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Friday, May 25, 2007


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Oh WOW! That has got to be the most DISGUSTING thing I have ever read! I would almost bet that there will be lawsuits from parents whose child ate from the salad bar that day. UGH!

"Squicked out"? I love that phrase. I will use it today.

I knew tons of guys in my youth who could be really gross, but I cannot think of even one who could be THIS gross. Why would this even occur to someone? Some times I wonder if the human race is not devolving instead of evolving. Lucky for me I hate dressing of all kinds but I will still be squicked out at the next salad bar I see.


I think I just threw up a whole lot...

What a disgusting piece of human flesh and waste of oxgyen. Does no one teach their kids comman decency anymore! I'm surprised the kid did'nt get his ass kicked daily! Or, maybe, that was the problem, he felt "picked on" and "ignored" and "made to feel alone" so he did this... (Heavy sigh) I guess we should be thankful he shot his wad (more intended puns) and not his .44 Mag.

Hey Jacque & Thomas - That makes 3 of us who graduated in '86! Thank God we never had an incident like this at my school. It would have put me off salad dressing and liquid soap for the rest of my life!


I would get a few of my girlfriends together and kick his ass in his front yard.

That is so repulsive. He will always be known as "the dude that jacked off in the ranch dressing at school". No matter what he does from here on out in his life, even if he finds a cure for cancer. If he is able to get into a decnt college with that on his transcript. What a jackoff! Pun intended.


I'm grossed out, though I'm not surprised. When I was in high school (1986), someone at my school was caught masturbating into the hand soap dispenser in the women's bathroom in the gym.

I still have second thoughts about washing my hands in public restrooms today.

Hi Sherri- The report is on various news sites, but here is the local one out of Chiciago: http://cbs2chicago.com/topstories/local_story_144091430.html


I think this kind of thing might be long-standing. My senior year in high school (1986), one of the guys in my class put a tampon into the French dressing (thankfully unused), but there was some major drama involved with that. He didn't get near the punishment this genius did, but I can totally see how this is much worse! At the time, though, I think he sweated out the possibility of not graduating for a bit!

His college application ought to be interesting! : )

I'm just wondering where you found this article? This kid disgusts me. Who would honestly think to do such a thing!

That's just gross. I've often heard stories of what goes on in the kitchens at restaurants, and yes I still eat out, but never in my wildest dreams did I think it would trickle down (intended pun) to schools. Just ucky.

Oh my Lord! At the risk of sounding like a card carrying member of the Man Hater's Club...this is another example of the twisted male mind. A woman would never even think to do such a thing, much less do it. And I love that he had no reason. That's even worse...

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