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Tuesday, May 29, 2007


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Lindsay is on a one way ticket to an early grave. She is lucky it was just a curb she hit & not a wall or a tree! I agree 100% Linda - her parents & family need to kick her in the ass & make her wake up! Behavior like that should not be tolerated - by ANYONE - famous personality - or Jane Q. Public living in BFE.
Its just a sad sad shame

Ahh, I had to take out the old college Norton Anthology of English Literature to revisit my William Blake days. I also like, "If a fool would persist in his folly, he would become wise." I'd hate to admit all of the lessons I've learned the hard (i.e., folly-filled) way. I KNOW I'm wiser because I would never make some of the same mistakes again, generally made with an excess of stupidity and naivete.

Back to Lindsay, though: I loved her in The Parent Trap. I get misty-eyed every single darn time. She was so cute!

Totally, I agree.
Promises Rehab in Malibu seems to be the place to be if you are a celeb.
Seems like more of a convenient PR type of rehab then the hard core rehab these girls need.

Britney just got out of there, and from what I read shes still out partying and having drinks.

The only reason Lindsay checked herself into rehab was bc she HAD to from a PR standpoint.

After that passed out wasted photo in the car appeared on her night out after her DUI, and the coke found in her car, she really had no other choice. If she didnt go thru the motions and go to rehab no one would ever hire her again in Hollywood.

No studio will hire her bc shes too much of an insurance risk of not showing up, partying too much and being late, all the tardiness and absenteeism costs the studios money when they cant film bc they are waiting for Lindsay to show up.

Esp after that public letter from the producer of Georgia Rule about her being late and absent.

So, Lindsay has to play the game and do her obligatory rehab stint so she can make a good showing to the judge at her DUI hearing that shes sick but getting treatment.

And so she can (hopefully) convince studios that she is getting treatment so she wont be a risk to hire her for a movie.

How can she possibly get better, when even her Mom isnt admitting she has a problem, and goes around enabling her by blaming the coke photos on the fact that Lindsay cant trust her friends instead of worrying about her daughter doing drugs.

Some of this is Lindsays parents fault, but the girl is 20, and she has to own it too.

Not all young celebs took this route, so you cant blame the fact that its just so easy to go this direction.

Look at Mandy Moore, Reese Witherspoon, Hillary Duff, Jessica Alba... all of these girls are young and famous and you dont see them partying everynight, making public fools of themselves wasted, or getting photgraphed doing drugs.

They are taken way more seriously for their talents then Lindsay.
And yes, Lindsay does have talent.

But no one is interested in that, as her movies lately have all bombed (Bobby, Georgia Rule) and her CD bombed even worse.

All anyone is interested in is Lindsays trainwreck life.

She made her bed though.... unlike Paris and Nicole, Lindsay really DID have talent, so the fact that she chose not to take that as her priority is her own fault.

Are these places re-hab or just a convenient month long hideaway? Promises should have its licence revoked!

Amen and Amen! I agree that the bar owners and bartenders should ante up for allowing someone so young to purchase/drink alcohol, but what about personal responsibility!??! She's twenty..not two! By her age, I was married, going to college and working full-time. Ahhh..the good old days!

If Promises lets her out daily to film the movie she is slated to do, we'll know what a sham they are...if you're in rehab..be in rehab. No shopping, working, time off for good behavior, etc. Rehab has gotten to be ridiculous and I feel bad for those actually wanting the help to now have to deal with her and her bs that we all know she's going to try and pull!

I sure hope for her sake, that she gets her crap together ala Drew Barrymore. I love Drew for her acting but I admire her for getting the help she needed to overcome her drinking and drug problems when she was young. Unfortunately, these girls today are going down the path of Dana Plato. Such a waste.

William Blake was a smart man...

But that quote is only ever true if the person guilty of all the excess, AND the subsequent fallout, LEARNS from it and comes away with some hard won wisdom.

Linda, when did the road to excess EVER lead to the palace of wisdom? I sincerely hope she recovers, readjusts, and lives her life with no more regrets. We don't need another Anna Nicole.

Everytime I turn on the "news" I see this girl's face or the face of another spoiled, rich child. They are so sorely lacking in guidance. Paris ends up in jail and her mother yells at the lawyers saying, "We wasted so much money on you" (or something to that effect). Lindsey's mom says in interviews that she is just being a girl (yeah, a girl with a concaine habit and a drinking problem). These girls have been given everything they want and appreciate none of it. Someone needs a few good, swift kicks in the ass (the girls and mommy and daddy dearest). It just makes me sick.
I am a high school teacher and I just had a conversation with a student yesterday about Paris. He just loves her and thinks she is great. I asked what makes her special. He said, "She's rich." I asked, "But, what makes her special?" He said, "She's hot." I said again, "But, what makes her special?" These kids that have been raised with Paris, Lindsey, Nicole, and Brittany as role models don't know what it means to do something special and important with their life. They think that if you have money, that is all there is. How sad and how untrue. I worry for our future.
My kids hear some very important words each and everyday from me. Often those words are, "I love you," and often the word is, "NO!"

I am reminded once again of the death of River Phoenix. Barely 10 seconds after his death by drug overdose was reported I heard the first comment that defined the whole situation for me: "he just did it wrong". Meaning not that the whole usage of recreational drugs (a misnomer if there ever was one) was bad, stupid, whatever, but that he just got unlucky and "I" (whoever the next user that tries it is) won't.

Say Lohan or Hilton kills someone. Nothing in anyone's behavior will change because well, it didn't happen to "Me" and therefore it doesn't matter. There's a tragic disconnect here. Looks like the whole "Me Decade" thing we were supposed to have outgrown by the 1990s stuck around and only things that happen to the great "Me" matter. Things that happen to the lesser "You" don't.

But it should matter. It could happen to me or you or someone you care about. And if it doesn't matter, what have "We" become?

Svedka Vodka was going to sponsor her two day Las Vegas 21st birthday bash. (They have wisely withdrawn their sponsorship after this weekend's alcohol fueled fiesta of fun).

I'm with you - club owners have flipped the bird to liquor laws for years. Where I live, a minor cannot even gain entry, drinking or not, to a bar.

No, her condition didn't happen without willing bystanders, but in the end, she is old enough to know a good choice from a bad one.

While I am a huge advocate (like Linda) of personal responsibility, there are quite a few people to blame in this Lindsey Lohan drama. Where is the accountability of all the bar tenders that served this well-known underager? Fines should be handed out left and right, and jobs should be on the line... What about all the club promoters that bring these kids into this atmosphere to profit from them? Clubs should have their liquor licenses suspended... And where the hell are the adults in their lives? Even if her train-wreck of a mother can't see through the fog to help her daughter, what about the entire staff the Lindsey employs? Her assistants, and managers, and publicist? All of these people are not doing their jobs very well if the girl has to drive her drunk self home... And quite frankly, this entire incident could have been avoided by having a cop standing next to that beautiful velvet rope, simply asking for, and verifying IDs...


I could not agree more. I too am so tired of seeing these young and spoiled, with too much money, kids all over my TV and computer. I too have kids and I would rather them be mad at me because I give them a kick in ass when needed, instead of them thinking we're best friends, when I bail them out of jail, and tell them it is someone elses fault, for what happened. Lindsey is a sad, all too real example of what happens when you do not have at least one good parent (let alone, two) and no limits or disipline.

She will someday be on E! as a "Where are they now, child stars".

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