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Saturday, May 26, 2007


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Good one Linda! And didn't they later find out that this was someone's pet pig and not a ferral pig or am I confusing stories?

I'm fairly certain no one here gives a fat baby's dick what you eat, or what you think, so happy trails.

By the way for all of you vegetarians out there, your giant wheat combines kill millions of woodland creatures every year. Racoons, squirrels, baby deer, and you guys dont even eat them you leave them to rot. At least all of the pig will go to good use. Also since you just obviously spout feces from you mouths without knowing what your talking about, the wild ferral pig problem in the United States is out of control and as a country we cannot keep up with the destruction they cause over a billion dollars of crop and property damage. These are an invasive species which does not belong and to even keep the population under modest control 7 out of 10 would need to be culled (killed) so that the population doesnt keep exploding like it is.

i would just like to sayy to all you people who are saying it is cruel,

the animal was killed quickly, why don't you all go down to you local supermarket and have a look at the meat there it has probably been hacked away at with a chainsaw while it is still alive now i have worked on farms raising animals this is probably the most humane way to get meat and it tastes so much better

i think you so called vegetarians are taking this a lil to far!!!! my older brother is a vegetarian and wouldn't be that out ragious with a reaction. he like most realistic people know that others are entitled to their own opinions and hobbies as well as the freedom to hunt and provide for their families. hunting is not a necessity but a means of providing for yourself and not depending on everyone else as most do on the gov't these days. grow up and be adults!!!!
god bless.

It's a freakin pig you vegetarian morons. It doesn't have feelings. It doesn't know what's happening when it gets shot. It just eats, sleeps, craps, and then we kill it for food. No one can have a healthy diet of just vegetables. Get over yourselves. God created animals for food.


I eat meat but… please what about that poor animal life. If you kill it fine… if you are going to eat it fine... just do not brag about killing. It’s not funny. I am so disappointed. We need to restore our values. A simple giant wild hog found, where and when was enough info.

god dang thats a big hog ive never seen one like it

god thats a big f in hog it is aesome

What if this animal charged the boy shooting at him?? A pig that size could've killed the child! What are you people thinking??

I was APPALUD at the fact that a grown man would take his CHILD out into the woods to hunt this Mammoth pig... Let alone allow the CHILD to use a GUN to kill this animal!
There is ALWAYS a chance that the child could've been severely injured!

I think this man should be reported to CPS (Child Protective Services) for his obvious ignorance in putting his 11 year old CHILD deliberately in harms way! He should be ashamed of himself.

Food Chain?? In this day and age in America there is no reason this boy, or anyone else, NEEDS to hunt. That's why there are grocery stores! Don’t tell me those people live in the wild and the only means of eating is to hunt animals!

Pork is toxic to the human body. Pigs eat rotten garbage as well as their own poop! Educate yourself...maybe you will live longer and healthier!

I can assure you that the child that killed this farmed animal (it was not a wild pig, but a farmed pig with a name that was released to give someone the "thrill" of killing it) will not starve if he does not hunt an animal for food. In fact, looking at the picture it seems a vegetarian diet could help him slim down a bit.

The whole "hunting for food" argument is based on nothing but an excuse for people on a power trip to destroy a life to make themselves feel better. In this day and age in America there is no reason this boy, or anyone else, NEEDS to hunt. How about creating and tending a garden for food? Not fun or violent enough, I guess.

Besides, pork is really bad for your health. Neither he nor anyone else needs to or should eat it. Research it and you will find it to be true. Next time you eat pork, watch how your body reacts.

If you did some research it would be apparent that humans are in fact NOT carnivores and were never meant to be. Study the teeth and digestive tracts. The fact is, humans do not need meat or any animal products at all to live a healthy, long life. If they did, all the vegans would be dead. Instead they are some of the healthiest people around.

Anyway, besides all of that, I think it's sad a little boy has been taught that taking a life is a good thing.

Thanks for the forum, Linda.

Not to be offensive to any vegetarians out there, but this is not a sad story. They didn't "destroy a life for fun", they were hunting for food. They have plans on processing the meat and eating it, they didn't just shoot the pig, take a photo and leave it to rot. It's the food chain people, it's the way it was meant to be. If you choose to be a vegetarian/vegan more power to you, that's your decision to make for you. But I personally find it sad and horrible when people criticize something that's as perfectly natural as hunting animals for food.

P.S. John, I laughed out loud at the Beggin' Strips reference! It just made me think of the end of the commercial: "WHAT'S THAT SAY?!? I CAN'T READ! IT SMELLS LIKE BAAAAACON!!!" Hehehe!

It would only be a sport if they gave the prey rifles as well.

That was some huge pig though.

This is such a sad story. What drives people to go out in the woods and destroy a life for fun?

John...you funny! :)

Hmm- think how much $ they could have got if they had taken it to a zoo......(okay in what ... I know)
But Holy HamHocks Batman - couldnt we have celebrated it first.....Im sad for Babe's Giant Brother Who Escaped.

In order to be that size...what the heck did it eat? Not to mention, how OLD must it have been to grown to that size? Yikes.




(With apoligies to Beggin' Strips)

One thing to say. oh my god.

i'm in a mix of saying that's hilarious and that that's horrible. the fact that it's huge is kinda funny, but i'm a vegetarian and very against hunting, so it's horrible...but it's weird, that's what i can say. and i guess it's not just america's people that are getting bigger...

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