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Monday, May 21, 2007


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Just had to comment here...glad someone touched on the topic of moderation and balance because I was going to have to get all indignant that just because you buy Cheese Nips and your kids eat an occasional Hostess treat doesn't guarantee you're going to be out of shape.

Kristuhl (hehe) Totally agree with you on how lack of parenting is contributing to a lot of society's ills. I'm not sure when it was decided that parents need to be friends with their kids and that a child's self-esteem is more important than anything. Some kids these days grow up thinking the world revolves around them because their parents let their homes and lives revolve around them...It's no wonder these kids become obnoxious adults who feel entitled to everything, do not want to pay their dues and expect to start at the top but DGMS on that! So yes, although I still don't know the actual statistics, it is safe to say that between media bombardment of abduction stories combined with a generation raised with few boundaries, there probably are more sickos preying on our kids...Lucky us...

Amen Monikka! I cannot even touch the school issue with a ten foot pole at this time....talk about a major cluster-f**k. I dread when my 4 yr old starts...DREAD!

And thanks for bringing up the flip side of the coin...too often the ppl that have trouble remaining healthy due to LACK of fat are overlooked or even blown off totally because hello! what overweight person wouldn't LOVE to have that problem? Or so they think. But its a real issue and you make a valid point with new guidelines for health and fitness and not just thinness.

I am not even going to check this one for spelling, rofl...I am a good speallir relley....

I'm a working mom and I have the Mauritanian problem; my girls don't get fat. They are consistantly on the lower quartile of their growth curves for weight and our pediatrician has threatened putting them on HGH to get some weight on them.

Basically, the focus should not be on fat or skinny, it should be on healthy. They need to come up with some guidelines that define healthy that goes beyond BMI or weight.

Also, as parents and citizens, we need to make sure that PE is not budgeted out of our schools. Today's kids are not encouraged to exercise or go outside at all because they are too busy trying to meet the school's NCLB standards.


You didn't upset me at all! Gia is only 7 months old and only eats fruits and vegetables. There's no fear of her being fat. She was a premie and only weighs 14 pounds! I'm not one of those "fat free" or "low fat" folks because I don't like the taste of it. I wish my life could be better organized so I was at the market daily getting fresh things, but tis not to be. I eat real food, just not large portions. Self control is the way to go...I agree with eating a cookie once in a while and eating fruits more often for dessert.

My husband is a runner to the tune of 3-5 miles a day. I'm trying to walk more with Gia since the weather is nicer, but this summer we will really be able to spend lots of quality time outdoors. Before Gia came along, we would ride bikes on the weekend, swim as much as possible and believe it or not, yardwork and caring for all my flowers gives me lots of exercise.

I do know that she will not have the same liberties (be back home before dark, etc.) that I did as a child, but I'm going to do my best to make sure she knows how to be outside and have fun while being safe and paying attention to any weirdness around her!

Ewe r 2 funnee.

Fele beter now? :O)

P.P.S. HAHAHAHA! Spellig?? Spellig? How ironic...

P.S. Please excuse the spellig and grammatical errors...I didn't preview obviously!

Sandy, those are all very good points....and I like what you say about our perception of danger...I will agree with that...to a point. I really think its a mix of our growing knowledge and media hype. I have no doubt that the moral of humans has been on the decline for many decades. To many things have been allowed to occur that hardly ever did before. Notice I said 'hardly'. I have never been one to believe that just because it wasn't broadcast in 1950 doesn't mean it wasn't happening. But I don't believe it was happening as much. Through the years we have turned into a society that expects very little from its youth and quivers in fear at the thought of damaging the self esteem of its children. (see the moderation theme coming back? over and over) And what we have instead is bunch of self empowered maniacs that believe if it feels good, do it. Answer to know one. That is bad enough, but then take the mentally unstable and add them to that thought process and we have some sick minds.

Disclaimer: I am of course being extremely general...not everyone in the world falls under these categories, of course!

My point is, the danger is there and it is very real. And you said yourself, your daughter can't leave your cul de sac. 20 years ago she would have riden her bike to her friends house 2 streets over and from there they would have hit that old patch of forest that was perfect for hiding out all day and etc etc etc. Now those woods very well could harbor a maniac just waiting for a vulnerable child.

Anyway, my real point in coming back here today (actually it was last night, ahem.) was to make very sure that all who read my previous post (mostly Jacque) know that I was being very general in my use of "you" and "yours". I wasn't telling her or anyone specifically how they should eat or feed their kids or that they were doing it wrong. Sometimes writing in the "you understood" person can come off so judgemental and I didn't mean to sound that way.

Happy discussion all!

P.S. Typical that this study blamed the mothers for childhood obesity. Of COURSE it's the mother's fault - isn't everything? We joke here at my house with my 10-year-old - go change that stained shirt and comb your hair. They'll say, WHAT is wrong with that girl's mother - letting her out of the house looking like that?! My daughter laughs but even at 10, she knows it's true!

Well, seems I may one of the few posting at the moment that have those extra pounds to lose...But my kids don't. While I do spend time daily "computering" - yes, it's a word! - I have not let my 10-year-old daughter become accumstomed to IMing, emailing, MySpacing or any of that stuff. She's not into video games - we did buy her that Dance one so that's actually one that encourages her to move! I'm also trying to keep her from using the phone as a way to solve her "I'm bored" moments. I've been changing our diet - going more organic and less pre-packaged and yes, it is more expensive. But my reasoning? I'd rather pay more for the food now than have to pay the medical bills later...My almost 2-year-old rarely sits still so maybe chasing his little heinie around will get me in better shape!

About not letting the kids play outside - sometimes I wonder if what has changed about our kids' safety playing outside is our perception. I think with almost every child abduction getting splashed on our TV sets on an almost daily basis, it makes it seem as if more kids are abducted every day. But are they really? I think we as parents should be cautious but not paranoid. Do we want to raise neurotic kids afraid of everything and everyone? Better to teach them Stranger Danger, how to defend themselves, shout NO! if they're grabbed, run in the opposite direction of someone in a car alongside them - give them TOOLS. We are lucky enough to live on a cul-de-sac. Our neighbors are a mix of active duty and retired military families. Everyone keeps an eye out on each other's houses and the kids. My daughter can go out front and ride her bike and rollerblade. But she knows she can't leave our street or wander off to the more heavily-travelled road where I can't see her...Whether in cookies or caution about outdoor play - MODERATION is the absolutely the key!

Getting the kiddies up and moving is really the first step. But you are right that the parents need to be moving right along with them. Overweight children usually have poor examples of how to eat or how to stay active in their own parents. Avoiding the drivethru and even taking an evening walk a couple times a week is a really good start.

I agree with Crystal completely. It is sad that kids cannot run amok ;like we did.

You know that is a very good point Jacque, about kids needing more supervision...first we have plenty of inside entertainment, why? Well, some of the reason is to make up for the fact that we CANNOT send the kids out unsupervised and have things we "need" to do in the house (say for SAHM/SAHDs) and the kids are driving you bonkers so they sit and do "fill in the blank".

I totally agree that this has to end....but I do mourn the days when kids were fit because there wasn't an abduction every 3 minutes and worse...and they could climb those trees and run those neighborhood streets.

About the fat free and lowfat foods. I agree they are more expensive...but let me tell you...I personally (with research that backs me up at least to my opinion) believe that you can stop buying it anyway. It isn't doing you ANY GOOD. Buy fresh foods, cook real meals...don't eat rice from a box or instant potatoes...don't eat sweets from bags (low fat cookies!) etc. If its boxed...it has preservatives and if its low fat than its artificially sweetened...do you think that is good for you? NO!

Moderation moderation moderation! A cookie now and then isn't making anybody fat. Parents that make themselves feel less guilty because they are buying low fat junk for their kids are only killing them slowly.

And P, I am not calling you out...I have no idea about your life...but what you said about low fat and fat free made me remember my DGMS button on this topic. Eat like your grandparents did and you won't have any trouble.

Sadly...those fresh fruits and grains are more expensive too...so I can't help you there.

Preach it. You're right on! Most of today's youth live for their video games...so not going to happen in my house! My parents limited us to an hour each day and then we'd better be outside riding our bikes, playing with the other kids in the neighborhood, etc. I agree that back in those days kids could play outside without much supervision and there was not the abduction scares that face us today, but if more parents took an interest in their child's life and not just what they could be given/bought to shut them up, we'd be seeing a much healthier youth!

This is something that pushes my version of the DGMS button every time I go to the grocery store...low fat and fat free versions of food or lean meats are significantly more expensive than their full fat counterparts. I am one of those people who has to monitor what I eat VERY closely and do a significant amount of exercise to maintain a healthy weight, and it would just make it easier if I didn't have to pay so damn much for healthier food! Ok, I'm done with my mini-rant...... ;)

Absolutely I agree that parents need to teach their children by example. One can do anything to excess. The key is finding that moderate point where health and happiness fluorish. My husband and I and my kids (those that can walk, anyway) all work hard together, sit down to dinner together, and relax together. All of us are healthy, fit, and lean. Woo hoo! I'm glad I can pat myself on the back for something this morning, seeing as there are plenty of other areas of my life where I could be doing better. :-)

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