than that. I want them to make a positive impact on the world. I want them to make better choices. I want for them what I want for my own children. It is a sad commentary on our society that those we look up to the most deserve it the least.

You are right on target.....I have always told my kids that we all have to OWN OUR ACTIONS AND THE CONSEQUENCES OF THEM. Another thing that I have told them is that the consequences of our decisions and our actions don't just touch us....they rub off on those who love us, too. The bottom line is this: Selfishness. When we only think of ourselves when we make decisions in our life, someone will be affected...probably negatively. It is a true shame when parents in today's world choose to be "friends" with their kids and not parent them at all. Again, that is selfishness on the parents' part.

I think if we all looked into our past there could be someone or something negative that happened to excuse our actions as adults, but the ultimate choice of our actions is OURS and we need to OWN IT!!

By the way, I have been reading this during AI and this is my first time to post. Thanks Linda for your straight-forward thoughts.

Great post Linda. I couldn't agree with you more. A lot of people in our lives do a lot of things they shouldn't do but that doesn't relieve us from our responsibility to behave ourselves, regardless of our age or circumstances. We all learn right from wrong at a very early age. We learn to try to excuse our poor behavior when our conscious kicks in and we don't like the feeling. I always got over that feeling when the pain on my backside hurt more than the guilt. Thanks Mom!

I'm SO sick of hearing about all of these young Hollywood girls getting themselves into drugs, alcohol and the so forth.
They go on to be addicts and then have run ins with the law. Of course, they get away with it the first (and sometimes second) time and then eventually they end up in jail or rehab or neither.
They flitter in and out of rehab like its a weekend getaway.
My point is...who cares? What they're going through is not a whole lot different then what a WHOLE LOT of your average normal kids are going through. There are addicts and out of control kids EVERYWHERE!
If the likes of Lindsay Lohan appaul you and make you shake your head, then get off your butt, go out into your community and see what you can do to help the Lindsay's in your town!
By the way, love ya Linda.

I couldn't have said it better myself. Very, very, very well said.

People like Lohan, Hilton, and Hancock long ago stopped thinking about themselves as "human". They've been told over and over again that they are better than the masses and therefore, untouchable and invincible. They have no clue what "Personal Responsiblity" even means. Josh Hancock ran out of time to figure out the reality. Let's hope Lindsey and Paris learn before it's too late for them, as well. Wish you could send these blogs to them....

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